AppDirect, UTR alum, raises $3.25 Million!

written by melissaburnell on May 10, 2011 in Cloud and Funding and Startup News and Under The Radar with no comments
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At Dealmaker Media, we were over the top when we first met Daniel Saks and Nicolas Desmarais from AppDirect. With the explosion of business and cloud apps crowding the internet, it only made sense that someone out there would make it easy to find and pay for applications that make it easier to get up and running with your business. With massive acquisition potential and a growing following after a huge presence at Under The Radar, AppDirect has announced a $3.25M round led by iNovia Capital. As a local business, with roots in Canada, we are huge fans of AppDirect and know you will be too.

Check them out at Tell ‘em we sent you – don’t think you’ll get a discount, but they’ll know you have good taste…

Here’s an article from NextMontreal about the $3.25M round complete with a picture of them from our most recent Under The Radar, where they left as the Audience Choice for the SMB Tools category and the Audience choice for Best in Show! Keep up the good work guys!

Watch their Under the Radar presentation here, and read the NextMontreal article here!

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