Simple Tools for Critical Problems: Announcing our 2nd Group of Startups

written by Clare Ryan on March 1, 2011 in Under The Radar with no comments
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Simple Solutions/Tools for Critical Problems: Announcing our 2nd Group of Startups
Traditional brick and mortar business owners know that the customer always comes first. When it comes to your web business, the same values hold true. Customers/users are lost when websites are slow or just don’t work like they’re supposed to.  Developers, sys-admins, and engineers have backend burden of making everything work seamlessly so the front end can “bring home the bacon.” They have to constantly monitor, analyze, optimize, secure and worry about  staying ten steps ahead of their data and performance-hungry customer.

So what tools can make your engineers and sys-admins look like rock stars? The following startups have created solutions for these problems that hopefully will keep the Fail Whales at bay…

Industry expert Michael Sheehan from GoGrid knows first hand the problems these startups are tackling, and gave us some very candid feedback about the companies below:

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app direct
Year Launched: 2009
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Twitter: @cloudflare

CloudFlare brings the performance and security tools previously reserved for the Internet giants to the rest of the web. Cloudflare‘s free and paid services power tens of thousands of websites around the world, securing them from spam and hacking attacks while giving them an average 40% performance boost.
Date and Amount of Last Funding Round: $2.05M in Nov. 2009
Notes from Matthew Prince:
“CloudFlare has focus on ease of installation and use. Our service has a huge amount of technical complexity, but the interface has never been an afterthought for us. We’ve been surprised at home many large enterprise IT managers have already reached out to us because they’ve seen how easy it is to setup CloudFlare on their own sites and said, “This is exactly what I need at work.”"

Year Launched: 2009
City: Montréal
State: Québec
Twitter: @dokdokinc

DokDok is leading a new wave of innovation on email. Conversations, collaboration and document exchange happens in email on a daily basis. We provide a unique email API that makes it easy for application developers to retrieve that information and leverage it in applications such as CRM, document management, collaboration and project management.
Last Funding Round: January 14, 2011
Notes from Bruno Morency:
“Your mailbox contains years of important conversations and business information yet there are no easy ways for developers to find and use that information. This is what we do. We turn mailboxes into a data source developers can leverage.”


Year Launched: 2009
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Twitter: @loggly

Loggly is a leading provider of a Logging-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform for log management and data analysis. Founded in 2009, Loggly’s cloud-based service enables users to monitor, debug and troubleshoot their IT infrastructure, applications and business processes to generate actionable results. The cloud service approach helps organizations decrease infrastructure cost and increase productivity. The Loggly platform helps developers search, monitor and analyze data from multiple sources, both from traditional on-premise and cloud-based origins, through a single user interface. Loggly’s open architecture enables developers to build apps on top of the platform expanding the benefits and consumption of log data throughout the entire organization. Headquartered in San Francisco, Loggly has over 500 customers and is backed by True and Trinity Ventures.
Notes from Michael Sheehan: “Most applications spew out thousands if not millions of lines of code that most people don’t even know exist, and if they do, they spend hours trying to find snippets of code or errors. Gaining insight into what your application is doing (or not doing) is critical to its success (or failure). And, when you have clustered environments, this research and analysis process becomes more complicated by orders of magnitude. Consolidating application logging and being able to debug and troubleshoot in a single location can provide users with dramatic time savings which directly translates into cost savings. If done right, these log analysis firms or software will be heroes to the market.”

Year launched: 2009
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Twitter: @pagerduty

PagerDuty is an incident tracking and alerting system for IT operations teams. Our goal is to help system administrators, operations people and developers resolve problems with their IT systems and software as fast as possible. PagerDuty collects alerts from all of your IT monitoring systems and alerts the on-duty engineer if there’s a problem. Alerts are dispatched via automated phone call, SMS or email. PagerDuty also schedules on-call duty for your teams and ensures no failures ever go unnoticed by automatically escalating unanswered alerts to another team member.
Date and amount of last funding round: November, 2010, amount is Confidential
Notes from Michael Sheehan: “
Companies (like PagerDuty) that are integrating with leaders in this space and providing value add to the process will succeed. Monitoring applications or services is critical to the success of any product. Having a single-point-of-reference for your application or service (in this case for notifications and escalations) allows developers better insight in the uptime and stability of their service.”

Year Launched: 2009
City: New York
State: New York
Twitter: @appfirst
AppFirst is the leading MaaS-based application-aware infrastructure performance management solution uniquely providing application architects and DevOps complete visibility into the behavior and performance of applications across the entire application stack, regardless of language, application type or location (cloud, physical or virtual servers).  The AppFirst patent pending “inside out” visibility into the executing application enables proactive management to drive down cost of operations, see changes before they become problems and reduce customer churn.
Date and Amount of Last Funding Round: $1.5M, July 2010

Come to Under the Radar on April 27-28th, 2011, to learn more about these startups and many more. Register today!

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