How is Like Iron Man

written by HeidiIsern on April 19, 2012 in Cloud and Under The Radar with one Comment
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At Under the Radar we’ve been asking our startups to give us more insights into their company than just their technology innovations.  Chad Arimura, the CEO and co-founder of, uses humor to explain how his company is more than just simplifying cloud computing.  Read on to hear about the inside culture at

1. If your company was a movie, which one would it be and why?

Definitely IronMan. We’re creating powerful hosted services to help developers fight the crime of dealing with infrastructure when doing big things with big data. Plus we can fly and crack witty jokes.

2.    If you could give a TED Talk, what would it be about?

We are making huge amounts of computing complexity simple to even the smallest teams. Our customers are doing things in such quick timeframes with such shortened cycles it would have been almost impossible to imagine this just a few years ago. At this pace, what’s possible in 5 years? 10 years?

3.    What Hollywood star would play your CEO?

Robert Downey Jr. from our answer to the first question… of course.

4.    What one piece of advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Have passion. Have fun. And don’t expect your first idea to be where you end up.

5.    Which other internet startup do you respect the most?

Platforms such as Heroku and AppFog are paving the way towards a new computing paradigm  and developer brands such as GitHub have made the lives of developers better by providing great services that are fun to use.

6.    Who’s the most impressive founder you’ve ever met and why?

It’s hard not to give props to our investors who have been successful founders as well. Steve Anderson from Baseline stands out in that he founded his fund against the odds and has continued to produce hit after hit while maintaining a real humility and dedication to working with us to make us successful.

7.    What’s the first website you check out every day?

Hackernews but not as much anymore. Facebook and Twitter for about 2 minutes. And that’s about it. Any important news that I need to know will come from my friends through those channels. The rest is noise.

8.    What’s your company’s theme song?

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto?

9.    Whose Twitter feed inevitably makes you laugh?

My close friend who’s on a “there is no cloud” campaign to make a point.

10.  What’s been your favorite moment since starting your company?

Shaking hands with our investors after closing the deal and thinking “wow, I can’t believe these insanely smart people believe in us. Either that or we’re really good at pitching!”

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