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Best Game Development Conferences

A game conference is an event where gamers, game developers, and enthusiasts may participate in gaming-related activities. Different industry organizations hold unique conferences every year to bring together game developers from all over the world. While some conferences are open to all game creators, others concentrate on certain areas of game creation.

What they all have in common is that they give attendees the ability to work together, network, look for opportunities, and share knowledge, all while celebrating a fantastic industry and having fun with their colleagues.

There are many game development conferences, so to make your task easy, we have compiled the list of best gaming development conferences that you can attend in 2022 and 2023.

The Best Game Development Conferences 2022

NameDate & VenueAbout Why should you attend?Register
Game Developers Conference (GDC)March 20 - 24, 2023 /
San Francisco, CA
The Game Developers Conference (GDC) brings the game developer community together for five days of networking, inspiration, and problem-solving in order to share ideas, address issues, and impact the future of the industry. There will be programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio experts, and business executives present. The GDC Masterclass program, which consists of one- or multi-day, small-group virtual workshops that provide in-depth, hands-on training on some of the most significant challenges facing game developers today, is also presented by GDC on a semi-annual basis.A unique chance for developers to stay current on developments in the industry, GDC is a week-long celebration of the art, craft, and business of game creation. Make new game development pals and maintain relationships with old ones. Discover how other game developers create outstanding games. Learn how to run a profitable game development company. Develop your video game development profession while recognizing your peers' successes. In conclusion, be motivated!Click here to register
Unite by Unity TechnologiesNovember 1, 2022 /
This year's Unite will be accessible to you no matter where you are. Attend a virtual after-party, participate in interactive, expert-led seminars, see our riveting keynote address, and much more. A talk that you missed will also be made available on demand whenever you're ready. They will launch meetups in a few cities as well. Taking into account what you want to see, learn, and do, they are putting together an interesting itinerary. With demos, workshops, interviews, and more, they will cover every aspect of game creation. Details will be revealed soon.Experienced expert? Simply curious? Grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and join Unity's thriving developer community for this energizing day of revelations, discussions, and special moments. Learn from Unity and industry professionals, check out their most recent work, learn about cutting-edge technologies, and you'll leave feeling inspired to continue your creative exploration. Learn useful game production skills in a range of workshops on the newest Unity features and tools, time-saving processes, tips, and more. Meet like-minded designers, inventors, and the folks behind your favorite experiences and games while gaining knowledge and expanding your network.Click here to register
PGConnectsJanuary 23 - 24, 2023 /
The premier worldwide conference series for the whole games business is called Pocket Gamer Connects. They concentrate on putting you in touch with the proper individuals by gathering delegates from throughout the entire ecosystem and covering all the major formats, including XR, blockchain, and web3 technologies. The PG Connects international conference series has drawn well over 33,000 business professionals since 2014. With a genuinely multinational clientele, the roadshow has made stops in the UK, America, Canada, Finland, Jordan, India, and Hong Kong.In their many years of organizing events for the games industry, PG Connects has earned a stellar reputation as a conference that you absolutely must attend if you want to network with the most exciting game makers, developers, and publishers, as well as some of the top investors, tools providers, platformers, and more. The Tgeur audience is truly international and is a good representation of the whole games industry.Click here to register
GamesForumJune 15, 2022 /
Leonardo, Berlin
The Gamesforum Laser series events are one-day, intensely focused conferences created to give attendees extremely valuable, immediately applicable information while offering its sponsor partners a focused, small-group networking setting. The discussion of the major marketing and business issues the games industry is currently experiencing brings together a global network of professionals in the games industry. They want to spread the word about game developers' brilliant creations so that they might become even bigger success stories.In addition to panel discussions, presentations, Gamesforum Unfiltered Live, and those crucial networking breaks and beverages to meet with everyone, they are thrilled to offer you a full day of exceptional programming and networking. For Gamesforum Berlin 2022, they have a number of excellent speakers. See who will be coming in June for a fantastic programme of panel discussions, presentations, special events, and networking by looking at their profiles in the conference agenda on their official website.Click here to register
The VFX FestivalMarch 8, 2022 /
London and Online
The VFX Festival, which is organised by Escape Studios, brings together the creative community, giving aspiring artists the chance to experience the best of the creative fields and giving seasoned artists the chance to further their education. In addition to the most recent global trends, technology, and innovation, the festival offers expert analysis of award-winning works, motivational expert-led talks, and career guidance. The festival in 2022 was hybrid, broadcast live online for a worldwide audience in addition to being held at the central London campus of Escape Studios for a small number of participants.The event schedule for 2022 is jam-packed with engaging seminars led by our top tutors, who will be joined by knowledgeable guest speakers from the business world. The best location to learn about the Creative Industries is right here. Learn from pros in the field. Through a selection of presentations, learn the most recent business news. Hear advise about pursuing a profession from musicians, talent managers, and recruiters. Throughout the event, there will also be seminars that are motivating.Click here to register
