Past UTR Presenter Control4 files for $60M IPO

written by dealmaker on July 3, 2013 in Startup News and Under The Radar with no comments
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We first discovered Control4 back at UTR in 2005 and we are excited to hear that they have filed for a $60 million IPO! With over 120,000 homes using their home automation and control software, they are on the path to continue growing. They recently announced their new smart lighting control system, explaining the demand:

recent study showed that 77% of respondents* prefer a home equipped with high-tech solutions – including A/V management, security, climate and smart lighting control. Considering that the wireless lighting control market is projected to be a $4.3 billion business by 2020**, it’s understandable that home automation with smart lighting is taking center stage.

Control4 has taken center stage as the leading home automation system. In 2012, they generated $109.5M in revenue (net loss of $3.7M). In 2013, they have won the Electronic House Product of the Year Award for Whole House Control/Automation Systems, the CEPro Quest for Quality: Tech Support Gold award, and the Sound Vision Install silver award for Best Home Control System.

Congrats, Control4!