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Anesthesia Conferences 2023

Anesthesia conferences offer a great career opportunity to meet & network with great keynote speakers & leaders in anesthesia. They hold a significant potential to deliver info about the latest practices & career opportunities in anesthesia. We have listed globally popular & Best Anesthesia Conferences of 2023.

Anesthesia Conferences

What is Anesthesia Conference

An anesthesia conference can be an in-person, online, or hybrid event where medical experts, like anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners, research scholars, medical students & other healthcare providers, assemble to discover the latest discoveries in anesthesia. These conferences mostly feature keynote lectures, expert presentations, workshops, training, and networking opportunities. 

To attend or participate in an anesthesia conference, you can search & register with anyone relevant to your career goals. Most anesthesia conferences have official websites displaying all crucial information about the event. Anesthesia conferences are held worldwide by various prominent medical organizations & societies.

List of Anesthesia Conferences 2023 

8th International Conference on Pediatric Health & Nutrition
17th - 18th July, 2023
Zurich, Switzerland & VirtualThis Conference invites everyone from the scientific community who aim to significantly contribute to Child Health using Clinical Pediatrics Research. Attendees. This hybrid event will discuss diverse pediatric health and nutrition topics such as Pediatric Anesthesia, Pediatric Neurology, General Pediatrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Urology, Pediatric Genetics, and more.
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Mayo Clinic 6th Annual Anesthesiology Update 202311th - 13th August, 2023
Mackinac Island, MI US
Mayo's 6th Annual Anesthesiology 2023 conference will deliver the latest updates in anesthesiology that professionals in this field can use in their medical practice. Some crucial Topics include obstetric analgesic techniques, pharmacogenetics for anesthesia, and pre-operative preparation of the surgical patient. This Conference is specially organized for practicing anesthesiologists, anesthesiology assistants, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, CRNAs, and perioperative healthcare providers.
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Perianesthesia and Perioperative 2023 CNE Nursing Conference15th August - 16th August, 2023Rochester, MN, US & Virtual
This Conference aspires to bring global nursing specialties to a platform to enlighten and network on crucial matters. Topics that will be presented include patient positioning, psychological safety, site infections, smoke management, communication, and surgical updates. This Conference is planned for nurses in domains like perianesthesia & perioperative care settings.
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15th International Conference on Anesthesiology and Critical Care
15th - 16th August, 2023Dublin, Ireland & Virtual
This Conference will cover topics on Anesthesiology and Critical Care - Airway Management, Sepsis and Pain Management, Pulmonary Anesthesia, Dental Anesthesia,
Anesthetic Implications, and management, etc. It's scheduled for medical professionals, including anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, medical students, research scholars, pharmaceutical industries, professors, manufacturing medical devices enterprises, & healthcare industries.
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6th International Conference on Stroke & Cerebrovascular Disease
4th - 5th September, 2023Dubai & Virtual
The unique Theme of this hybrid event is Vision towards Stroke & Cerebrovascular Disease Recovery which they will present through keynote presentations, exhibitions, and Poster presentations. This Conference will bring leading scientists worldwide to discuss best practices in clinical trials.
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6th World Congress on Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine and The 40th Annual European Society of Regional Anesthesia (ESRA) Congress6th - 9th September, 2023 Paris, FranceThis joint Conference desires to bring over 1,500 scientists & clinicians to present & exchange information on the latest clinical research and inventions in anesthesia. The event will comprise - PRO CON debates, networking sessions, panel discussions, Tips sessions, Ask expert sessions, Trainees sessions, Live demonstrations, Q & A, Course lectures, and Luncheons sessions.
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2023 World Critical Care and Anesthesiology Conference8th - 9th September, 2023Singapore & VirtualThe 2023 WCAC is an educational event designed to increase proficiency and expertise in critical care & trauma. The target audience for this event is the International Critical Care Medicine Society & healthcare professionals working in multidisciplinary critical care surgical challenges.
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10th Global Meeting on Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery8th - 9th September, 2023
