List of VC Twitter Accounts: Are You Following the Funds?

written by admin on August 3, 2009 in Funding with 11 comments
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Want an inside look into what VCs are doing and thinking? Wish you could get into their heads to know what they’re actually looking for so you can tailor your pitch “just so?”

Here’s your chance. Twitter provides a way to follow and communicate with many of the startup world’s top funders – and the social warmth it provides in being able to hear their insights and ask questions is terrific.

Larry Rubin posted a list of top VCs on Twitter. You can view his original post here. . Some of the VCs listed aren’t very active Twitterers, but many of them are. I’m also a bit baffled by the order of the list – it’s not sorted by # of followers, that’s for sure…

1. Guy Kawasaki, Garage Technology Ventures @guykawasaki
2. Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures @fredwilson
3. David Hornik, August Capital @davidhornik
4. Brad Feld, Foundry Group @bfeld
5. Marc Andreesen, n/a @pmarcablog
6. Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital @joshk
7. Ed Sim, Dawntreader Ventures @edsim
8. Jeremy Liew, Lightspeed Ventures Partners @jeremysliew
9. Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital @bgurley
10. Jeff Nolan, SAP Ventures @jeffnolan
11. Christopher Allen, Alacrity Ventures @ChristopherA
12. Seth Levine, Foundry Group @sether
13. Jeff Bussgang, Flybridge Capital Partners @bussgang
14. Mike Hirshland, Polaris Venture Partners @VCMike
15. Jeff Clavier, SoftTech VC @Jeff
16. Mendelson/Feld, Foundry Group @jasonmendelson @bfeld
17. Paul Kedrosky, Ventures West @pkedrosky
18. Jason Caplain, Southern Capitol Ventures @jcaplain
19. Nic Brisbourne, Esprit Capital Partners @brisbourne
20. Jason Mendelson, Foundry Group @jasonmendelson
21. Ryan McIntyre, Foundry Group @ryan_mcintyre
22. Howard Morgan, First Round Capital @HLMorgan
23. Raj Kapoor, Mayfield Fund @Rajil
24. Christine Herron, First Round Capital @christine
25. Fred Destin, Atlas Venture @fdestin
26. Saul Klein, Index Ventures @cape
27. Vineet Buch, BlueRun Ventures @VineetBuch
28. Andrew Parker, Union Square Ventures @andrewparker
29. Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital @bijan
30. Rob Finn, Edison Venture @robfinn
31. Marc Goldberg, Occam Capital @MarcGoldberg
32. Daniel Cohen, Israel Venture Partners @coheda
33. James Chen, CXO Ventures @cxo (not very active)
34. David Aronoff, Flybridge Capital Partners @dba
35. Max Bleyleben, Kennet Partners @mbleyleben
36. Jeremy Levine, Bessemer Venture Partners @jeremyl
37. Jason Ball, Qualcomm Ventures Europe @jasonball
38. Mark Peter Davis, DFJ Gotham Ventures @markpeterdavis
39. Rob Hayes, First Round Capital @robhayes
40. Michael Eisenberg, Benchmark Capital @mikeeisenberg
41. Chris Fralic, First Round Capital @chrisfralic
42. Sagi Rubin, Virgin Green Fund @sagirubin (not very active)
43. Richard Dale, Sigma Partners @rdale
44. John Ludwig, Ignition Partners @jhludwig
45. Dan Rua, Inflexion Partners @danrua
46. Steve Brotman, Silicon Alley Venture Partners @stevebrotman
47. Larry Cheng, Fidelity Ventures @larryvc
48. Martin Tobias, Ignition Partners @ministeroforder
49. Matt Winn, Chrysalis Ventures @mattwinn
50. Sarah Tavel, Bessemer Venture Partners @adventurista
51. Stewart Alsop, Alsop-Louie Partners @salsop
52. Rich Tong, Ignition Partners @richtong
53. George Zachary, Charles River Ventures @georgezachary
54. Rob Go, Spark Capital @robgo
55. Rachel Strate, EPIC Ventures @WasatchGirl
56. Sid Mohasseb, Tech Coast Angels @sidmohasseb
57. Mo Koyfman, Spark Capital @mokoyfman
58. Rob Day @cleantechvc
59. Marc Averitt, Okapi Venture Capital @OCVC
60. Michael Greeley, Flybridge Capital Partners @FlybridgeCap
61. Ted Driscoll, Claremont Creek Ventures @easydjr (not very active)
62. Santo Politi, Spark Capital @santopoliti
63. David Dufresne, Desjardins Venture Capital @DavidDufresne
64. Todd Klein, Legend Ventures @tdklein
65. Max Niederhofer, Atlas Venture @maxniederhofer
66. Vinit Nijhawan, Key Venture Partners @vinit44
67. Multiple Authors, Brightspark Ventures @MarkSkapinker @Sophiebspark @antman102
68. Rob Schultz, IllinoisVENTURES @crobtri
69. Ouriel Ohayon, Lightspeed Gemini Internet Lab @OurielOhayon
70. Brian Hirsch, Greenhill SAVP @hirschb

Who’s missing? Comment below and I’ll add to the list.
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UPDATES – VC’s Who Were Missed on Larry’s List:
71. Kent Goldman, First Round Capital @kentgoldman
72. Larry Marcus, Walden Venture Capital @cyberlar
73. TechCoastAngles @techcoastangels
74. Bryce Roberts, OATV @bryce
75. Howard Lindzon, Knight’s Bridge Capital @howardlindzon
76. Sequoia Capital @Sequoia_Capital
77. True Ventures @trueventures
78. Founders Fund via Dave McClure @davemcclure
79. Mark Suster, GRP Partners (serial entrepreneur and go-to startup guy in LA) @msuster