How to Pick a Co-Founder (aka Getting Married w/o Getting Divorced)

written by admin on November 12, 2009 in Startup News with no comments
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Naval from VentureHacks today posted a great outline of how to pick a co-founder.
Now – this doesn’t mean there’s an ocean full of great potential co-founders swimming you can bait and hook. Finding a true Partner in Crime (in life, and in business) is hard. It takes a bit of serendipity and you need to be open while keeping your standards high.

As my Mom always said, “don’t settle for just anyone.” So true in Startupville, too.

Check out Naval’s full post here.

Some soundbites:
“Picking a co-founder is your most important decision. It’s more important than your product, market, and investors.

The ideal founding team is two individuals, with a history of working together, of similar age and financial standing, with mutual respect. One is good at building products and the other is good at selling them.”

The power of two: Two is the right number — avoid the three-body problem.

Pick someone you have history with. You wouldn’t marry someone you’d just met. Date first.

One builds, one sells.

Make sure your motives are aligned.

The magic combo: Look for intelligence, energy, and integrity.

Don’t settle.

Pick “nice” guys. Look for someone “irrationally ethical” (note: I love this – nice call, Naval.)

What you don’t know. Do they fill that gap?

Breakups are hard… End them quickly.

Check out VentureHacks here. If it’s not on your “must read” list. Add it – now.

ps: I found the image above on Slice.