GamesComAugust 24 - 28, 2022 /
Gamescom 2022 will span five days and feature a combination of online and offline events, beginning on August 23 with an opening showcase. The physical portion of the event will take place in Cologne, Germany, while a robust digital program will be streamed online, enabling viewers from all around the world to watch. Even if you can't attend in person, the convention is surely not one to miss with exhibitors like Xbox, SEGA, Warner Bros., and more. Big announcements, reveals, and world premieres for upcoming games were shown in great abundance during Gamescom Opening Night Live, the convention's opening showcase.In order to play new games before they are released, gamers from all over the world converge on Cologne, Germany, for Gamescom. That entails participating in neighborhood events like cosplay contests and esports competitions. Additionally, it serves as a hub for the media, trade, and retail representatives of the games industry. The most well-known publishers in the sector are typically involved, and a lot of gaming news is frequently announced during the conference. That could involve trailer releases, new game announcements, or release dates.Click here to register
Conferences for Games as EntertainmentJuly 20 - 22, 2022 /
Lisbon, Portugal
The Game and Entertainment Technologies conference intends to bring together research and practise from experts in this difficult topic from the fields of creativity, social work, and business. The nature of play, entertainment technology, and game design, production, and evaluation are the conference's main topics.This conference has undergone blind peer review. By May 20, 2022, authors are requested to submit their English-language papers using the conference submission portal. Original work that hasn't already been published must be submitted.Click here to register
BlizzconTBABlizzConline won't happen in early 2022 after the physical BlizzCon event was postponed for 2021. Yes, Blizzard has officially announced that the smaller, online BlizzCon, dubbed BlizzConline, will not take place as planned in early 2022. Following the in-person events in 2020 and 2021, this is the third BlizzCon to be postponed. What is known about the cancellation is listed below.We don't know yet if there will be a subsequent BlizzCon in 2022 or if it will be postponed until 2023. The next BlizzCon will undoubtedly go place, but the organisers said they want to "take the time to rethink what a BlizzCon event of the future could look like" and "guarantee that it feels as safe, welcoming, and inclusive as possible." We'll update this page whenever we learn more about a future BlizzCon event.Click here to register
E3 – Electronic Entertainment ExpoTBAThe major trade show for the video game industry, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), won't be held in person or online in 2022 but will return the following year. The choice was announced in a statement released by the Entertainment Software Association on Thursday. Usually held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 attracts approximately 66,000 visitors and more than 200 exhibitors. The event was virtually held in 2021 with an online portal and app that included exhibitor booths and game showcases due to coronavirus fears.The ESA said, "Instead, we will dedicate all of our attention and resources to providing a rejuvenated physical and digital E3 experience next summer," led by President Stanley Pierre-Louis. The 2023 showcase will bring the community, media, and industry back together in a brand-new format and interactive experience, whether enjoyed from the exhibition floor or your preferred devices.Click here to register
PAX – Penny Arcade ExpoApril 21 - 24, 2022
Boston, MA
The exhibitors in this hall range from the AAA publishers and developers of the newest blockbuster games to the creative independent teams upending the market. In Bandland, a collection of merchandise dealers supporting bands appearing at PAX, artists, and other content creators you might recognise from That Thing You Like, you can meet and greet or greet and meet (your choice) amazing creators. Not every developer has the opportunity to demonstrate their most cutting-edge work to PAX attendees. Enter the PAX Rising Showcase, which gives even the smallest indies a chance to display their games at PAX alongside the AAAs.Insightful panels, a sizable expo hall packed with the top publishers and studios, fresh game demos, musical acts, competitions, and a community experience unlike any other are all part of PAX East, a celebration of gaming and gaming culture. Our panels serve as a prime example of how they work to improve all facets of gaming culture; the full schedule is made available roughly a month before each event.Click here to register
Tokyo Game Show – TGSSeptember 15 - 16, 2022 /
Chiba city
The Tokyo Game Show 2022 official streaming schedule has been made public. There will be more than 30 broadcasts from exhibitors at the event, which takes place from September 15 to September 19 at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba City. Exhibitors include Sega, miHoYo, Capcom, Square Enix, and Konami. Nothing Stops Gaming is the slogan for this year's exhibition. Although the major web feed will only be available in Japanese, certain streams will also have English translations.The show is vast, featuring booths from all the main console manufacturers, mobile gaming platforms, and game publishers, as well as a few independent and foreign booths. You must arrive early and have a clear plan of action when you enter if you want to play some of the new games. If you arrive before noon, bring liquid refreshment and a hat because it's still hot in this part of Japan in September. The lines at the entrance begin to thin out around noon.Click here to register
Eurogamer Expo (EGX)September 22 - 25, 2022 /
Excel, London
Gain access to the sector! You may interact directly with employers in the games industry at GI Academy, as well as take advantage of educational display spaces, career seminars, and networking possibilities. giving you the chance to receive priceless career guidance from seasoned members of the video game business one-on-one. All four days of the convention will be dedicated to their EGX Cosplay programming, which will include masquerades with wonderful prizes, workshops where participants can learn how to become better cosplayers, and stage appearances by professional cosplayers.At EGX London, there is a ton to do. Here is everything you don't want to miss, whether you're checking out new independent games in the Rezzed Zone or attending panels with speakers from the industry. Unmissable panels with prominent industry figures regarding both recently released and classic video games will be presented at EGX. Get ready to play this September! As gamers unite to enjoy everything gaming-related under one roof, EGX is returning at the ExCeL!Click here to register
