Are Consumers the New CIO?

written by bethburgee on January 16, 2013 in Industry Trends with no comments
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Guest Blog Post by Redgie Snodgrass

So we’re kinda excited for announcing our Under the Radar this year. Why is that?

Our chosen theme for 2013 is the Consumerization of IT. If this means nothing to you, you’re not on board and you’re getting left behind. The revolt started in 2012 and what it means for CIOs, employees, business and startups will be re-defined in 2013.

Apple and apps changed how we live. And how we live is changing the way we work. The Consumerization of IT is a blending of personal and business technology that is throwing the standard (aka antiquated) office procedures of procurement trials, messy IT upgrades, and intranets up on it’s head.

People are accustomed to using their beautifully designed and easy-to-use productivity tools in their everyday life. As employees, they have the same expectation for their experience in their work environment. Enterprises are now embracing this change and allowing employees to bring their own devices to work (BYOD) and to adopt low-cost SAAS-based solutions, saving substantial costs in the IT department but rendering concerns around security and compliance. Chief Innovation Officers (CIO’s) are finding themselves trying to retain their grip of office-used technology while still appeasing the low-cost, preferred technologies of their employees.

The opportunity is for the companies who can couple simplicity, good design, ease-of-use, and speed with enterprise-level security and compliance. These enterprise products will benefit both the CIO and CMO in delivering a flawless experience for both the employee and the company. Smart startups that have met this challenge will be presenting at Under the Radar.

This trend is a hot issue and we’re all over the hottest startups who have savvy solutions to the consumerization of IT in the workplace. This isn’t your average-joe pitch conference. This is a high-level executive opportunity for the invited startups and attendees to do deals. We bring in high-caliber startups and judges who matter.

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