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Best Edtech Conferences to Attend in 2023

The education business is always on top of the latest trends and concepts. You can’t afford to ignore the possibilities of a conference in the education market, which is always growing and increasing.

Edtech conferences allow us to keep up with industry developments and improvements while becoming more competitive. There will be a slew of education conferences worldwide in the coming years.

It isn’t easy to decide which ones are the finest to attend. In 2023, a list of education conferences should not be missed.

Best Edtech Conferences

What is Edtech Conferences/Event?

An EdTech conference focuses on applying technology in education or education technology (EdTech). The employment of such technology in a specific environment, such as an educational institution, a certain subject area, or at a specific stage in the instructional process, is the focus of conferences on this topic.

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The speakers at the education conferences will cover a wide range of topics. The themes can range from the best teaching methods to the most cutting-edge technologies adopted in schools.

Top EdTech companies like Google, which hosts I/O and SXSWedu, professional societies and organizations like Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International (SITE), the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference, host the largest and best EdTech conferences.

Best Edtech Conferences

Here are some of the best ed-tech conferences to choose from:

ConferencesDate and VenueAbout Why should you attend?Register/Tickets
FETCJanuary 26-28, 2022; Orlando, FL
In-Person and Online
The FETC is the nation’s biggest educational technology career development conference. The meeting is where anybody interested in education may learn, cooperate, and connect with others who share their enthusiasm. The courses are intended to help participants make the most of their time, connect with the right people, and use technology in their classrooms more effectively.The FETC is a two-day event held in January in Orlando, Florida. Educators, students, and innovators will benefit from the technology conference. The Future of Educational Technology Conference is the finest venue to meet opinion-makers and innovators transforming education.Click here to register.
NCCE (Northwest Council for Computer Education)February 2-4, 2022,
Live, Seattle
NCCE is one of the United States’ six regional computer confederations. NCCE’s objective is to encourage instructional technology, provide professional development and leadership to improve teaching and learning, and encourage resource sharing between partner districts.You are a part of a network of professional educators and technology specialists that share the objective of assisting K-12 students and schools via the use of information as a participant in the NCCE event. NCCE offers a variety of ways for anyone interested in technology to become involved.Click here to register.
Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and ConferenceFebruary 6-9, 2022,
Live, Hershey, PA
The Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference is a virtual and in-person event for computer teachers and administrators across Pennsylvania and the neighboring areas.Business executives may learn about new products, discuss best practices, and network with like-minded peers at the expo. The event is open to all educators and provides an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues and share ideas.Click here to register.
Texas Computer Education Association February 7–10, 2022,
Dallas, Texas
TCEA is a well-run organization that caters to its members and the general public. It contains some of the most useful and relevant resources for furthering your schooling career. TCEA also serves as a center for educators to interact with one another and work with their peers in the field.The Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) is a statewide professional development organization for Texas educators. TCEA is a crucial resource for Texas educators, with over 1,500 members who help them integrate the benefits of technology into their classrooms and schools.Click here to register.
IDEAcon2022February 14-17, 2022,
Schaumburg, IL, and Virtual Event
IDEAcon is a showcase of creative work and ideas, providing educators with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share their design-based research, scholarship, and teaching. The conference also provides an opportunity for students to meet working professionals, instructors to benefit from one another, and the wider populace to learn how the layout can assist address problems.Ideacon will provide a challenge from a real-world client to each team. Students will submit a written proposal and a video presentation in groups. Groups will be graded on how well their suggested fix matches the client’s needs, how well the students comprehend the challenge, and how creative and professional their delivery is.Click here to register.
National Conference on Education (AASA)February 17-18, 2022,
Nashville, Tennessee
The AASA National Conference, also known as the National Conference on Education, is the nation’s premier gathering for professional educators. The American Association of School Administrators hosts this Event once a year and has done so for over 30 years.Participants at the National Conference on Education can: Improve and refine their leadership abilities and professional competency. Learn how to deal with their most important issues by exchanging ideas and solutions with other educators. Find professional development programs and connect with peers throughout the country.Click here to register.
Digital Learning Annual ConferenceFebruary 13-15, 2022, Austin, TX
The Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC) is a two-day event that brings together K-12 educators, technologists, legislators, and company executives to discuss virtual learning trends and classroom equipment. The DLAC is a free event for all attendees, and there is no need to register.The Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC) is a free, national event that brings educators, administrators, and other professionals to share ideas and knowledge about learning environments.Click here to register.
SXSW EDUMarch 7-10, 2022,
Austin, TX
In-Person and Online
SXSW EDU is the largest international conference and trade fair for education professionals and technologists. SXSW EDU is an annual conference that aims to inspire and enlighten cutting-edge education through networking, collaboration, and information sharing.At the SXSW EDU Conference & Event Expo, over 250 sessions, workshops, and learning experiences will be offered, providing attendees with a variety of opportunities to gain skills, discover career opportunities, meet companies and groups which can produce positive outcomes, as well as gain knowledge how to develop a stronger realm.Click here to register.
CUE ConferenceMarch 17-19, 2022, Palm Springs, CA
In-Person and Virtual Event
Cue Conference is California’s largest and oldest EdTech conference. It’s a fantastic time to connect with new people and be impressed by trying to cut technology, research, and practices. The event is aimed at teachers and leaders who want to improve student accomplishment.The meeting brought together some of the brightest minds in education technology to debate and discuss the most important challenges in the field. The three-day event is jam-packed with engaging workshops designed to help you learn, discuss, and network with like-minded business professionals.Click here to register.
Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in EducationMarch 27-29, 2022, San Diego, CA
In-Person and Virtual Event
The Summit seeks to boost school and school system performance. Its mission is to create a learning community of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers that exchanges expertise creates a feeling of communal responsibility for the schools where our children attend, and fosters educational improvement.The Summit is a transformative, community-building event where we can learn from our colleagues, find and discuss cutting-edge ideas, and network with a diverse group of thought leaders from throughout the country. We may discuss best practices, discover and share lessons learned, and develop community at the Summit.Click here to register.
Deeper Learning ConferenceMarch 29-31, 2022, San Diego, CA
In-Person and Online
The Deeper Learning Conference will bring educators and leaders to explain how researchers work in schools and districts to rethink students’ learning. The conference will offer keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities centered on applying deep learning principles in the classroom and well beyond.This year’s subject is “Deeper Learning in a Digital Age,” and they urge you to join them for this exciting opportunity to learn more about how to practice deeper learning in the classroom.Click here to register.
OLC InnovateMarch 28 – April 1, 2022
Virtual Event
OLC Innovate is a rare opportunity for higher education pioneers to come together and create the course of education, techniques, and entrepreneurialism. It is hosted by the Office of the Chief Academic Officer, Learning and Culture, the Office of Information Technology, and the Office of Continuing Education.OLC Innovate will look at new methods to reinvent the teaching and learning experience, foster critical reflection on current learning and teaching practices, and showcase a variety of innovative learning and teaching options.Click here to register.
UnboundED: The Standards InstituteMarch 28 – April 1, 2022,
Las Vegas, NV
The Standards Institute was founded to provide a forum for people to discuss racism, bias, and its impact on education. It’s a five-day event to bring people like you to discuss race, bias, and its impact on education. Teachers will be able to participate in the 5-day program for free at the University of Washington.Guest speakers, conferences, challenging theatrical acts, and more are part of the program. This Institute will place you in the heart of the discourse about race, from the session “Race, Identity, and the Classroom” to “The Complexity of Race: How Can We Teach Tolerance, Respect, and Appreciation for Diversity?” to “Race, Bias, and the Justice System.”Click here to register.
Bett UK 23-25 March 2022,
Live in-person, London
The largest educational technology show in the UK is ETT, which stands for Business, Education, and Technology. Everyone related to education delivery, from schools, colleges, universities, and training providers to government, local governments, and businesses, should attend.Over 12,000 school leaders, senior technology decision-makers, and 1,000 educational technology and service providers will attend the show. The event is held in conjunction with BETT Education, BETT Expo, BETT Awards, and BETT Live, making it the UK’s largest education technology event.Click here to register.
ASCD Empower AnnualMarch 18–21, 2022
In-Person in Chicago, Illinois
The Event provides many opportunities to network, learn, and make a difference for kids, educators, schools, and districts. The conference is a terrific way to interact with people, make a difference, and have fun, whether you are an educator, administrator, or support staff member.The ASCD Empower Annual Conference is the largest education conference globally, with over 35,000 attendees from around the globe coming together for one purpose: to transform students’ lives.Click here to register.
CoSN ConferenceApril 10-13, 2022,
Live and In-person, Nashville TN
