CloudKick Presents at Under the Radar 2009

written by admin on April 24, 2009 in Under The Radar with 3 comments
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Presenter: Alex Polvi, CEO
Category: Cloud Management

Lew Moorman, Rackspace
Sunil Dhaliwal, Battery Ventures
David Powers, Eli Lilly
Peter Cohen, Amazon

Company Description: “Cloudkick is system to manage cloud servers, such as Amazon’s EC2. Cloudkick provides an easy to use monitoring/ alerting solution to support your production infrastructure on the cloud. Cloudkick also gives you a window into your cloud deployment by providing detailed graphs on the health of your servers, and tools to categorize and keep information about what each server is doing. Cloudkick’s mission is to make cloud servers easy to use, wherever the customer needs them. Since launching on March 16th, Cloudkick has 1200 registered users and 6000 registered servers.”

Key Quote:

· “In the long-run we want to make it really easy to manage a lot of the servers.” – Alex Polvi, CloudKick

About Alex: Prior to building Cloudkick as part of the Y-Combinator program, Alex put extensive energy into supporting the free software movement. While with Mozilla, he helped architect and build infrastructure to scale with Firefox’s growth. After launching Firefox 1.5 and Mozilla.