Clustrix Presents at Under the Radar

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Launched 2006, San Francisco, CA

Twitter: @clustrix
Category: Spotlight

In case you missed it, here is their company profile:

Company Description:
Clustrix Inc. has built a database with no limits. It has no limits to database size, no limits to table size, no limits to the complexity of queries, and no limits to performance. The Clustrix database offers dynamic online scaling, seamless fault tolerance, full relational and transactional capabilities, and MySQL wire-line compatibility in single instance database.

Presenter: Robin Purohit | CEO, President | Clustrix
Robin has held senior executive positions at VERITAS, Mercury, and most recently, at HP’s three-billion-dollar portfolio of IT Management, Information Management, and Application Security products as VP/General Manager. Under Robin’s leadership, these companies have seen rapid growth in several new product categories, including clustering, IT automation, and storage networking. Robin has led more than 20 acquisitions and three successful exits of VERITAS to Symantec (2005), Mercury to HP (2007), and CANSTAR Communications to HP (1994).Robin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering/Physics from the University of Waterloo.