CoSN is a membership company devoted to educational, technological improvements, intending to empower people to use technology to promote student learning. Technology, they argue, should catalyze student-centered, inquiry-based learning.The annual national conference of the Council of School Networking (CoSN), the preeminent organization for K-12 school leaders, is a career development event that includes peer networking, practical leadership training, and excellent product showcases.Click here to register.
University Professional & Continuing Education AssociationApril 11-14, 2022,
Live and in-person, Orlando, FL 
The University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) is a nonprofit organization that serves and represents individuals in collegiate online classes, on-site and remote delivery, and executive education.UPCEA was founded in 1988 and has been a strong supporter of faculty and administrative career learning in continuing education. UPCEA is a nonprofit organization with over 1,000 institutions and individuals as members.Click here to register.
ASU+GSV SummitApril 4-6, 2022, San Diego, CA,
In-Person and Virtual Event
The ASU+GSV conference is a two-day gathering of the learning and talent technology community’s premier thinkers, financiers, and administrators. The biannual event is the only event where you’ll have admission to the world’s smartest and most influential Learning & Talent Tech thinkers.The event will include classes, hands-on labs and speeches, and fireside chats with executives from top organizations and institutions, giving attendees the incentive to understand, interact and socialize.Click here to register.
AV Network NationApril 5, 2022,
Virtual Event
Integrators, consultants, technology, and IT administrators can join AV Network Nation. The community will bring together industry professionals to benefit from open and frank discussions moderated by industry legends. Interviews, roundtables, and meetups will be held at AV Network Nation.Attending the conference will allow you to stay current on the most pressing issues confronting the business, learn about your colleagues’ new technologies and strategies, and participate in the dialogue shaping our industry’s future.Click here to register.
International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence (NISOD)May 28-31, 2022,
JW Marriot, Austin, Texas
The National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) is a nonprofit organization that helps people become better leaders by providing them with the tools and resources they need. NISOD also organizes bi-annual seminars and workshops in addition to the website.The conference will offer a wide range of nationally and internationally recognized speakers and high-profile seminars to help you stay top of your game. The NISOD International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence provides tools, ideas, and networking opportunities for academics, administrators, and staff to help them succeed in education.Click here to register.
BETT Brazil10-13 May 2022, Live and in-person, BrazilBett Brasil is a technology and education exhibition that brings the Brazilian IT sector together to showcase its technological brilliance and market developments. With over 11,000 attendees, it is the largest B2B event in Latin America, and it has the most technical sessions of any event in Brazil.Bett Brasil is the South American equivalent of the Bett Show, the retail industry’s top education, technology, and learning event. This is the place for any company or professional interested in retail or consumer electronics.Click here to register.
Beyond Access Forum (on demand)June 3, 2022,
Live in-person and virtual events.
The Beyond Access Forum (on demand) is a web-based discussion regarding digital accessibility, inclusivity, and information fluency education. The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) cordially invites you to participate in a panel discussion on these pressing issues.The panelists include a group of specialists who will discuss digital accessibility, inclusivity, and teaching information fluency, among other things. The professionals were chosen to provide their knowledge and skills in several areas, including digital accessibility, math education, and information fluency.Click here to register.
DLACJune 14-16, 2022
Virtual, and June 8 and June 30, 2022,
Austin, TX
The Digital Learning and Access to Knowledge Conference (DLAC) is a free online global event that brings together more than 200 of the world’s top educators, technologists, and business leaders to share their knowledge and research.The Digital Learning and Access to Knowledge Conference (DLAC) is a free online global event that brings together more than 200 of the world’s finest educators, technologists, and business leaders to share their knowledge and research.Click here to register.
South Carolina PivotconJune 15, 2022,
Virtual Conference
Pivotcon is an annual conference in South Carolina that brings together the top personalities in the digital and interactive industries. The event will focus on the digital industry’s most critical concerns. The league’s main focus is on leveraging technology to most effectively and efficiently achieve success.Specialists from all digital marketing and interactive design sectors are welcome to attend. The conference will be a terrific opportunity to learn digital skills and network with accomplished digital experts, even if you are new on the scene or a seasoned pro.Click here to register.
AV3June 17, 2022,
Virtual Conference
The AV3 is a group of AV experts, designers, and enthusiasts who collaborate to improve the condition of the industry through networking, education, and a shared enthusiasm for all things audiovisual. The AV3 Event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the industry to come together, interact, and share the latest developments.It’ll bring together the industry’s brightest minds to explore how to make your events, concerts, and meetings even more immersive, interactive, and productive. In today’s linked world, you must think forward and gather your team to examine technology trends and make plans.Click here to register.
