YuMe Networks delivers video ads to any device

written by admin on June 19, 2007 in Mobile with no comments
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Ideas in the tech world seem to spring up across the board all at once. As such, it is no surprise that there are more than a few online video advertising sites to go around. Web advertiser YuMe, hopes to be the cream of the crop. YuMe delivers the basics of online video advertising with flourish, including: the ability to create content channels, enabling advertisers to ‘precision target' content for use with their video ads, and ensuring relevant branding across channels.

The major difference, however, is that YuMe has gone above and beyond the fundamentals. The company has extended it's reach into the previously wild world of peer-to-peer downloads (On April, 2 the company launched a campaign for Eidos Interactive over the popular file sharing system Bittorent, on April 16 they linked with Azureus). With this distinct advantage YuMe seems ready to take over the world, or at least the online video advertising industry. We sat down with YuMe co-founders Jayant Kadambi, and Ayyappan Sankaran to discuss YuMe:

1. What is YuMe about? What is your business model?
YuMe is the first video monetization solution created and optimized for broadband video.  YuMe provides publishers the unprecedented ability to identify, classify and track content to ensure brand safety, contextual relevance, controlled syndication and consistent delivery to any device – PC, Mobile, TV – whether streamed or downloaded.  Advertisers get access to ad-ready channels of video content, campaign optimization and tracking tools and interactive ad placements that engage and encourage interaction. 
YuMe's business model is a revenue share of advertising revenue generated by YuMe and/or its publisher partner sites.  
2. Why did you start this company?
When we realized no good broadband and IP-based video ad monetization infrastructure existed and that video ad solutions offered were just incremental modifications of existing text and banner networks.  Video is fundamentally different than text and banners and in order to properly monetize, transport, traffic and reliably report against, we felt a new type of network was needed that provided advertisers contextual relevance, transparency and visibility into campaign placements and performance in real-time. 
3. Does YuMe compete with traditional advertising agencies? Who are your main competitors?
YuMe does not compete with advertising agencies.  We work with ad agencies to place and optimize video advertising campaigns on behalf of their clients.  Our benefit to advertising agencies is that they can buy ad-ready channels of video content that is contextually relevant to their client's brand across multiple devices and get one holistic view of how the campaign is performing.
4. Have you entered into any partnerships with other companies?
Yes, we have partnerships with traditional online video streaming companies (web sites), P2P streaming and download
companies, online TV broadcasters, as well as mobile video companies.
5. What was the process for you to raise funding? How did you decide what investors to work with?
We chose investors based on their experience in the partnership in digital media, specifically in online advertising.

The fund raising process was quite prototypical, business plan generation, followed by a friends/family round, followed
by a working prototype, market validation, followed by a series A.
6. What are you bringing to the market that's innovative and groundbreaking?
YuMe is the only video ad network built exclusively for the new web video world, capable of delivering video advertising that is brand safe, contextually relevant, customizable and deliverable to any device.  With YuMe content producers are now able to syndicate and track where and when their content is consumed and advertisers get a centralized and holistic view of how a campaign performs across all screens. 

-Yume Networks will be presenting at Under The Radar Conference on June 28th in Mountain View, CA. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss P2P technology, streaming video that’s not device dependent, and how Yume is using these technologies to keep their business growing.