Personalization + Beer = TrunkClub

written by HeidiIsern on July 12, 2012 in eCommerce and GROW with no comments
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Brian Spaly, Founder of Trunk Club, has made fashion easy for men.  With a curated approach, his team of stylists create packages of clothes based on customer’s personal preferences and then ship them out.  Trunk Club, started in 2009, now boasts  roughly 13,000 customers.  Although Trunk Club is an online success, many customers also shop in the main headquarters in Chicago while sipping beer.

Tricia Duryee of All Things D recently visited the Trunk Club HQ.

She writes, “What I found was a “man cave” vibe, where men are encouraged to kick back, sip a beer from one of the kegs on tap, and try on clothes that are handpicked by stylists.  They won’t find tight, uncomfortable dressing rooms with fluorescent lighting here. Instead, the loft-like setting features comfortable leather couches and spacious changing areas.”

Brian told Tricia that the culture definitely gets men to open their wallets, too. “While in-person visits make up only 20 percent of all transactions, it represents 30 percent of the company’s revenue,” he said.

To learn more about Trunk Club come to our GROW2012 Conference this August and hear Brian speak first hand.  Register for GROW and use the code “speaker” for $50 off the ticket price.

To get a preview of Brian’s fashion mission, see the full All things D Video and article here.