#UTRAlum Context.io Acquired by Return Path

written by Clare Ryan on October 25, 2012 in Acquisitions and Under The Radar with no comments
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Congratulations to Bruno and the entire team over at Context.io on being acquired this week by Return Path.  Read all about the acquisition here.

See their 2011 Under the Radar Presentation HERE.

Company Description:
Mailboxes contain years of important conversations and business information yet there is no easy way for developers to find and use that information. This is what Context.IO does. It’s the missing email API that turns mailboxes into a data source developers can leverage in applications such as CRM, document management, collaboration and project management.

Presenter: Bruno Morency | Founder | Context.IO
Bruno has been involved in startups since graduating from McGill Engineering in 2001. Since being introduced to Pine on UNIX terminals, Bruno has had a love-hate relationship with email. With Context.IO, he embarked on a mission to make it easy to leverage the rich data found in mailboxes so he can love email more than he hates it.