Enterprise Mobility & IT’s Shifting Role – from Gatekeeper to Enabler

written by bethburgee on April 24, 2013 in Guest Blog and Startups and Under The Radar with no comments
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 Guest post by Cathal McGloin, CEO, FeedHenry

We all know that smartphones, tablets, and mobile apps have transformed the way information is delivered and consumed. We also know that businesses are increasingly replacing on-premise IT infrastructure with cloud services and platforms that empower workers to use their mobile devices for work. This consumer demand for technology (CoIT, or Consumerization of IT) has presented a unique opportunity for enterprises to deploy features and services direct to end-users.

Traditional enterprise software is giving way to cloud-enabled enterprise apps—partly because enterprise app development and management can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise software deployment.

Companies that create “mobile-first” strategies to leverage the new world of mobile apps need to develop, deploy, and manage their apps in a flexible and scalable way. And business units, anxious to develop and release apps that satisfy an end user need, can easily build an app completely independent of IT, pulling authority away from IT to control how business data is being consumed.

The shifting role of IT in this new, ultra-mobile, app-driven world is evident: rather than being the gatekeeper to data, IT is becoming a business enabler. IT plays a critical role in giving organizations the flexibility to create compelling and transformative apps—and also control the movement of business data, a core focus for IT.

Enter FeedHenry. Our cloud-based mobile application development platform enables IT to regain control over mobile app initiatives so that access to critical business data is always secure. FeedHenry’s cloud-based platform allows developer to build the client-side code that goes on the device and, from the same platform, allow IT to build the cloud or server-side code that connects that app to the business data. With FeedHenry, businesses are empowered to create great apps while IT still gets to control all data security touch points—all from one central mobile application platform.

It’s clear that new mobile technologies have led to faster, more affordable, easier mobile app development. Gone are the large-scale enterprise software deployments. Gone is the traditional IT dictatorship. It’s time to embrace next generation software and the IT enablers that make it happen.


Cathal_2013Cathal will be presenting with 20 other enterprise-driven companies at Under the Radar this May. A serial entrepreneur, Cathal has championed startup ventures in IT and Telecoms, including Performix Technologies which he founded, and Aran Technologies where he was President/VP Sales. He is an engineer with MBA with experience in USA, Europe, Ireland and UK markets. His previous enterprise IT career was with Siemens, Germany and Cap Gemini, UK. He is based in Boston.