Infochimps Presents at Under the Radar

written by Clare Ryan on April 26, 2012 in Under The Radar with one Comment
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Launched 2009, Austin, TX
Twitter: @infochimps

In case you missed it, here is their company profile:

Company Description:
Infochimps helps companies understand their data. We provide tools and services that connect their internal data, leverage the power of cloud computing and new technologies such as Hadoop, and provide a wealth of external data sets that organizations can connect to their own data.

Presenter: Joseph Kelly | CEO and Co-Founder | Infochimps
Joseph Kelly is co-founder and CEO of Austin-based Infochimps, the leading data marketplace and big data infrastructure provider. At Infochimps, Joseph is responsible for leading the company’s enterprise marketing and sales efforts in social media and geo-location data, as well as their infrastructure product, serving customers ranging from the Fortune 100 to individual developers. He is an experienced serial entrepreneur having started ventures ranging from a distributor business for Chinese goods to an adventure travel company.

Watch the Presentation Here:

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Q&A Here:

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Infochimps Presents at Under the Radar