How to Partner with Qualcomm in the Mobile Space

written by bethburgee on October 26, 2012 in Cloud and eCommerce and Industry Trends and Mobile and Under The Radar with no comments
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I was lucky to get a few minutes with Albert Wang from Qualcomm Ventures to ask some questions about Under the Radar, the mobile industry and startups. Here’s what I uncovered:

What sort of investments are you making in startups these days?

Qualcomm Ventures has invested in 100+ startups over the years, with about 80 active companies in our portfolio. About ½ of the startups deals are in the US market, but the startup scene in China and India are fast becoming international hotspots.

What are you looking for in potential startups?

We’re looking for unique solutions for bottleneck problems in the mobile ecosystem. For example, a startup we’re currently working with – Fiksu – saw that it was extremely difficult for small businesses and startups to market their apps – sometimes costing upwards of $20 marketing spend per app download. Fiksu helps to retarget and optimize the media spend, improving effectiveness by 3:1. This is the kind of ingenuity we look for: wanting to fix a huge problem on a large scale.

What areas of the mobile space are you excited about?

I would say we are most interested in conversions on mobile, social and cloud. These are the drivers of innovations we see today. Big data and data analytics is also a very interesting space for us right now.

What are the best ways to grab your attention?

Most startups should have a good network of contacts – either through incubators, advisors or VC’s. The most effective way to get in front of the people that matter is to utilize these contacts and get through via the connections made. The second most effective way is to have generated great PR coverage.

Albert Wang is the Senior Investment Manager at Qualcomm Ventures and is a judge at our upcoming Under the Radar Conference in November.