You're Doing it Wrong: How to Pitch a CIO Like a Pro

written by admin on March 18, 2009 in Under The Radar with no comments
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Michael Krigsman posted some great tips on ZDNet this morning on how to pitch a CIO successfully.

Startups that are springing up in the cloud space right now are hurrying to get in front of CIOs. Before they do, I caution them to sit back and ask themselves if the CIO is actually the person they need to be talking to… But when a company’s solution is in fact the “golden ticket” a CIO is looking for, pitching him that and turning him into a happy customer is a whole other ball game.

So – how do you increase your chances of success? Here’s how to pitch a CIO:

“…success comes from pricing your offer competitively, ensuring it solves a real problem, and defining the ROI or value in concrete terms.”

- Avoid marketing fluff (Cut through the Bull Sh*t and get to the point)

- Provide Case Studies (and lessons learned from past clients)

- Customer References

Read the full post here. If you’re a CIO or if you’ve successfully sold to CIOs what other tips would you provide?