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Phone Number Collection Strategies: Building Trust and Compliance

SMS marketing is a very successful technique to engage customers since consumers check their text messages more than any other phone app. However, it might be difficult to collect phone numbers since people are hesitant to reveal their phone numbers because of robocalls and spam calls. This tutorial will examine the most successful phone number collection strategies for SMS marketing in 2023–2024.

Why You Need SMS List

If you’re still not convinced whether text marketing is ideal for your company, here are three brief reasons why you should:

  • SMS campaigns have incredibly high open rates (up to 99%);
  • SMS campaigns are promptly opened (90% within 3 minutes);
  • Strict rules prohibit spam, ensuring SMS remains an effective channel.

The truth is that while not everyone has Facebook Messenger or email alerts enabled, practically everyone with a phone has text messaging instant notifications enabled.

While most businesses are focused on the shiny new up-and-coming social media platforms for brand growth, SMS is a far more powerful and simple approach to reaching current and potential customers in a tailored manner.

Why you shouldn’t buy contact lists

There are a few things you should know before beginning your search for marketing phone numbers. First and foremost, no matter how tempting it may be to purchase phone numbers for marketing purposes, do so at all costs. While the transaction is lawful, it does not explicitly provide authorization to SMS individuals. In reality, sending text messages to people who have not opted into your campaign is prohibited in most countries and is punishable by steep fines.

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Strategies for Collecting Phone Numbers

Collecting mobile numbers entails convincing your target audience to opt in to receive SMS messages from you, which can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Phone number collection campaigns don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. All you have to do is make a few changes to some of your current consumer interaction techniques.

Unlike fresh leads, current clients already know and trust your products and services. Current clients are more inclined to share their phone numbers with you because there is an established relationship and a higher likelihood of loyalty.

1. Set up a short code

Simply defined, businesses can employ a 5- or 6–digit number to let subscribers opt-in faster and simpler. People join your list by texting your short code number, and you will send them messages from that same temporary code number. Your short code serves as the public face of your SMS marketing program.

2. Create an easy-to-remember keyword

A keyword in SMS marketing is a unique term (it can include letters and digits) that users text to your short code to join your list. Choose a term that your clients can readily remember for the greatest outcomes. You should also choose something related to your brand.

3. Advertise your keyword everywhere

You want to shout your distinctive keyword from the rooftops after you’ve settled on it! You can market your term virtually anywhere. These are a couple of such examples:  

  • radio;
  • television;
  • your website;
  • your email list;
  • your social media; 
  • PPC advertising;
  • your product packaging.
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The more individuals that see your term, the greater your subscription rate.

4. Make requests during customer service calls

Position your demands as a means to continue to provide excellent service and keep consumers informed. For example, if you are a utility provider, you can send out service notices to customers in advance when service interruptions occur. You save consumers the time it takes to phone in and quickly provide them with the information they want.

5. Include a sign-up form on your website

In addition to your keyword opt-in technique, having a sign-up form anywhere on your website where visitors can enter their information and subscribe straight to your SMS marketing is a terrific idea. One crucial point? As part of this form, be sure to include appropriate opt-in text.

6. Capture opt-ins on your order confirmation page

The best moment to ask someone to join your list is typically just after they make a purchase on your site. They’re high on dopamine from ordering something they desire and enjoying your brand.

One incredibly effective method is to request their phone number to receive shipment alerts (which many customers will want). Add a checkbox that reads, “Would you like to receive exclusive SMS monthly coupons from us?” just below that.

7. Create a compelling VIP offer 

Create an offer popup on your website that invites customers to join a VIP or loyalty program by providing their mobile phone numbers. Check that the program offers concrete advantages such as special deals, vouchers, and early access to new items. The goal is to deliver value and make members feel like they’re getting exceptional care. 

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8. Offer exclusive bonuses to subscribers

People are wary about disclosing personal information such as email addresses. They are much more guarded about their phone numbers.

People need to know that giving your brand space in their most personal email is worthwhile and that they will receive special offers, privileges, or discounts that they won’t be able to obtain anywhere else. So that’s what you’ll have to deliver.

Examples of SMS-only bonuses include:

  • coupons are issued monthly;
  • free shipping deals;
  • offers for free samples;
  • giveaways and contests;
  • first dibs on new items;
  • bundles of exclusive products.

8. Be clear about how often you text your subscribers

The last thing anyone wants is to be bombarded with unsolicited SMS texts. To address this issue, be highly explicit about how frequently you’ll communicate with them during sign-up. You can include it underneath your offer. Alternatively, you might incorporate it into your offer’s title.


Marketers can obtain phone numbers using a variety of unconventional methods. Using many strategies allows you to reach a larger audience and boost your chances of gathering phone numbers. Collection efforts should appear natural and as a value-added service to clients rather than as a marketing ploy.

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