GROWtalks Hits the Road

written by bethburgee on January 8, 2013 in GROW with no comments
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The team at Dealmaker Media is excited for what is in store for 2013. To kick the year off, we’re taking the widely successful GROWtalks program on the road to Montreal, Toronto, Portland, Seattle and beyond.

GROWtalks debuted in Vancouver, preceding the much-loved GROW Conference in August 2012. Brant Cooper called it “the best lineup of speakers with actionable information” he’d ever seen. The feedback was so great, we knew we had something special – but not necessarily because the lineup of speakers was top-notch or because the advice was actionable – it was because the conference was accessible to people outside of the Valley.

Let me phrase it another way – if you are a swimmer working towards becoming an Olympian, would you push yourself a little harder, get a little more motivation, and change your attitude about swimming if Michael Phelps were at the pool giving advice for a day? Of course you would. Would you reread a dozen times over a script before handing it over to Steven Spielberg? Duh. The essence of GROWtalks is that the leading-players, thought-provokers, and game-changers in the industry are on the road with us to help inspire, help motivate, help tackle those entrepreneur and founder woes. And the information is so valuable, your whole founding team should probably show up.

There is no better way to learn from our speakers than to hear them in action. In a crowded startup space with a 2013 outlook of reduce investments and harsher critique, it is more important than ever to hear expert advice on UX/UI design, Lean Entrepreneurship, success and failed business models and more. It’s a chance to learn, to network and to walk away with a better vision of how to take the next step in your startup. At least, that’s what they are saying from last year.

We hit Montreal and Toronto first on the 19th and 21st of February, respectively. In March, we head to Portland and Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. If you think that your startup community needs GROWtalks, let us know about it by helping to unlock a city near you.

We have limited tickets at the early bird price of $195 – more than 50% door price. Nab yours while they’re still available.

PS. I just have to give a shout out to the awesome sponsors who support us!