How to Pitch to an Agency

written by bethburgee on November 6, 2012 in Partnerships and Startups and Under The Radar with no comments
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AKQA is a judge at Under the Radar. Still missing your ticket? Special pricing available:

So you got a meeting with an agency that could potentially put you in front of very valuable partners, clients and potentially, acquirers. Now you’re working on your pitch. We have 27 awesome startups that will be making their pitch in front of a great line up of judges, including AKQA. Think you got everything you need? AKQA, a global agency that has worked with clients like Gap, Inc., Nike, Heineken, MTV, Volkswagon and more, has a few takeaways for you.

Agencies are looking for products / technology that addresses some of these issues:

  • Customize social engagement at scale
  • User personality insights (personality user profile)
  • User intent modeling
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Omni-channel enablers
  • Non-hierarchical content modeling
  • Loyalty platforms
  • Productivity tools for mobile experience development
  • Video as a user interface

Even if your startup addresses some of the above mentioned issues, consider some of the key factors an agency will consider before partnering with you:

  • Ease of Implementation: If the agency has to get ‘trained’ or provide a certain type of personnel to make it work, there is often resistance to bring the startup on
  • Complete Creative Freedom: Agencies want to own the digital engagement. The startup is a key enabler of better, more intelligent, more insightful engagement, but at the end of the day the agency needs to own the creative.
  • Performance / Cost Model: Does the performance / cost-model align with the agencies retainer and production budget cycles?
  • Scale How easily can the agency bring the product / technology to scale?

Here’s some other great information on what (or what not) to do in your pitch:

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