What Would Jimmy Do? Mixergy Interviews Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

written by admin on July 10, 2009 in Startup News and Video with no comments
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Imagine being Jimmy Wales in 2001 and selling the idea of an online encyclopedia written by, well, anyone.

Regardless of how accustomed we are to today’s truly participatory web, much of the culture of collaboration we experience today was sparked by Jimmy’s push to launch an edit-able, community driven collection of information more vast than any shelf-full of hard cover Encyclopedia Britannicas.

Andrew intro’s his conversation with Jimmy Wales with a quote I love: “how do you get people to care about something before it’s something?” Wikipedia’s contributors and editors are a passionate community – and though some posts and edits have been debated, the ability for passionate experts to post information for public consumption and continuous updating is truly amazing.

If you’re embarking on an online movement of your own, creating a community-driven initiative, or simply trying to understand what incentives it requires to fuel crowdsourced projects or user-generated content – this is a must watch.

Andrew Warner Interviews Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia:

About Andrew Warner: Andrew is an entrepreneur and the brain behind Mixergy. He continues to nab terrific interviews with some of the best entrepreneurial minds and success stories out there – and asks them very pointed questions about how they did what they did so people like you and I can learn from others’ experiences.