Intel is (almost) sexy

written by melissaburnell on January 26, 2011 in Industry Trends with 2 comments
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Imma be working at Intel lady gaga

I have to admit that when I start reading about processors and chips, I tune out. There is absolutely nothing sexy about them. Try to think about all of the completely un-sexy but mission critical products in existence and you’ll realize their staying power has little do to with attractive sales people, and more to do with power behind their products. Wait – before you tune out… (I can only assume that talking about chips bores you too), this post is actually about pop stars. Sexy pop stars (and Intel).

If you were glutton for punishment enough to attend this year’s CES, you may have heard about Lady Gaga’s partnership with Polaroid to release a line of cameras, printers, and some weird picture glasses you actually can’t see through. I wonder, though, with the spectacle that is Lady Gaga, how much work was actually accomplished at their “creative session” and how much was just a photo op. Side note – do you think Polaroid employees are only allowed to take photos with Polaroid cameras? Just a thought…

In an honest effort to make the PC hip again, HP enlisted the work of master producers, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, to help develop HP Beats Audio for their laptops. The video is sexy and the beat in the commercial is excellent. I honestly haven’t seen any musicians dump their Macs to use it, but I do give HP a lot of credit for their effort to make PCs relevant to the music crowd.

Using Dr. Dre or Lady Gaga to sell products is as straightforward as marketing gets. I’m remotely interested, but more as a fan than a consumer.  My world, however, was turned upside down at the announcement of a partnership between Intel (boring chip making company) and (sexy, relevant music icon).  He surely won’t be used to sell chips. Whoever in the world makes those massive bulk chip purchases doesn’t care about celebrity endorsements. I’ve seen enough Black Eyed Peas performances and videos, and am starting to get the sense that is just a big computer geek with a ton of talent and a daring stylist.

As Intel’s “Director of Creative Innovation,” he will have a hands-on opportunity (and an official Intel employee badge) to make Intel relevant with new phones, tablets, flux capacitors, and who knows what else. I guess I can see why they chose him; his credentials are obvious – “Nearly everything I do involves processors and computers.” Hey wait, me too.

As Intel tries to entice a youth and gadget obsessed culture, it won’t hurt to have’s help developing new branded products aside from the boring chip. Lady Gaga won’t sell me a Polaroid camera, but if can make me feel like I’m in a Black Eyed Peas video while using an Intel product, then slap my ass and call me Fergie.

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