National Charter Schools ConferenceJune 19-22, 2022,
Washington, DC
The National Charter Schools Conference (NCSC) is a virtual conference that features timely material, a custom-designed platform, and networking opportunities. It’s an event that happens twice a year and is geared toward active participation and online learning.The meeting will include over 150 breakout sessions available on-demand throughout the year. Education experts will deliver sessions that will include the most up-to-date research and information. During social events and online, through the live broadcast and online community, attendees will have the opportunity to network with one another.Click here to register.
Online Teaching ConferenceJune 29 – July 1, 2022,
Live and in-person, Long Beach, Long Beach Convention Center, CA
The Online Teaching Conference brings together teachers, staff, and managers who are at the forefront of producing innovative and effective online education. Topics such as instructional design, delivery, evaluation, and tools and approaches for establishing effective web-based platforms will be covered at the Event.Online instructors will also have the opportunity to network and contact peers and professionals. Join the Event for the top Event for online professors. This program will interest you whether you are an experienced online instructor, a novice, or interested in learning more about online teaching and learning.Click here to register.
American Library Association Annual Conference and ExhibitionJune 23-29, 2022, Virtual EventThe American Library Association’s Annual Conference is the year’s most important academic Event. EVERY YEAR, the ALA Annual Conference brings something new and interesting to the table. You will be able to keep in touch and know about the newest market dynamics, but you will also get the opportunity to contact and listen to several of your favorite writers.More than 200 instructional programs, hundreds of exhibitors, and more than 140 authors will be featured at this year’s conference, which will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center. Attendees can attend industry expert sessions, workshops, book signings, and other activities throughout the conference.Click here to register.
PBL World 2022June 27-30, 2022,
American Canyon High School, Napa, California
PBL World 2022 is a three-day conference hosted by the Institute for the Future’s Learning & Society program. It will bring forward-thinking educators and innovators worldwide to share knowledge and best practices and explore new ones.It’s a one-of-a-kind yearly gathering that brings together a community of practice to debate, discuss and shape the future of professional learning. PKTs and PKTs-USA are organizing the event, held for the first time at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.Click here to register.
SIIA EdTech CODiE AwardsJune 8 – 9, 2022,
Virtual Event
The SIIA CODiE Awards are the industry’s most prestigious awards program for educational technology. The SIIA CODiE Awards recognize the products, programs, and individuals changing and leading the industry. The awards acknowledge those who have contributed to the success of products and services that have the greatest potential to increase student learning.The Business, Marketing, Technology, and Educational Solutions Awards program honors the best of the best in business, marketing, technology, and educational solutions. Technology goods, services, and solutions that enable learning and teaching in higher education and K-12 are eligible for the EdTech CODiE Awards program.Click here to register.
Model SchoolsJune 26-29, 2022,
Swan and Dolphin Resort, Orlando
Every year, the Model Schools Conference is held. It’s a free event that brings together educators and educational entrepreneurs. The conference aims to provide innovative products and services to teachers and administrators. It’s also an excellent method to meet educators.The conference features a large exhibit hall where attendees can view and discuss various school-based products and services.Click here to register.
ISTE Live 22June 26-29, 2022,
New Orleans
ISTE Live is a four-day learning event that brings educators, instructional leaders, technology experts, and other education leaders to share ideas and solutions and learn about educational technology.ISTE Live is your chance to get new ideas and tools for improving your teaching, share your own experience and best practices with your peers, and network with educators worldwide. ISTE Live gives you the chance to identify answers to problems in your classroom and school, network with possible partners, and have your voice heard.Click here to register.
Connected Learning SummitJuly 27-29, 2022,
Myspace, Virtual Event
The Connected Learning Summit is a digital media, games, and learning conference that unites educators to network, collaborate, build, and learn globally.Experts will have the opportunity to gather and exchange their knowledge, ideas, and strategies at the Summit. The Connected Learning Summit brings educators together to address the problems that learning and education face in the twenty-first century.Click here to register.
National Association of Elementary School PrincipalsJuly 26-30, 2022,
Virtual Event
Since 1921, the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) has supported elementary and middle school principals and other educators. The NAESP’s objective is to ensure the achievement of all students and leaders in elementary and middle schools by providing leadership, support, resources, and advocacy.Teachers will have access to a wealth of materials and information to assist their pupils in succeeding. A hands-on program, for example, will teach teachers how to design and implement a year of STEM in their classroom that aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards.Click here to register.
