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Credit Union Conferences 2023

Conferences are a fantastic source of inspiration, whether you’re trying to expand your bank or credit union or are just trying to stay on top of innovation. Attending credit union conferences allows you to grow your network, advance understanding on a deeper level, learn new information, and solidify current procedures.

But there are many shows available in the banking and credit union industry! To assist you in finalizing your plans for 2023, we have narrowed the list down to some of our favorite banking trade fairs and credit union conferences.

What Are Credit Union Conferences and What Do They Offer Attendees?

The Credit Unions Conference delivers crucial workshops on all the most recent changes affecting credit unions as well as top-notch technical and strategic managerial training.

We take pleasure in remaining on top of the newest industry trends, serving as the top supplier of compliance lending documents and forms for credit unions, and we’re constantly eager to learn more.

Attending credit union conferences offers you the ability to grow your network, advance understanding on a deeper level, learn new information, and solidify current procedures.

Who Should Attend Credit Union Conferences and Why?

CEOs, C-level executives, and VPs should attend. Any operations-related credit union function, including branch managers, senior managers, and above, that is interested in networking with peers in the sector should also consider this conference choice. Staff from all credit unions in marketing, business development, and operations should also attend.

Why attend: Because credit unions are always changing and developing, it is more crucial than ever that you stay up to date to guarantee the success of this sector.

The world’s top industry experts at these conferences will provide the most recent tactics, case studies, and best practices. Conferences for credit unions offer the chance to network, participate in workshops and other professional development events, and build and strengthen contacts.

You have the chance to get to know your management team, elected board members, other volunteers, and many other staff people that work to support the membership.

The annual credit union meeting is a great opportunity for members to learn more about the plan and initiatives being used for the current year, as well as receive detailed financial information about the credit union’s success over the previous year.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Attending a Credit Union Conference?

There are many benefits of attending a credit union conferences. At these conferences you’ll learn how to:

1. Renew your credit union with tactics that more effectively use fintech, involve your members, and maximize branches.
2. Boost your skills with technology and AI (artificial intelligence)
3. Learn best practices for utilizing data, social media, and targeted advertising.
4. Utilize effective tactics to advance your loan portfolio and increase your revenue.
5. Gain insight into the near- and long-term trends in financial services to boost revenue and start utilizing them right away.
6. Increase share-of-wallet by taking advice from the most prosperous credit unions in the sector.

What is the Best Way to Prepare for a Credit Union Conference?

The following pointers will help you get the most out of your upcoming credit union conference. These tried-and-true tips can make sure your next conference is a success, from packing to networking.

1. Identify your main objectives : You’ve made the decision to attend a credit union conference with your budget, so you need to be sure it’s worthwhile. So it makes sense to decide on your main objectives and what success means to you. This will enable you to get the most out of your investment and assess the conference’s value.

2. Be careful when you pack : Don’t forget to put together a conference kit for yourself when you pack for your trip. This should be a compact bag that contains the necessities you’ll frequently use. The best conference kit will include less visible necessities and basic basics like an abundance of business cards and additional charging connections. The objective is to feel secure and ready.

3. Examine the timetable : You’d be shocked at how many attendees arrive at the conference without fully understanding the program by skipping the conference specifics. You don’t want to rush to make plans for the day at breakfast or in between classes.

That is a proven way to forget crucial information or skip crucial sessions. Focus on how the sessions are structured and how long they generally run as you go over the schedule. You might want to go to a track or stick to a suggested schedule. If you need to make plans for any, it’s a good idea to make a mental note of any food breaks.

4. If available, download the conference app : If your conference has a mobile app—which not all do—be sure to download it. The event organizer and sponsors are making an investment in your success with the app. It is planned to have elements that will keep you interested, teach you things, and help you develop both at the conference and beyond.

5. Become familiar with the speakers : Generally, presenters at credit union conferences tend to be well-known figures in their fields. They can be incredibly knowledgeable or possess a special insight to impart. Consider which sessions seem the most worthwhile to you as you read through the calendar and who is leading them.

