Splashcast is the New Twitter for You(Tube)

written by admin on May 11, 2007 in Startups and Video with one Comment
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Surely you’ve heard that the new web economy is all about ‘you’; your videos, your blogs, your stuff – all served up online. ‘User generated content’ is the big thing these days, but for companies that are hosting all this stuff, its’ an uphill battle to find ways to make money.YouTube has cornered the video hosting market but the surrounding startups in the video space are offering some pretty compelling feautures. Splashcast has come up with a great way to show off your content, and not just video, by creating a channel of your own that can be played and syndicated on any web site, blog, or social network page.

The Splashcast interface is insanely simple, creating a channel is a drag and drop process. ‘Shows’ are made by adding content from your desktop or from the web. Pictures, video, text, PowerPoint and PDF docs, RSS feeds and podcasts are all supported. Content that’s uploaded to Splashcast is hosted by them, videos that are linked from YouTube stay on YouTube, so you can show your own content and anyone else’s.The channel holds them all together which is very convenient. Your Splashcast channel can be made into a widget that can be inserted into a blog, site or social media page and then pulled from your ‘subscribers’ to be hosted on their site, blog, etc. The more subscribers the more viral traffic you get. Your content that’s RSS fed will be updated to every widget out there in cyberspace, so your subscribers are always up to date.

We asked Michael Berkley, CEO and Alex Williams, Director of Community Development a few questions about Splashcast. Here’s their take:

1. What is Splashcast about? What is your business model?

SplashCast is a mixed media platform for creating, mixing and syndicating content channels through an embedded Flash-based player that can be placed on any web site. SplashCast is planning to offer advertising through its network and providing a pro-type account that would be offered on a subscription basis.

2. What is unique about Splashcast ?

SplashCast marries media aggregation with media authoring and publishing.  SplashCast enables users to easily create personalized media remixes, using video, audio, images, narration, and text from many different sources or from their own media that they upload. Also included within SplashCast is a podcast network, allowing users to incorporate their favorite video and audio podcasts into their channel, which will automatically update whenever new episodes are added to the podcast.

3. Why did you start this company?

The SplashCast founders saw a space in the market for their service that would fit directly into the channel economy, a marketplace for rich media that is organized by vertical topics and continually updated across thousands of communities.

4. What is impact do you think streaming media will have on the web at large?

Streaming media is meeting RSS. The impacts will be felt as streaming media players give people the opportunity to easily consume the rich media from RSS feeds. This will open all sorts of new media experiences to a far larger audience. Streaming will play a critical role in discovering media that has traditionally been seen by a limited audience. The advent of mixed media in streaming environments will also have an impact as it becomes far simpler for people to create channels that can be distributed across the web. Streaming media players that offer mixed media and RSS capabilities will serve as hubs for the emerging channel economy, a vast marketplace where people will gravitate to channels where they may get the latest, updated information on their favorite subject matters.

5. What are you going to build in the next 12 months?

We will continue to develop SplashCast as a world-class platform for mixed media creation, remixing and syndication for the growing channel economy.

6. What web sites and blogs do you read/watch most often?

mashable, Scobleizer, GigaOm, SplashCastMedia

Michael Berkley brings more than a decade of leadership in both company management and the development SplashCast. Before launching SplashCast, Mr. Berkley was CEO of QMIND(tm), Inc. Prior to QMIND, he was a founder of the Kaiser Permanente® national e-learning development department.

In addition to developing the Splashcast community Alex Williams runs the Podcast Hotel conference.