What's better than Evites? Glö.

written by Clare Ryan on August 5, 2010 in Opinions and Startups with 2 comments
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I received a wedding invitation from a long-time friend this morning. It came from a site called Glö. The invitation was as elaborate and beautiful and any classic wedding invitation and opened in virtual layers with an easy RSVP link at the end. The invitation was nearly as pleasing to “open” as any customized paper invitation, and the environmental factor of saving trees is an added bonus for greenies out there. My friend included a small customized Glö website with tabs for hotels, the weekend’s events, directions, and everything else you would need for the weekend.


What Glö offers visually and aesthetically is far superior to any Evite I have ever received. Glö was founded in 2009 by Taryn Westberg and is based in London. I was going to write a blog detailing more, and happened to see that TechCrunch featured an article today titled, “Evite Introduces Redesign, Tries Not To Suck, Fails.” Check it out if you want to know more.


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