Gluecon: Where Big Data, the Cloud and Mobile Meet

written by Clare Ryan on April 30, 2012 in Partner Events with no comments
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Already missing Under the Radar? Our partners over at GlueCon have another great event and it’s happening May 23rd-24th, 2012. Many of our Under the Radar alumni will be there as well… (i.e. Sumo Logic, MongoLab, Eucalyptus and more). Information and discount offering below:

Gluecon started as a conference where we aimed to look at the companies and technologies that were “gluing” together different layers of the web. To be fair, we weren’t totally sure what that meant when we started Glue, but the problem-space seemed big and juicy.

At the first Gluecon (4 years ago), we found the companies and attendees attracted to the show were all interested in this brand new thing called, “cloud computing.” Accordingly, we set out to put the most technical content we could find on stage. And then an interesting thing happened: when you put a bunch of cloud engineers in a room together, the conversation invariably turned to APIs (application programming interfaces). That led us to talking extensively about APIs at Gluecon, year 2. And, as it turns out, as soon as you stand up and say, “APIs” — mobile developers come running (that was year 3). As we’ve entered year 4, the combination of cloud and mobile – where the API is the lynchpin — has led us squarely into the direction of “big data.” As luck would have it, when you’re building apps for mobile and working in the cloud, you end up with a lot of data — and the need to manage it at scale.

Gluecon, then, has evolved into a conference that focuses on the intersection of Cloud Computing, Mobile and Big Data — where the API binds it all together, and the content is aimed squarely at developers (you’ll never hear about the “business case” at gluecon). Some of Gluecon’s confirmed sessions include:

The Badass Beyond Hadoop: Percolator, Dremmel, Pregel
Asynchronous Architectures for Implementing Scalable Cloud Services
Why MongoDB + Node.js is the new server-side stack
Real World Big Data – Achieving 100K transactions per second with a NoSQL Database
Building the best mobile libraries to consume all kinds of backend APIs
Architecting for Performance in the face of Mobile and APIs
Developing RESTful Android Client Apps
Big Pipes: Architecting for High-Volume Realtime Social Data
Is that a token in your phone in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? OAuth and Mobile Devices
Integrating Application Intelligence for Better Management and Visibility into Web Applications

In addition to all of the sessions, Gluecon features a hackathon, a CloudCamp, and an amazing gathering of developers. If you’d like to attend Gluecon, please use the code, “disc123″ to take 10% off of your registration.