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How to Get Safelink Phones Replacements

SafeLink is a program run by the federal government that gives free phone service and airtime each month. This program is for customers who have proven they are eligible and have been approved for it. This service is limited to one per household.

SafeLink can make it a bit easier for you by taking care of your phone bills every month. Not just that, if your phone gets lost, stolen, or broken, SafeLink will replace it once a year.

Are you already a SafeLink Wireless customer? Well, if you fit the bill, you might just get your next replacement phone absolutely free if your current one is not in a usable condition.

SafeLink Wireless won’t charge you any extra or surprise you with hidden fees when they send you a new replacement phone. It’s completely free! If you’re using SafeLink’s government phone service, you’d know that it’s an excellent, low-cost phone plan that doesn’t ask for credit checks or any contracts.

But did you know that there are certain conditions where SafeLink will gift you a free replacement phone? Yep, it’s true! If your current SafeLink phone gets broken or stolen, SafeLink may just hand you one of their current phones as a replacement. And guess what? You don’t have to spend anything extra!

Curious to know more about this? Scroll down to find out about the eligibility requirements and how you can get your free replacement phone.

What Is The Safelink Replacement Phone Policy?

Safelink Replacement Phone warranty basically takes care of any problems that come from the materials used or how they put your phone together. But if your phone gets damaged, shows signs of regular use or just gets old, the warranty won’t cover it.

Now, if you’re having issues with software, your camera, buttons that don’t respond, or dead pixels on your screen, your warranty has got you covered.

On the flip side, if your battery isn’t holding a charge like it used to, your phone gets scratched up, you accidentally drop it and it breaks, you’re having issues with coverage, or an app that you downloaded is causing problems, your warranty isn’t going to help.

And here’s a big heads up – if you try to ‘root’ or ‘mod’ your phone, you’re out of warranty. The same goes if your phone has obvious physical damage, like if you spilled your drink on it, cracked the screen, or the casing is damaged.

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How often can you replace your phone, you ask? Well, that depends on how long you’ve been a loyal customer with SafeLink Wireless.

Every brand new device that you buy straight from the SafeLink Wireless website comes with a one-year warranty from the day you bought it. And if you buy a refurbished device from the SafeLink Wireless website, it comes with a 60-day warranty from the day you bought it.

Now, if your device isn’t working right, you’ll need to follow the RMA instructions that we mentioned earlier to see if your device is eligible for a warranty replacement. If it is, we’ll take care of replacing the faulty device with one in the same cosmetic condition or a comparable model, and we’ll make that call.

Wondering what kind of phone you’ll get from SafeLink if your phone gets lost or stolen?

If you’re a SafeLink customer, they’ve got you covered with a replacement phone. Even if the first one they send doesn’t work, they’ll keep sending you a new one until everything is back to normal.

Getting this new phone is a piece of cake. Just give their customer service a call, let them know that your phone is either lost or busted, and they’ll send a new one straight to your doorstep.

Here are Safelink Replacements Phones you will get:

Google Pixel 4:

SafeLink, which already provides free cell phones and plans in more than 25 states, is now offering the Google Pixel 4 as their replacement phone. This phone is an awesome upgrade, so if you’re in a pickle without a smartphone right now, this could be great news for you.

Don’t stress if you’re not in a SafeLink service area yet – they’re spreading out across the country and adding new states all the time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

The SafeLink Replacement Policy gives qualifying customers a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (or similar) every year, and it won’t cost you anything up front! The only thing you’ll pay are your monthly service fees. And what do you get? Unlimited talk, text, and data at 4G LTE speeds.

It’s a top-of-the-line smartphone with all the bells and whistles at a price that’s hard to beat. And guess what? You can use your new phone on the same account as any other phones you have now or get in the future, so no extra charges or hidden conditions.

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OnePlus 7T:

If you’re a SafeLink customer and you’re having a tough time (maybe you’re blind, disabled, or you don’t speak English very well), or you’re just having money problems, you could qualify for a free OnePlus 7T cell phone. This phone has a 6.41 Super AMOLED display and comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The OnePlus 7T performs just as well as more expensive models like the Samsung Galaxy S10+, but it costs a lot less. OnePlus is known for making powerful phones that won’t break the bank.

Moto G Stylus:

And finally, let’s not forget about the Moto G Stylus. SafeLink Wireless is a budget-friendly cell phone service that has all sorts of plans and phones. They even offer the Moto G Stylus 4G LTE through SafeLink’s Replacement Policy. If you’re 60 years or older and living on a fixed income (like social security), you could qualify.

Once SafeLink approves your application, they’ll replace your old phone with a new plan or a new replacement device when your old phone gets too old to use.

How Do I Activate My Safelink Replacement Phone?

Well, it’s actually not much different to activate Safelink Replacement Phone like how you first activated your phone. The only time you really need to activate it is if you’re getting a new SIM card. If you already have a Safelink SIM card and you’re just getting a replacement device, just pop that SIM card into your new phone and you’re good to go!

If you’re reactivating your old phone, all you have to do is text REACT to 611611. Now, if you’re activating your Safelink account for the first time, head over to https://www.safelink.com/wps/portal/home/Activate and follow the steps.

What If The SafeLink Phone Doesn’t Work?

Don’t worry, most SafeLink devices come with a 1-year warranty. So, if your phone stops working within the first year, this warranty should cover the repair or even get you a brand-new phone. Cool, right?

Here’s what you need to know about the 1st-year warranty:

  • According to the policy, if your device has a defect, you can get a new one within the first year.
  • But, to replace your phone, you need to show proof of purchase and a receipt.
  • Only the owner can use the warranty and you can’t transfer it to anyone else.
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The first year warranty is pretty case-sensitive, so it’s best to call SafeLink support at 1-800-723-3546 or 1-800-378-1684 as soon as you notice something’s wrong. You can also drop by a local SafeLink representative for help. They’ll give you the next steps to follow.


Will SafeLink replace a phone?

Alright, if you’re eligible, SafeLink will swap that defective device with another one. Now, this replacement might be in the same shape as your old one, or it could be a different model that’s pretty similar.

How often can you get a free phone from SafeLink?

SafeLink is this awesome federal program that gives you phone service and monthly airtime absolutely FREE. But there’s a catch, you gotta be eligible based on your income and you gotta apply and get approved. And before you get any ideas, they limit this service to just one per household.

Does Safelink Replace Broken Phones?

If your SafeLink phone gets lost or broken, they’ve got a policy in place that provides a replacement. However, keep in mind that they usually allow only one replacement per customer. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, get in touch with SafeLink customer service. They’ll guide you through the process to get your replacement phone.

Can I Switch My Safelink Phone to Another Phone?

Yes you can. You can just take the SIM card from your current phone and pop it into another one that works on the same network. Or if you prefer, you can get in touch with customer service online or over the phone. They’re super helpful and can make the switch for you. They can even send you a new SIM card, so you can use it with any phone you fancy. It’s as simple as that!

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