Oris4 Names New CEO

written by bethburgee on January 17, 2013 in Startup News with no comments
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Halifax-based software company 2nd Act Innovations’ recently named Reza Kazemipour as Chief Executive Officer of Oris4, a cloud content management system that revolutionizes searching and managing content across the organization. Dealmaker Media knows Reza from way back and his experience speaks for itself. Kazemipour served on many Silicon Valley and Canadian startups, as well as a mentor to Growlabs, Mediacamp, and Updwest. His sales experience built and led teams for companies like FAST (which sold to Microsoft), IBM, Siderean, and Tibco Software.

Most people spend thousands of dollars coming to Silicon Valley, learning who’s who, what to say and getting to the right people just to get connected. Reza says that he was raised in the Valley and built a vast network of friends and colleagues, but still needed ‘a platform to take advantage of what he had.’ Five years ago, he met Dealmaker Media CEO Debbie Landa and said that while he had been to many conferences, “there was nothing like his first Under the Radar Conference 5 years ago”.

The experience created by Landa, he said, “feels like your on the inside of a high-powered meeting. It’s curated with the right attendees, speakers and has razor focused content. It’s about the ‘how-to’, the ‘why’ and ‘what ifs’.” Since then, Reza hasn’t missed a Dealmaker Media event and credits Debbie as having been paramount in helping him get connected with the right people. Reza’s story of how he came to be named CEO is one that we love – it’s what we spend day in and day out working for.

“What really got me excited about Oris4 is that they take care of a real problem that many of us have –access and findability of content in the cloud. Oris4 is the best answer I’ve seen to simplify search andallow you to stitch together all of your sources in one place.” said Kazemipour.

Congrats Reza, we know you have great things ahead!