4-Fashion Startup Game Changers

written by Clare Ryan on January 7, 2011 in Startup News with 3 comments
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As a company of girls, lead by a CEO who spent ten years in the fashion industry, we love watching Fashion Industry Startups pop-up.  Here are four fashion startups that we think are big game changers:

1. FashionStake: New York based startup, founded in 2010 year by Harvard Business School alumnus Daniel Gulati. In a nutshell, here is what they do:

FashionStake shows four or more up and coming designer collections on their website. They then ask site visitors to do one of three things:

1. Pre-Order clothes at a discounted rate.

2. “Invest” $50 in the designer and if the fashion line gets picked up, receive up to $125 in credit towards buying pieces from that line.

3. Invest $500 in the designer, receive one free item when the line is funded, and receive an extra bonus such as tickets to NY Fashion week or a private dinner with the designer.

There is NO guarantee people will see a return on their $50, or $500. But, there is a good chance they will, and especially if they fund the lines they think will really go that extra mile and win out.

2. Garmz: Garmz is a place for upcoming fashion designers to show their designs to a worldwide audience and get feedback. Garmz produces the most voted for designs and sells them through their website.

The vision behind Garmz is to become an ecosystem where products of future fashion trends can emerge easier and faster than in the common fashion industry. Garmz is based in Austria and was founded in 2008.

3. Fits.Me: Fits.me, an Estonia start-up, is now offering this solution. They have built a robotic mannequin that takes your body measurements and mimics your shape, so that you can see exactly how clothing would fit you, online.

Fits.Me’s robot is capable of replicating 2,000 body shapes. When a retailer signs up with Fits.me, they first send in their clothes. Each size is placed on the robot, which then cycles through all the body shapes it knows. While that’s going on, a camera is taking pictures of each permutation. This photographic log is then stored in an online database. Once you go online and type your measurements into the retailer’s site, it calls up the photo corresponding to your precise body type and clothing size.

4. Moxsie: Moxsie’s mission is to help users discover and buy the best independent designer clothing, jewelry, and shoes in the world. Every designer they showcase on Moxsie is handpicked from around the world.

Their mission is twofold: to provide world class service to their consumers and to find and support talented designers from around the globe. Moxsie looks for artists with a purpose to be sustainable. Moxsie guarantees quality of construction and originality of design.


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