Trending Top 10 Lists for #Startups

written by bethburgee on September 19, 2012 in Industry Trends and Opinions and Startup News and Under The Radar with no comments
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There are more startups in the digital media space than you can wave an iPhone at. Dave Johnson from AMC Ventures believes the growth is akin to the bubble that burst in the 90′s. For as many startups as there are – all vying to get into one arena or the other (be it mobile payments, ecommerce, gifting or analytics) – just as many people are lending advice to those at the start of the yellow-brick-startup-road. To sum it all up, here is a roundup of the top-something lists over the last two weeks:

7 Classic Principles of Successful Startups list money as being the potential root of all failure, action bests thinking about it, never compromise on location and don’t do things that don’t generate revenue.

The 10 Deadly Sales Sins Committed by Startups puts not understanding your customer at the forefront of the list, while not showing up or following up can hurt development of long-term relationship with early-adopter customers.

Let’s face it, startups may not be around long enough or not have enough experience to hang around for long in the 5 Risks and 5 Rewards of Doing Business with a Startup. At the same time, getting involved early can develop higher quality relationships and give better financial leverage early on.

No one wants to fail, but what makes someone more successful than the next? The 10 Functional Demands of Successful Entrepreneurs lists the ability to take on challenges, self-reliance, ability to build relationships and thinking through practicalities as some of the traits that sets people apart.

Loads of other advice trickles through the stream these days – from “Startup Principles 101” to Startup Lessons from Behind Closed Doors (shhh!), perhaps the best way to take advice is to find those key people you admire in the industry and hear what they have to say – as 20 North Carolina Entrepreneurs did with Steve Case.

Overall, the advice I like best is: “be prepared, it’s a career choice“. Get serious, get a mentor, surround yourself with success, be passionate and (oddly enough), start a blog. Wise words from Gabriel Weinberg.

There you have it folks, our round-up of top lists with startup advice.