Tips on Marketing Partnerships

written by bethburgee on October 31, 2012 in Consumer Internet and Partnerships and Startups and Under The Radar with no comments
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Joel Hughes, SVP Strategy & Corporate Development at Constant Contact, answered a few key questions on what startups should know if before they approaching Constant Contact for a partnership. Joel will be a Judge at our Under the Radar Conference and will be holding office hours (hint hint).

What is the number one thing you look for in a startup when considering a partnership?
Commitment to delivering online marketing tools to the SMB market. Driving success for our SMB customers is paramount, so any partner must be focused on delivering a strong value proposition to our customers & prospects.

What trends are most exciting to Constant Contact right now?
Marketing automation, mobile-first online marketing, nexus of inbound marketing and mobile advertising

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur looking to partner with you?
Prove your core value proposition before seeking partners. Once you’ve validated your customer “love metrics”, you are ready for broader distribution/exposure and can truly bring value to a partnership. The metrics I’m looking at in this stage are customer acquisition speed, conversion to paid customers %, customer engagement (frequency of usage/login, time spent in product, return-on-time-invested)

What does a typical partnership look like with a startup?
Runs the spectrum from arms-length integration via our AppConnect program for exposure in our MarketPlace, to in-product integration with a committed revenue stream, to very selective go-to-market partnerships which bundle 3rdparty products with CTCT products for promotion to our base of more than half a million paying SMB customers.

How would you recommend startups reach out to you?
jhughes (at) constantcontact (dot) com. A two paragraph email which succinctly describes your product/service, value proposition, current “love metrics” and specific thoughts about how you’d like to partner with CTCT. I read and respond to all.