An insider's guide to pitching e-commerce companies

written by bethburgee on November 8, 2012 in eCommerce and Startups and Under The Radar with no comments
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If you’re a startup wondering what it takes to get in front of major players in the e-commerce space,  we have a blog post for you. We got the inside scoop from three tech-hunters high up in the ranks of e-commerce leaders: Etsy, Zappos and One Kings Lane. Read it, share it, use it.

These Directors are looking for the next big thing. They will be at Under the Radar holding office hours (hint hint). Get your ticket before prices go up:

Carrington Williams, Director of Business Development

- Wants to work with organized startups whose priorities align with Etsy
- Wants a live software product that is able to be tested (many Etsy employees are also online sellers, so Etsy likes to test the product internally in order to get the perspective of the customer)
- Looks at the # of engineers on the team and their API. Etsy discovers a lot about the talent of a team through looking at the applications they’ve built
- Looks specifically for tools for sellers (accounting platforms, order management, e-tax filing, shipping services, CRM solutions and more)
- Seeks technology that enables distribution of Etsy content on other web platforms


Will Young, Director

- Interested in the intersection of content and commerce – and how social plays into that
- Virtual fit and virtual closets are of high interest, but they’re not sure the technology is there yet
- Wants startups to be an active part of  Fash+Tech events
- Startups must be scalable to the level Zappos operates on
- Want to get in contact? is the email you want (also follow @ZapposLabs)


Jean Sini, Chief Technology & Product Officer

- One Kings Lane is focusing on what kind of consumer experience they can craft on multiple devices
- Looking for behavioral consumer data to drive personalization, recommendations and engagement
- Integration is a critical piece One Kings Lane looks for in a new technology / product
- Doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel – if they can partner with a startup that is helping provide a better consumer experience, then that is ideal
- Want to connect? Provide a demo, connect on a technical level and have a meaningful conversation with us. It is just as much as about establishing a connection as it is the product.