Codenvy Presents at Under the Radar

written by bethburgee on May 23, 2013 in Startups and Under The Radar with no comments
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Launched 2012, San Francisco, CA

Twitter: @codenvyHQ
Category: Cloud Services

In case you missed it, here is their company profile:

Company Description:
Code, build, and test in the cloud. Codenvy simplifies and scales inherently difficult and tedious activities – setting up the development environment, coding applications, collaborating with others and shipping. We use cloud resources to disconnect developers from the underlying complexity and make their environment browser accessible. Codenvy’s 50,000 users come from the world’s best companies including NBC, Stanford, Cisco, eBay, Paypal, VMware, Intel, Nasa, BMW, Google, American Express, Amazon, and GE.

Presenter: Tyler Jewell | Founder, CEO | Codenvy
Tyler is CEO of Codenvy, the cloud development environment, and a venture partner with Toba Capital where he focuses on investments on businesses related to middleware and application development. Tyler sits on the board of WSO2 and Exo Platform and has investments in ZeroTurnaround, InfoQ and AppHarbor.