Silicon Valley Rocks! is back – 10% Discount on Tix

written by Clare Ryan on October 29, 2012 in Partner Events with no comments
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Silicon Valley Rocks! is back. Now in its fifth year, this fund-raiser for music education has featured bands of tech professionals from household names such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and many more.

Silicon Valley Rocks will take place on Thursday, November 29, at DNA Lounge in San Francisco. The showcase will raise money for Music in Schools Today. Special discount for Dealmaker Media readers, take 10% of VIP and general admission:

Performers include:

Speechwriters LLC: A cautious alliance between West Coast songwriters Dave Lowensohn and Misha Chellam, who quickly became inseparable and spent most of the Bush years touring the country in borrowed minivans. Tech affiliations: Founder Institute, Blumberg Capital,, Handwoven Industries

Happy Fangs: Happy Fangs is a guitar and vocal garage pop duo influenced by Bikini Kill, The Beach Boys, Blondie, and music without Bono in it. Tech affiliations: YouTube, Cobra Creations

Lord British (formerly Domestic Electrics): An omnivorous bunch of music junkies who just want to make songs that people want to listen to over and over again until they’re absolutely sick of them.

Allen Mask: Twentysomething recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip-hop. Tech affiliations: Google

Open Source Band: SVRocks’ original collaborative effort. Tech affiliations: Walden Venture Capital, GigaOM, LyricFind

Ingar Brown and the Future Funk: Funk, hip-hop, soul, dance and R&B all wrapped up in an eclectic box that’s ready to get any party started. Tech affiliations: PagerDuty, Mashery

feedbomb: Hackers by day, rockers by night, feedbomb features past and current FBers, including Randi Zuckerberg. Tech affiliations: Zuckerberg Media, Facebook, Quora

Coverflow: Energetic and fun cover band who has made the tech-party circuit. Tech affiliations: Mayfield, Facebook, Fandalism,

Opening DJ – Kid Kameleon: Matt Earp, aka Kid Kameleon, writes for, is a San Francisco-based DJ, promoter, writer, blogger, historian, archivist, and fan of electronic music.

Emcee: Renée Richardson of KFOG is a long-time supporter of Music in Schools Today and is sufficiently geeky enough to past the DJ muster test.

Hope you’ll join us. Special discount for Dealmaker Media readers, take 10% of VIP and general admission: