Flippa Launches Beta After Success of 99Designs

written by admin on June 10, 2009 in Startup News with 8 comments
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Kudos to LA start-up scene connector and entrepreneurial educator, Andrew Warner for introducing us to Matt Mickiewicz, co-founder of 99Designs.

99Designs connects clients to a community of nearly 40,000 designers. Essentially, it enables crowdsourced design. In just 16 months, over $5 million dollars (yes, real dollars) has been exchanged in their design-work marketplace. Mixergy has a great interview with Matt about how he and his team achieved this here.

Today, Matt gave us the head’s up that his next (ie: 3rd venture) is now in Beta: Flippa.

Keep in mind in this case Beta means Beta. Matt and team are testing out the functionality of this site, so the content you’ll see is all placeholder. As they says on the Flippa blog:

“We’ve been slaving away on Flippa.com for a long time, so now it’s your turn to break it – and remember, nothing is real, all the listings are fictional (for now!).”

What’s Flippa About?
Just as 99Designs is a marketplace for graphic design such as logos and graphic design, Flippa will be a marketplace for websites. I imagine anyone who wants a small website for a project, business, event, blog, etc would be a potential bidder/buyer.

Their experience in online marketplaces (buying and selling real goods with real money) shows when you register and start filling in a beta profile account. Immediately, I was promoted with tips to positively affect my “Trust Rating” in the community:

Individual “trust factors” affect your overall trust rating. The trust factors which make up your trust rating are listed below.

You should aim for a 100% trust rating in order to be as successful as possible in Flippa. Having a low trust rating reduces the confidence other users may have in pursuing a transaction with you. Having a high trust rating increases your likelihood of participating in the Flippa auction house successfully.

Beta Invite: Get cracking, here.