Josh Nesbit: Mobile Phones Can Save Lives (UTR Keynote Video)

written by admin on November 20, 2009 in Mobile with no comments
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A few years ago, Josh Nesbit went to Malawi and saw a massive opportunity. Malawi has one of the World’s worst doctor to patient ratios: 2 doctors to every 250,000 people.

Josh’s “aha!” moment came after meeting a volunteer community health worker who would walk miles upon miles everyday to check up on patients, then trek even more miles back to the hospital to report back to nurses; toting with him a very special notebook, filled with meticulously updated patient data.

Josh is the Executive Director of FrontlineSMS:Medic and driving force behind

Below is his afternoon keynote presentation from yesterday’s Under the Radar conference. See how your old mobile phone can impact lives in developing communities: (Thanks Josh!!)

Josh Nesbit Keynote

PS: follow Josh on Twitter at @joshnesbit and to donate your old mobile phones, go here.