Is An All Access Pass to the Cloud Realistic? Gmail Goes Down, Out Cries Ensue

written by admin on February 24, 2009 in Cloud with no comments
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With an outage problem early this morning, “many” Gmail account holders found themselves Twittering their woes when their email was down at 4am. (ironic to Twitter about downtime, don’t ya think!?! LOLZ)

As Google tries to convince enterprises to buy in to the promise of cloud computing (ie: hosting apps in the cloud rather than in a company’s own basement sever room), is some Gmail downtime cause for alarm? Or is a dose of reality that when your info is in the “Cloud” some glitches are inevidable – just as they are when info is hosted on your own computer(s).

Is a 100% SLA realistic? I think not. Yet, as enterprises start looking more seriously at the promises of cloud computing, will Google’s lapse in service today stall progress?

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