The Game AwardsDecember 8, 2022 /
Los Angeles , California
In December, the Game Awards 2022 event will return live, offering gamers everywhere a chance to celebrate their favorite games and perhaps learn about upcoming releases. Both gamers and game creators will find plenty of fascinating live streams at the end of the year. Fans will be able to watch a variety of award presentations that celebrate the best works of the year as 2022 draws to a close and possibly get a sneak peek at upcoming projects.Elden Ring, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Stray, and many other well-known titles will be among the fascinating games that The Game Awards will be considering for nominees this year. Aside from that, the awards event will air immediately following impending big releases like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Splatoon 3, and the much anticipated Skull & Bones. There aren't many information yet about what attendees can look forward to, but the event will be held in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, according to a tweet by summer game fest.Click here to register
QuakeConAugust 18 - 20, 2022 /
QuakeCon, an annual community gathering hosted by Bethesda, is back this year with a jam-packed program of streams and competitions based on Bethesda properties, including some that haven't yet been released. The occasion begins on August 18 and lasts for a few days. This year's QuakeCon is a virtual event once more, making it a relatively easy process to follow along. Just go to the event's official Twitch page and tune in to watch whatever's happening, live.We are aware that Redfall, Arkane's upcoming blockbuster shooter, will once again be introduced to us at the first presentation of QuakeCon, which will last 30 minutes. Bethesda recently postponed the release of the game into the first half of 2023, so it will be a long before we can play it, but we've already seen a sizable amount of gameplay. There will be competitive Quake gaming throughout the three days of festivities, as that is where QuakeCon got its start and where there will also be speed running challenges, cosplay competitions, and developer Q&As.Click here to register
Game Developer Conference (USA)March 21 - 25, 2022 /
San Francisco, CA
GgLearn about the forthcoming Unity versions they are working on, as well as how their attention to productivity and performance can enhance your game building process. Find out how studios improve their popular multiplayer games by leveraging Multiplay's tried-and-true solutions, and find out how to create a scalable framework for your game. Learn how photorealistic protagonists are brought to life by taking a deep dive into the technology underlying the most recent real-time cinematic work from the award-winning demo team behind The Heretic. To demonstrate the potential of the Unity 2021 LTS technology, they are releasing the exciting new game sample Gigaya.You are free to go where your thoughts take you when using Unity. You can travel as far as you like in any direction. To photorealistic full-CG animation, 2D pixel adventures, and platforms worldwide, from the idea to the product. Tremendous dreams lead to big achievements. Everything begins here. Learn how businesses increase their well-liked online games with Multiplay's tried-and-true technology, and how to create a flexible foundation for your game.Click here to register
Poznań Game Arena / Game Industry ConferenceOctober 7 - 9, 2022 /
The largest gaming and multimedia entertainment expo in Poland and this region of Europe, Pozna Game Arena is planned for both business attendees and general public. PGA already has a history of more than ten years, which we have established with the help of more than 370,000 Polish and international lovers of gaming technology, production, and multimedia. Pozna Game Arena features a sizable entertainment schedule, game debuts, eSports competitions, the launch of Twitch and gaming YouTube, exceptional cosplayers, hundreds of attractions, and - most importantly - a great deal of fantastic exhibitors who have the best deals ready just for their customers.You can only play the newest games on the greatest equipment with top-tier specifications during the PGA. There are 1600 game positions available for you to use in our pavilons. The developers of the most well-known games in the world can be met and heard. Visit the Career Zone and workgroups if you are a novice game developer. The largest game developer conference in Poland, Game Industry Conference, will have all of these attractions available to you. Get to know your favorite influencers and YouTubers! Meet your favorite celebrities when you go to Stars4Fans!Click here to register
Gamescom (Germany)August 23 - 27, 2022 /
Across 1,100 exhibitors from 53 different nations showcased their best work for over 250,000 people from around the globe! Over 130,000,000 views were recorded for the full Gamescom show program by Saturday night. Over 100,000 attendees attended the gamescom City festival in Cologne, with 12,000,000 viewers watching Opening Night Live! They are already anticipating the following gamescom, which will begin with a fresh episode of Opening Night Live on August 22, 2023, and run from August 23 to August 27. Remember this day!Amazing new games are unveiled at gamescom each year. The game creators should be honored for their accomplishments in terms of craftsmanship, originality, and innovation, which is why we present the gamescom award in 20 categories to the top new games and other highlights of the exhibition. The award winners will be chosen by a panel of gaming industry professionals. But the community must also decide: Gamescom attendees will choose the top winners in two categories for the "Consumer Awards."Click here to register
Digital Dragons (Poland)May 15 - 16, 2023 /
The Digital Dragons Awards, which have been given out since 2012, immediately rose to the top of Poland's game industry honors. The awards, which are given out each year at the gala that concludes the biggest B2B gaming convention in Central Europe, honor excellence in game design, aesthetic achievement, relevance, and innovation. Inclusion of games ranging from AAA global blockbusters to indie darlings to mobile masterpieces is made possible by the well considered categories.One of the biggest business gatherings in Europe, Digital Dragons is geared toward those who work in the digital entertainment industry. The Digital Dragons event offers a great opportunity for business contacts, hiring personnel, and initiating the promotion of your products because of the large number of game makers and publishers, venture capital funds, and media representatives in attendance.Click here to register
