New Relic Presents at Under the Radar 2009

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New Relic
Category: Development
Presenter: Lewis Cirne, Founder and CEO

Rob Hayes, First Round Capital
Adam Gross,
Bipin Sahni, Wells Fargo
John Foley, InformationWeek

Company Description: New Relic, Inc. offers a SaaS solution called RPM, a Rails Performance Management solution that enables developers to quickly and cost effectively detect, diagnose, and fix application performance problems in real time. Ruby on Rails is emerging as a powerful platform for rapid development of web applications, which combine high performance and rich user experience. New Relic has more than 1300 customers using RPM to monitor and manage production applications and another 2000 customers in pre-production. RPM Lite is a free, fully supported
version for unlimited use in production or pre-production. Installation and setup take less than five minutes.

Customers: 37signals, Starwood, scribd, Shopify, Getty Images, Intuit, Liz Claiborne, Butterball and

About Lew: Lew Cirne is a seasoned entrepreneur and software pioneer who has focused on application performance management for more than 10 years. Lew founded Wily Technology in 1998 and invented its flagship solution, Introscope. He served as Wily’s CEO for the first four years, then as its CTO and played a key role in Wily’s 2006 acquisition by CA, Inc. Most recently Lew was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Benchmark Capital. He holds seven patents covering various aspects of application management. He has held senior engineering positions at Apple and Hummingbird Communications. He holds an AB in Computer Science from Dartmouth College.