Selling Enterprise Software Is Still Old School

written by bethburgee on April 23, 2013 in Industry Trends and Under The Radar with one Comment
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BusinessmenA recent article written by the CEO and founder of GoodData and recently published in TechCrunch hit the head on nail. Selling to the enterprise “separates the men from the boys” as John O’Farrell of Andreessen Horowitz put it. In other words – selling to the enterprise might still be old school – but is still the reigning champion of moving your startup forward.

TechCrunch lays out 6 key success factors for selling to the enterprise (and we completely concur):

1. Solve a REAL problem. The enterprise can’t pay for coolness – they can pay for solutions that impact their bottom line, make processes more efficient and help them stay competitive.

2. Sell like you are the enterprise. Inbound sales are nice, but to get real traction, you’re going to have beef up your outbound sales efforts.

3. Be enterprise READY. You must be able to scale (and quickly), to integrate with pre-existing applications and have easy-of-use in mind.

4. Solve ONE thing – REALLY well. Even if you start by focusing on one key problem – if you are successful in solving that one headache, you can add-on later.

5. Be patient. Selling to the enterprise takes a relationship of nurturing.

6. Have a HOOK. Being able to have a control point within the enterprise fold will help give you preference over competitors that pop up along the way

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