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Animal Rights Conferences 2023

Why are animal rights important? Because so many animals are harmed due to their usage in entertainment, food, medicine, fashion, scientific research, and as exotic pets, animal welfare is crucial. To preserve animal rights, animal welfare groups were established worldwide.

Therefore, you should go to a conference to learn more about animal rights or to be a member of the animal rights community.

Attending a conference can broaden your network of animal welfare professionals and learn from those who work at all levels, including veterinary clinic managers, behaviorists, transport volunteers, and shelter leaders. The goal of these conferences on animal rights is to unite and motivate animal rights organizations worldwide.

All groups may unite and empower one another through workshops and networking opportunities to choose the best possible course for the animal rights movement to take.

In this article, we have compiled the list of the best animal rights conferences that you can attend in 2023.

Animal Rights Conferences 2023

NameDate & VenueAboutWhy should you attend?Register
Animal Liberation ConferenceOctober 3 - 7, 2022 /
The Animal Liberation Conference brings together the world's most committed animal rights activists and equips them to conduct courageous, coordinated action to bring about revolutionary social and political change for animals. They will hold a series of trial-focused convergences all year long rather than a week-long conference in the Bay Area in 2022. Each convergence will involve instruction, deeds, neighborhood activities, and judicial assistance. One of the main components of their strategy is to fight for animals in court.Meet others who share your desire to make the world a better place for animals and discover new ways to introduce the topic of animal liberation into popular culture. Participate in historic events while being inspired, and observe how your transformation affects your neighborhood. Everyone is welcome to the Animal Liberation Conference. Regardless of who you are, where you're from, or what you might consider to be our differences, this united goal is bigger than any one of us, individually.Click here to register
International Animal Rights ConferenceAugust 31 - 3 September, 2022 /
The conference planners are involved in the animal rights movements in Luxembourg and other European nations. They have also attended numerous conferences in both Europe and the US and organized the international conferences from 2011 to 2020. The International Animal Rights Conference 2021 aims to give those involved in the animal rights movement and those who are curious about animal rights access to a genuinely global forum.Representatives of various perspectives can meet and discuss their thoughts at the International Animal Rights Conference. The conference serves as a venue for networking among animal rights advocates and presents the most recent perspectives on the subject. The actual work being done for animal rights is another important factor. Presentations, seminars, conversations, panel discussions, campaign discussions, campaign / project reports, documentary screenings, stalls and exhibits, and networking opportunities are all things they offer or organize.Click here to register
Annual Animal Law ConferenceNovember 4 - 6, 2022 /
Portland, United States
The conference is held annually in a different city in addition to Portland, Oregon. The Conference's organizers hope that by holding the event at many locations across the nation, it will be more accessible to people who might not be able to travel to Portland, Oregon. The Animal Law Conference has already surpassed all other conferences in the subject of animal law thanks to this exciting combination.Around the world, lawyers, law students, lecturers, and activists exchange views on how to advance animal rights in the legal system. Early fall 2022 will see the release of materials from the keynote speaker and conference panelists. Although not often produced by the panelists themselves, the materials will be pertinent to the discussion themes and useful for lawyers seeking continuing legal education (CLE) credits for attending the conference. Resources will be accessible to attendees via this website or our online event platform.Click here to register
Animal Rights National ConferenceAugust 13 - 15, 2021 /
The largest and longest-running animal rights event in the world is now called the Animal Rights National Conference. With 100 exhibitors and 170 speakers presenting in 80 sessions, it draws up to 2,000 attendees from 90 organizations across a dozen nations. The mission of the Animal Rights National Conference is to promote the idea that animals have the right to live without being exploited by humanIt offers a platform where the relative merits of the many routes, plans, and techniques for realizing that vision can be discussed in a respectful environment. It provides enlightening insights into animal abuse, practical activist advice, uplifting inspiration, and unrivalled networking opportunities.Click here to register
The Association for Animal Welfare AdvancementNovember 14 - 16, 2022 /
New Orleans, LA
To advance the animal welfare profession with a unified voice, the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement fosters collaboration, produces strong leaders, and advocates for standards of practice. Their goals are to encourage information exchange between and within animal welfare and control organizations, improve the organizations' positive and expert image, and offer members educational opportunities. The Association's main objective is to support and foster a professional management style for animal care and control organizations.Both conferences emphasize top-tier executive and leadership development for those working in a range of positions related to animal welfare, but not necessarily industry-specific development. The two conferences put on by The Association are the best if you wish to advance in the field and network with a wide range of industry professionals. Select the event that best suits you, or go to both. The Association's leaders work hard to offer useful, particular materials for animal welfare.Click here to register
The Animal Advocacy ConferenceTBAThe Animal Advocacy Conference aims to bring together experts from many social and behavioral science domains with international animal activists and advocates. The PHAIR Society's official general meeting will take place every two years at the Animal Advocacy Conference.In a unique way, this conference ties together professionals and academic scholars working in the fields of vegan advocacy and animal rights. Academics and activists/advocates can collaborate and exchange pertinent knowledge in a stimulating environment where there are also vibrant discussions.Click here to register
Colorado Animal Welfare ConferenceSeptember 21 - 23, 2022 /
Professionals who support the humane treatment of animals get together at the Colorado Animal Welfare Conference to share best practices, difficulties, and achievements in a collaborative learning environment. For more than ten years, the Colorado Animal Welfare Conference has provided Colorado and the surrounding area with excellent training opportunities. The conference's attendance has progressively increased as more people in the animal welfare industry learn about the advantages of networking with nationally renowned specialists and their peers in the Rocky Mountain region.There are many opportunities to speak with sponsors at the conference, whether it is to learn about the most recent shelter software or innovative and effective techniques for helping staff members in their everyday tasks. Visit them at their booths to say "thank you" for sponsoring the conference, fill out your Sponsor Passport, sample useful equipment, see the newest ideas and strategies, and try some of the equipment. Without them, the meeting would not be possible.Click here to register
National Animal Welfare ConferenceApril 6 - 8, 2021 /
Since 2014, a different Canadian city has hosted the National Animal Welfare Conference (NAWC), which is the largest and most well-attended animal welfare conference in the country. The conference is a yearly occasion for community building and professional development put on by Humane Canada, the organization of humane societies and SPCAs. An online conference structure reduces travel and lodging expenses for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors, broadening the audience and fostering networking opportunities.The opportunity to network with attendees, speakers, and sponsors from countries including, but not limited to, Australia, Venezuela, and the USA was one of the highlights of this two-day online conference. Participate in conversation circles and exchange ideas to gain knowledge from one another. During conference breaks, attendees can post pictures of their dogs, learn more about our sponsors, and make new business contacts.Click here to register
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Those inside and beyond the animal rights movement are welcome to attend these conferences. More action and education are required as the expanding, inhumane industry sweeps the globe. This is a very crucial time for our endeavors. These conferences also benefit people, the environment, and other living things besides just animals. Strong activists and participants from all fields of competence should attend the events.
We sincerely hope that our essay about conferences for animal rights was helpful. Please use the comment section below if you have any questions.

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