London, UK
The Theme of this Conference is- Recent Research & Innovations in plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive surgery. The event includes e-Poster presentations, Oral addresses, prompt keynote presentations, exhibitions & Young Research Forum (YRF) to exchange knowledge between scientists, & other guests.
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CREF 2023 - The 42nd Annual Cardiothoracic Surgery Symposium
13th - 16th September, 2023
San Diego, California.The (CREF 2023) is a global interdisciplinary conference focusing on techniques & science of ECMO, cardiopulmonary bypass, and cardiac surgery. This Conference will deliver cutting-edge presentations, practical workshops, debates, and interactive discussions on extracorporeal perfusion, & extracorporeal life support.Click here to register
4th Edition of Global Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia (GCSA 2023)
18th - 20th September, 2023Valencia, Spain & VirtualGCSA 2023 will cover essential topics in the medical fields of anaesthesia & surgery and new treatment options. This Conference is an excellent forum for attendees to share their discoveries & practical experiences on anaesthesia and surgery.
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16th World Congress on Anesthesiology and Critical Care25th - 26th September, 2023Dubai, UAEThe theme of this Conference is "Acquiring a wide practical understanding of global approaches used in Anesthesia." This event will provide an international platform to deliver presentations on research findings related to diagnosis, management & prevention in Anesthesiology.Click here to register
Euro Anesthesiology and Critical Care Congress25th - 26th September, 2023
Paris, France & Virtual
This Conference is an incredible international platform to share expertise in anesthesia with a large global audience. Some central topics to be discussed here include Obstetric Anesthesia, Interventional Anesthesia, Neuroanesthesia, Anesthesia: Pharmacology and Physiology & Global Anesthesia, and Surgery.
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6th International Conference on Clinical Surgery and Anesthesia
9th - 11th October, 2023
Paris, FranceThe theme of this Conference is "Explore the Innovations of Surgery and Anesthesia." It proudly welcomes all researchers & exhibitors willing to share their research works in clinical surgery & anaesthesia.Click here to register
European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (EACTAIC) Annual Congress 2023
11th - 13th October, 2023Budapest, HungaryThe EACTAIC Annual Congress 2023 theme is "Challenges and Opportunities," which shows the growing role of vascular anaesthesia & cardiothoracic. It will feature various scientific sessions, including symposia, workshops, plenary lectures, & teaching masterclasses organized to communicate the latest advancements in research & clinical practice. Guests will get plenty of collaboration & networking opportunities via social events, welcome reception, & exhibition hall.
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Anesthesiology 2023 - The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Annual Meeting
13th - 17th October, 2023 San Francisco
The ASA annual conference offers anesthesiologists a chance to examine new concepts, clinical knowledge, and innovations & boost their professional network.Click here to register
Australian Anaesthesia Allied Health Practitioners (AAAHP) 7th National Educational Conference
13th - 15th OctoberSydney, AustraliaThe 7th National Educational Conference is organized by AAAHP to facilitate its members' professional status by exchanging knowledge. This year's theme is "Unique." This event will provide practical education to Anaesthesia Technicians, Assistants, Technologists & Anaesthetists.
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48th Annual Mayo Clinic Seminar for Nurse Anesthetists 202325th - 27th October, 2023
Rochester, MN, United States & Virtual
Mayo Clinic designed this seminar to outline the recent advancements in pharmacology, anesthesiology management & wellness between healthcare experts of the perioperative team, such as CRNAs, RNs, nurse practitioners, physician anesthesiologists, and PAs.Click here to register
8th Nysora International Symposium on Regional Anesthesia, Pain, and Perioperative Medicine10th - 12th November, 2023DubaiThis Conference is devoted to the latest evolutions in regional anesthesia, including practice protocols & techniques and1. It will bring anesthesia companions, nurses, practicing anesthesiologists & health specialists practicing regional anesthesia.Click here to register
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You can register for your favorite Anesthesia Conferences using the links we have shared above. If you cannot physically attend the conference, check whether it’s available online so you don’t miss it. Anesthesia conferences are crucial & worth attending for professionals & learners in Anesthesia.

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