6. Develop your network : Naturally, networking is crucial to the success of any conference. Indeed, expanding your network is probably one of your top priorities. While some people are excellent at exchanging business cards, others can connect over photo opportunities.

Consider your preferred methods of meeting people and the topics you enjoy discussing in a professional setting, then work to make that happen.

Professional social media can be very beneficial in this situation. The most crucial thing is to remember that networking should feel natural to you. Your objective is to establish long-lasting, beneficial professional partnerships.

7. Develop a post-conference strategy: Both sponsors and attendees should have a post-conference strategy in place. Creating a post-conference plan can ensure that the connections you made and the knowledge you learned are utilized to the fullest extent.

Each conference will require a separate post-conference plan at the company-wide level. On a more personal level, your post-conference strategy must always include keeping in touch with the people you met.

This could be done online, through LinkedIn, or on social networks for particular industries like CBANC. Alternatively, you can like give the folks with you had amazing chats with a handwritten note or email.

Credit Union Conferences 2023

NameDate & VenueAboutWhy should you attend?Register
BankWorldJanuary 13, 2023 /
Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort
The spectacular bankworld is returning for its 27th year, and once again, this is your can't-miss opportunity to discover the banking industry's future at the largest and most fascinating banking expo in the northeast. In order to give you a competitive advantage, this huge conference will provide you a wealth of possibilities for networking, engaging panels, cutting-edge exhibits, vital educational sessions, raffles, and much more.Get a hold of the most cutting-edge goods and technology that are reshaping the banking industry at BankWorld. BankWorld is for you if you are a senior executive, manager, or employee working in operations, technology, lending, retail banking, marketing and sales, human resources, security, or compliance and risk management. Your must-attend event is BankWorld!Click here to register
Independent Mortgage Bankers ConferenceJanuary 24 - 27, 2022 /
Nashville, TN
The IMB community places a high value on gaining a competitive edge, controlling operating expenses, and boosting productivity. Leading specialists will discuss these subjects, including the newest technological solutions. Their program also covers important topics like mergers and acquisitions, the shifting regulatory landscape, and more. The conference, which is designed to help IMBs of all sizes, is a special chance to talk about typical business problems with your peer group. Additionally, it offers the perfect environment for networking with and interacting with many business experts. They are anticipating your arrival there!The Independent Mortgage Bankers (IMB) Conference hosted by MBA is the biggest national yearly gathering of IMB executives. The ideal setting for business connections, downtown San Francisco is the site of this must-attend event designed for IMBs by IMBs. IMBs and their leadership teams from various sizes and business styles congregate at this meeting. Learn about novel approaches, practical suggestions, and the data and analytics you need to boost your bottom line. Peer-to-peer sharing and in-person networking are both available here.Click here to register
LAUNCH ConferenceFebruary 3 - 4, 2022 /
North Carolina and Virtual
The annual conference and trade expo for credit union professionals put on by the Carolinas Credit Union League is back in person for year six! Once more, LAUNCH will boost the success of your operations and services by utilising the newest trends, goods, programmes, and tactics. All levels and the majority of your credit union's departments, including experts, managers, and directors in the fields of operations, compliance, security, IT, communications, and more, should attend this event.With keynote and breakout sessions, a sizable trade exhibit, pre-conference seminars, the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation Awards Gala, and the CU aware Protégé Competition Finals, the event is a priceless resource for the local credit union community. A genuinely exceptional chance to learn how to tackle today's difficulties is provided by LAUNCH. Utilize all the opportunities presented by this conference.Click here to register
Finovate EuropeMarch 14 - 15, 2023 /
London, UK
Your opportunity to reestablish personal contact with the fintech community and chart a roadmap for the future is Finovate Europe. There is no better location to find your way forward with live demonstrations of cutting-edge financial solutions, advice from important influencers, and unrivalled networking possibilities. See the most recent in financial technology that businesses can use now. Learn from specialists who can aid in your digital future planning and make connections with others who can advance your company. Get to know a diverse worldwide community of 1,000+ senior participants from the fintech sector, with more than 50% coming from financial institutions.Digital demos on March 15 were followed by live demos on March 22 to kick off Finovate Europe 2022. They bring the technology to you, from wherever it comes from, with more than 35 live demonstrations. It's an opportunity to see goods and solutions from both near and distant in this new hybrid world. You are offered warm leads for businesses that can support the expansion of your firm when digital and physical networking are combined. Using the platform, attendees could make personalized profiles, send messages, schedule virtual meetings, and engage in live chat, Q&A sessions, and polls with presenters, demo performers, and other attendees.Click here to register