Game Connection (Currently Online)November 3 - 4, 2022 /
Game Connection is a global gathering where game creators can find partners for publication and distribution, service providers can meet new customers, and publishers and distributors can find the greatest new titles to sign. The pandemic has badly affected the entire planet over the past couple of years, making it impossible to plan physical activities. The best they could, In order to assist them in networking, business development, and maintaining contact with distant colleagues in the sector, they sponsored three Game Connection Online, which attracted more than 4,500 professionals.An unequalled opportunity to schedule several business meetings with possible new partners/clients over the course of two days will be provided by the event to 1,500+ top decision makers, including 500+ purchasers, saving a tremendous amount of time and money. Simply said, Game Connection is the best location for new business development in the gaming sector. In front of publishers and distributors, win one of our awards and receive recognition from your colleagues. After a hard day, network with your friends at the main bar.Click here to register
GameDev Evening (Poland)August 19 - 21, 2022 /
Professional game developers only attend by invitation at GameDev Evening, a non-profit event hosted by the creators themselves. With the opportunity to freely debate the hottest subjects in our business, conveniently exchange expertise, or simply have a drink in a cozy, familiar setting, our event aims to bring the game creators community together. All of the necessities for a game developer are included in the entry price, including hearty meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and food you may prepare over an open fire), cozy lodging, cost-free beer, and, of course, an open bar at the party!They want you to get to know one another, unwind, and most importantly, have fun! Performing guitar? Fantastic, don't forget to bring it along! A volleyball fan? Awesome, host a competition with other participants! playing cards? And why not? The possibilities are endless at GameDev Evening. It's not a conference; everyone is welcome to express themselves freely in a welcoming environment. We talked about a variety of game development topics at previous events. Around 200 developers from Poland's largest and smallest studios attend our event each year.Click here to register
App Growth Summit SF 2022October 20, 2022 /
San Francisco, CA
With their specially curated expert sessions and their interactive roundtables where you can participate in the strategy and conversation, this invite-only, limited vendor event is created to produce the maximum amount of high-quality contacts and in-depth learning possibilities! San Francisco will receive the most recent tactics and trends for this quickly expanding mobile app ecosystem at the App Growth Summit SF 2022.The San Francisco-based App Growth Summit is a must-attend event for those working in the mobile application market. The event's content is geared toward supporting videogame studios and application developers in successfully finishing 2022 and offering knowledge for 2023.Click here to register
Devoxx Belgium 2022October 10 - 14, 2022 /
Antwerp, Belgium
A sizable conference organized by and for programmers is called Devoxx Belgium. Ten main sessions addressing various aspects of coding and computing will take place. At this conference, you can expect to find only the best technical content. Get ready to network, try new things, get inspired, and listen to some of the best programmers in the world. Devoxx Belgium broadens your knowledge base, hones your abilities, and gives you first-hand exposure to cutting-edge technologies.On Wednesday morning and Thursday evening, there will be keynote speeches that are both inspiring and thought-provoking. Access 50-minute sessions covering a variety of technologies, practices, and methodologies, 3-hour hands-on sessions allowing you to explore a particular technology or methodology under the guidance of an expert, and 3-hour sessions allowing participants to quickly become immersed in a subject matter through an in-depth examination of a topic or technology. Additionally, receive 15-minute sessions created for speakers to provide a fast overview of a specific topic. Sessions lasting 30 minutes were used to demonstrate tools, technical tools, or solutions.Click here to register
Conference on Meaningful PlayOctober 12 - 14, 2022 /
Michigan, USA
The conference Meaningful Play 2022 will concentrate on concepts, ideas, and techniques for game development as well as concept and analysis. In order to better understand and improve games' capacity to entertain, educate, inform, and persuade in meaningful ways, researchers and business experts work on Meaningful Play.This event, which is among the top gaming development conferences, will include intriguing guest speakers from the academic and business worlds, peer-reviewed research lectures, panel discussions, creative seminars, roundtable talks, gaming and model displays, and peer-reviewed research talks.Click here to register
App Growth Summit Singapore 2022December 8, 2022 /
On December 8, 2022, App Growth Summit Singapore 2022 will conclude our fifth year in APAC. During in-depth sessions, presenters and panellists from throughout the larger APAC area will discuss the keys to their mobile app growth methods. We can't wait to give our App Growth Experts in the APAC region the chance to shine and share what they're working on and what they've learned when our in-person events return to Singapore in 2022!Their invite-only expert audience will be treated to cutting-edge content created to aid in the acquisition of more high-quality users and the retention of those users for longer periods of time, as well as some novel and innovative ideas to aid in the acceleration of their growth strategies through 2022 and beyond. The purpose of this invitation-only, constrained vendor event is to highlight the outstanding mobile app specialists in the APAC region! Do it early!Click here to register
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How to Network During Game Development Conferences and Not Get Crazy?

