Drink While You Wait

written by Clare Ryan on January 13, 2011 in Startup News and Startups with 2 comments
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Diner Connection

A lot of the restaurants I frequent in San Francisco often have a waiting list: Delfina Pizzaria, Weird Fish, Brenda’s… They are all bound to have at least a 30-minute wait and usually more than an hour.

Once I put my name in for a table, the host/hostess will often ask me if I want to give my cell number so they can call me when a table is ready. Yes please!

Having them call me on my cell enables me to walk around the neighborhood without feeling like I need to check back in every ten minutes. I can even go get a drink at a bar around the corner or get an errand done.

As a ex-hostess myself, this makes the host/hostess’ life easier too! You don’t have ten groups trying to see where they are on the list, people blocking the entrance, and the feeling of chaos.

So, when I read about new startup “Diner Connection,”  my first thought was, “Finally.”

Diner Connection offers restaurants the ability to collect patrons cell phone numbers and easily send them updates on their table through text message. Restaurants can tell patrons how long the wait will be, if a table comes available earlier, if there has been a delay, etc.

The host/hostess can send all of these messages with ease from a computer or laptop, and monitoring responses and updates is seemingly easy.

Of course, the company has allowed restaurants to offer their patrons chances to sign up to get promotional offerings from the restaurants if they chose. (What else are you going to do when you have collected all your most valuable patrons cell numbers? I mean come on.)

The company currently offers four basic membership levels ranging from free to $299 a month.

I just hope this small husband and wife startup can gain some traction and sweep across the country. We’re all ready for it!

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