National Principals Conference July 14–16, 2022,
Virtual Conference
The Institute of Educational Leadership (IEL) hosts the National Principals Conference (NPC), the country’s oldest and largest gathering of school leaders. The conference offers a variety of learning opportunities to assist principals in improving the culture and atmosphere of their schools.The NPC offers networking and fellowship opportunities to help school leaders deepen their relationships with colleagues and the plethora of professional development activities available at the conference.Click here to register.
Computer Science Teachers Association
 July 14-16, 2022,
Virtual Event and live in-person, Austin, TX
The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance computer science teaching in American schools. Anyone interested in computer science education is welcome to join the CSTA. The organization also hopes to serve as a resource for teachers who want to teach their students about computer science.CSTA now has more than 7,000 members from all around the world. The Computer Science Instructors Association (CSTA) is a professional membership organization that helps teachers design and deliver computer science programs to K-12 pupils.Click here to register.
National Science Teaching Association STEM21July 26-30, 2022,
Virtual Conference
The NSTA STEM22 Conference is an annual event that brings together science instructors from across the country with middle and high school students to hear about the newest trends in science teaching and how to implement them in the classroom.Click here to register.
NYCSchools Virtual Tech SummitJuly 28, 2022,
Live in-person, Orlando
The Virtual Tech Summit for High School Teachers, Administrators, and District Leaders is a three-day virtual conference for high school teachers, administrators, and district leaders who use technology in the classroom.Meet instructors from all around the globe to network with one another and learn from industry leaders who will offer examples of using technology in the classroom to reach and engage students, provide project-based learning, and foster 21st-century study skills.Click here to register.
Big Picture Learning Big BangJuly 24-27, 2022,
South Florida
Big Bang is an annual conference that brings together professionals in student-centered learning from all over the United States. Representatives of the Big Picture Learning community gather at the Big Bang conference to exchange ideas, celebrate triumphs, and plan for a more connected and sustainable future.Big Bang is part of a bigger effort to assist people worldwide in creating schools where children learn more and better and are happier and more successful.Click here to register.
AV/IT SummitAugust 5, 2022,
Virtual Event
The Commercial Real Estate Technology and Infrastructure Summit is a technology and infrastructure conference for the commercial real estate industry. The AV/IT Summit brings together our industry’s technology and infrastructure professionals to cooperate, share, and celebrate. The conference lasts two days and includes learning, networking, and entertainment sessions. TheThe AV/IT Summit is a gathering of our industry’s technology and infrastructure professionals, allowing them to cooperate, discuss, and celebrate.Click here to register.
ASU+GSV Summit 2021August 4-6, 2022,
Manchester Grand Hyatt
The ASU+GSV Summit 2022 will bring together the world’s most influential business, technology, and thought leaders. The event brings together the world’s best and brightest minds to shape the future of education, innovation, and technology. Summit is the most important gathering of global business, technology, and thought leaders.It includes engaging events where attendees can put their ideas into action and actionable insights from today’s greatest innovators. The ASU+GSV Summit is a gathering of the world’s most brilliant thinkers defining the future of education, innovation, and technology.Click here to register.
Massachusetts Computer Using Educators (MassCUE) Better TogetherAugust 19, 2022,
Virtual Event
Better Together is a statewide virtual conference for educators and technology professionals to interact and cooperate, hosted by Massachusetts Computer Using Educators (MassCUE).The Event’s goal was to bring teachers and information workers together to educate others, share information and insights, and improve the Massachusetts Computer Science Education Initiative (MCSEI).Click here to register.
National Council of Teachers of MathematicsSeptember 28-October 1, 2022,
LA Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90015
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is the country’s primary professional development organization for math instructors. As an advocate for all mathematics, NCTM aims to promote excellence and innovation in mathematics teaching and learning for all students, K–16, worldwide.The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is the country’s primary professional development organization for math instructors. NCTM has a lot of fantastic resources and offers a lot of workshops; however, they aren’t free. Many individuals look for free resources, and NCTM is an excellent example.Click here to register.
IMS Learning Impact Leadership InstituteOctober 4-7,2022,
Virtual Event
The biennial IMS Learning Impact Leadership Institute brings together leaders in education technology, K-12, higher education, and corporate learning to accelerate the adoption and implementation of digital learning solutions that empower users and educators.This one-of-a-kind event will give you a range of opportunities to learn, network, and participate in discussions that will help you grow your career, enhance your organization, and positively impact the future generation’s education.Click here to register.
ALAS 19th Annual National SummitOctober 7-9, 2022,
Live-in person, Washington
The Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) is the only national organization dedicated to promoting Latino educational growth and leadership. The Association’s objective is to advocate for Latino children’s educational success, produce leaders, and provide opportunities for professional development.The ALAS Annual National Summit brings together Latino educational leaders from throughout the country to hear from Latino role models in education and debate issues concerning Latinos in the classroom.Click here to register.
Quality Matters: Q-Up for K-12 Digital Quality ConferenceOctober 15, 2022,
Virtual Conference
Quality Matters is a program for K-12 and other informal education marketplaces to improve digital quality. The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) launched the Quality Matters initiative in 2000 as a nonprofit, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving and simplifying the quality assurance process in the K-12 and informal education markets.Through its digital resources and training, the company has improved the overall learning experience. Quality Matters provides free and paid resources to help educators and administrators create excellent learning environments.Click here to register.
ISTE Creative Constructor LabOctober 15-17, 2022,
New Orleans, Florida
The ISTE Creative Constructor Lab Virtual is a collection of materials for educators to employ to construct a holistic, media-rich learning environment for students. Educators may develop and provide engaging, high-quality learning experiences that suit the requirements of today’s students by combining curriculum-aligned instructional resources, digital tools, and project-based learning.The ISTE Creative Constructor Lab is a digital toolset that allows teachers to easily construct multimedia projects utilizing cutting-edge digital audio, coding, design, and gamification capabilities. With a blend of ready-to-use activities and materials, the CCLV assists educators in developing digital skills for their pupils.Click here to register.
Educause Annual ConferenceOctober 25–28, 2022
Denver, CO, and Virtual Event
The Educause Annual Conference brings together professionals and technology providers to discuss the current trends and advancements in higher education IT.Educause and its members provide the direction and tools to enable IT executives and their institutions to succeed through events, publications, and research. Educause also provides a forum for cutting-edge conversations on various IT topics, such as IT administration, leadership, and planning.Click here to register.
2022 Aurora SymposiumOctober 24 – October 27, 2022,
Virtual Event
The Aurora Symposium, which will occur in 2022, is the premier event for K-12 competency-based, blended, and online learning. The Symposium’s goal is to bring together thought leaders, practitioners, and educators to share ideas, learn from each other, and be motivated to shape education’s future.The conference will focus on deploying innovative learning models that allow students to progress at their speed rather than being limited by their grade level.Click here to register.
California IT in Education (CITE)November 16-19, 2022,
Sacramento, CA,
Virtual Event
CITE is a professional membership organization for K-12 school IT specialists. CITE is committed to assisting and connecting IT professionals to increase student accomplishment via technology. CITE members use technology to increase student outcomes by improving teaching and learning.Members of CITE think that technology is an important part of 21st-century learning. CITE members show their dedication to the field by sharing their skills and expertise with others through CITE’s local chapter network.Click here to register.
National Council of Teachers of EnglishNovember 18-21, 2022,
Louisville, KY, Live, and in-person
The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) was created in 1881 and is a nonprofit organization. It is the United States’ largest teacher’s organization. The NCTE is based in Urbana, Illinois, and hosts an annual convention. Thousands of educators, authors, presenters, and publishers attend the gathering.The NCTE Convention gathers English language educators and specialists who get together to gain new skills and improve their teaching.Click here to register.
National Summit on EducationNovember 17-18, 2022,
Salt Lake City, Utah
The National Summit on Education is a two-day event that brings together policymakers, advocates, and practitioners in education for an engaging forum of policy talks and networking.The National Summit on Education focuses on a different theme each year, inviting leaders from all over the country to speak and share their experiences with attendees.Click here to register.
Learning ForwardDecember 4-7, 2022,
Nashville and Virtual Event
Learning Forward is a nonprofit organization that assists instructors with materials. Its main goal is to create a community of educators and leaders dedicated to all students’ success. Their purpose is to assist educators in using research-based best practices to increase student learning outcomes effectively and efficiently.Learning Forward helps schools, districts, and states improve student achievement by offering educational leadership, improving teaching practice through networking, professional development, and other services, and boosting the knowledge and effectiveness of education leaders.Click here to register.

Conclusion: Best Edtech Conferences in 2023

EdTech has evolved tremendously in recent years, as you may have noticed. It has become a burgeoning industry in which to invest. You can keep up with industry changes by attending one of the many conferences available. We can stay ahead of the curve in the Edtech area by increasing our productivity and providing even better products and services. I’m hoping you’ll be able to attend the next conference.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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