Don't have your own computer? You can have a Desktoptwo

written by admin on January 16, 2007 in Opinions and Startups with no comments
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Great post. I’ve also been following the WebOS’s and Desktoptwo is definitely the best of the lot. I signed up for the service in August after it appeared on TechCrunch and have been very impressed with their progress. I know that Desktoptwo is still in early beta but the improvements since its beta release have been noteworthy in terms of deployment speed and programs on the desktop. After reading this post, I sent an email to them and received a prompt, thoughtful reply from Joshua Rand, their CEO, about the work they’re doing. Apparently, they are a very small team and are hosting on their own relatively small cluster so that explains bandwidth limitations (only sometimes) and service interruptions (rarely, from what I’ve seen). I also now know from your post (and subsequently confirmed by Mr. Rand) that they are self-funded to date. He mentioned that they are now in capital raising mode and, truth be told, I can’t believe that this company hasn’t received significant outside investment, esp. given the crap that’s out there. Where are the VCs or have they forgotten that “venture” is part of the equation? These guys have been around for a while (I signed up for nearly 3 years ago) and I only see them appear on blogs and other free outlets, perhaps due to a lack of marketing funds. Still, their growth has been viral (all through word of mouth) and it’s a damn good product that will only get better with time and a few duckets, I imagine. Acc. to Josh, “significant developments in store for 2007, many of which will include users, developers, etc.” He wouldn’t elaborate further but I suspect an open source move is afoot. This is definitely one to watch… even from my perch in Leeds, UK. Well done Sapotek and well done UTR for looking at those that are truly “under the radar.”