Piston Cloud Presents at Under the Radar

written by Clare Ryan on April 26, 2012 in Under The Radar with one Comment
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Launched 2011, San Francisco, CA
Twitter: @pistoncloud
Website: www.pistoncloud.com

In case you missed it, here is their company profile:

Company Description:
Piston Cloud is the Enterprise OpenStack™ company. Founded by several of the creators of OpenStack, the company acts as a liaison between the businesses that deploy OpenStack and the open source community that develops it. Piston Cloud’s core product, Piston Enterprise OS™ is a massively scalable private cloud operating system to manage regulated private cloud environments behind the firewall. Combining all of the features of OpenStack™, a hardened and secure custom-built Linux operating system, Piston Cloud’s unique Null-Tier Architecture, and many advanced security features, Piston Enterprise OS enables organizations to build a secure, highly-available private cloud with all of the features of OpenStack™ in under 10 minutes using off-the-shelf hardware.

Presenter: Gretchen Curtis | Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer | Piston Cloud
Gretchen has been working with tech companies and start-ups in the Bay area for over a decade. Prior to co-founding Piston, she led PR and communications for the Chief Technology Officer for IT at NASA, and was the Communications Manager for NASA’s Nebula Cloud Computing project. Before her work at NASA, she ran business operations at Flock, Inc., the social web browser, and staffed technical teams at companies such as AOL, Fujitsu and TechTV through her role at TechLink Systems. At Piston Cloud, Gretchen leads Marketing, PR and Communications, and oversees the company’s business operations. In her spare time, Gretchen dabbles in many creative pursuits, including photography, writing, film, painting, fashion and graphic design. WARNING: Approach with caution! Though she appears harmless, if you leave the toilet seat up, she will end you.

Watch the Presentation Here:

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Piston Cloud Presents at Under the Radar