Da Bomb Diggity

written by admin on March 29, 2006 in Video with no comments
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Sector: media discovery and rating
Secret Sauce: The basic part of VideoBomb is pretty familiar to Web 2.0 watchers (pun intended) — as said before, it’s digg for video, so users submit videos they like, rate them and the most “bombed” videos get to the front page. Tagging, RSS and community included (these features are pretty much de rigeur, so it’s getting to the point where they’re only mentionable if they’re missing). The real differentiation comes at the point where VideoBomb is part of the Democracy Internet TV platform, which itself grew out of the Participatory Culture Foundation. So VideoBomb itself is part of this “Internet video ecosystem” which hopes to let you watch TV on your computer. But not just watch, participate as well. But, since we’re not reviewing Democracy here, I will stick to the point that the VideoBomb site is to create community and let users share the “best” videos on the web — as in, “What’s blowing up right now.” As I’ve said before, many of the “best” are viral videos which can be found almost anywhere else, but the good intentions behind VideoBomb are to create an alternative outlet for media — media makers can share their stuff here and media consumers can easily find it to “create a democratically chosen flow of Internet TV.”
Competitors: FireAnt, livelocker
Headquarters: Worcester, MA
Management: Holmes Wilson
Seen and Heard: Some writers believe it to be the future. Others just see it as part of the future.