There is no simple way to explain this; you must speak with strangers. But the fun part is that! Remember that these people share your enthusiasm and are generally interested in the same things as you, even though it may not appear that way at first.

They will like getting to know you and hearing about the enjoyable projects you are all working on or the games you enjoy. All you have to do is approach them and say hello. Act natural, don’t be phony, and make an effort to avoid sounding “too salesy.” The remainder will happen naturally.

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Look into the unique networking meetups or areas that are typically organized at game development conferences to make it even simpler.

1. Research the occasion: Find out which businesses will be present. Will there be a place for meetings? Verify your friend’s attendance because they make excellent introductions to new people. Making a plan in advance will help you make the most of your visit.

2. Plan a few meetings in advance: At first, this may seem a little odd, but remember that this is what networking is all about (meeting new people, not the awkwardness). Even if you only want to chat and learn more about the business, be truthful and upfront about your goal. Start with those you already know, but don’t be shy about contacting new individuals as well.

3. When in a meeting, try to stay on task: It’s difficult. You meet someone as enthusiastic about video games as you are, and they may also be interested in the same nerdy design elements of the business.

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On the other side, losing track of time is very simple. You can find yourself discussing the most recent DLC for your preferred 4X strategy or the most recent nerf for that overpowering character for the duration of the entire conference. And that’s wonderful! Be careful to include those questions in your questions as well.

Prepare for them in advance, and don’t be shy about using a notepad to help. What matters most is this, and it demonstrates your professionalism.

4. Remain hydrated: Self-explanatory, I think. To be fit and at the top of your game, drink enough of water. You wouldn’t believe how many individuals forget that.

5. Exchange phone numbers if you wish to keep in touch with them: The last and most crucial step is having some actual means of communication if you want to create long-lasting relationships. Offer to swap your preferred method of communication with your new friend after a pleasant conversation.

Of course, email is the quickest and most widely used, but due to its very nature, it can occasionally come out as official.

Many game developers use Twitter as their primary tool (if you don’t already have an account, you should create one soon). You obviously don’t have to, though. Some people still use Facebook, and you can even exchange Discord messages if you like the other person’s mood and think you might work well together.


The top game development conferences for this year were those listed above. These conferences will not only keep you up to date on the most recent developments and trends in the field but will also enable you to make many beneficial connections and hear from industry experts about their experiences.

We really hope that our article about the top game development conferences was helpful to you. Please use the comment section below to ask any queries you may have.

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