ICBA Connect 2022March 12 - 16, 2023 /
Give up any preconceived ideas you may have about what a virtual gathering would entail. This isn't a sales presentation or a webinar. For the community banking sector, it will be a two-day celebration of a spirit week that will never be forgotten. ICBA Connect is a completely ICBA-produced virtual event created with your community bank's and your teams' requirements in mind. Consider it a group training session with the volume turned up to 11. Due to its illustrious speakers and ICBA's singular focus on its member community banks, there is simply no other opportunity for community banks like ICBA Connect.ICBA Connect, an immersive livestreamed event on March 9 and 10, will serve as this year's version of the organization's annual conference. Do not be concerned; this is not another Zoom or Skype call at all. Seven speakers you can't miss, as well as crucial moments to halt will be featured at ICBA Connect over the course of two days. Your opportunity to unwind, think, and refresh is at ICBA Connect. You won't experience anything like this online event before. Be prepared to be startled on March 9 and 10.Click here to register
Future Digital FinanceMarch 6 - 7, 2023 /
Hyatt Regency Austin, TX
The Future Digital Finance team is excited to reunite the community in person after two years of virtual conferences! It won't seem like time has passed because there are more chances than ever to connect with other leaders in digital banking, take part in immersive learning, and take advantage of sunny Miami away from your desk. Learn how financial service companies of all sizes are putting an emphasis on digital strategies that improve the client experience while also opening up possibilities for future innovation.Future Digital Finance attendees will experience 30+ hours of small group boardrooms, specialized roundtables, fintech spotlights, and more after not having other opportunities to interact in person over the previous two years. Engage in focused networking every day of the event to forge lasting relationships with your colleagues within and outside of the session space. The networking opportunities and seminars at Future Digital Finance have been carefully selected with your problems in mind. In just two days, you may get the ideal mix of information that is focused on the future, experiential learning, and the potential to form enduring relationships with peers.Click here to register
AFT 2022 Spring SummitMarch 13 - 15, 2022 /
La Jolla, California
AFT follows a tried-and-true approach for success when organizing its semi-annual Summits. In order to keep members up to date on the most recent technological developments and approaches, important regulatory challenges, and other time-sensitive topics, the Summits are held in the Spring and Fall, nearly exactly six months apart. The events include panel discussions with bankers, regulators, and consultants, presentations by industry experts on hot-button issues, dynamic interactive sessions where attendees decide the agenda, and tracks devoted to sales/marketing, operations/customer service, and human resources themes.General seminars and parallel tracks for sales/marketing, operations/customer service, and human resources managers are all included in the Spring Summit. Both Summits feature engaging interactive sessions where participants choose the subjects and have in-depth discussions about them. The majority of Summit participants regard these sessions as the most beneficial and successful of the whole Summit and believe that the knowledge shared is well worth the attendance fee many times over. The Summit features receptions, luncheons, special evening events, and program for spouses and guests that make use of the local attractions.Click here to register
Bank Automation SummitSeptember 18 - 20, 2022 /
Olive 8 Seattle
The schedule for the Bank Automation Summit Fall 2022 has been set, and it includes talks on building for the cloud, embedded finance, and RPA governance. A roundtable discussion on automation, innovation, and budgeting techniques is among the networking and peer interactions that are given more attention at the September event. The Summit is the only gathering produced exclusively to give industry professionals insights, strategies, and best practices for automating bank functions. It is organized by Bank Automation News and its parent company, Royal Media.The Bank Automation Summit Fall is a special chance to work together and exchange concepts regarding automation initiatives. Industry experts will leave this event with the knowledge and connections their business needs to succeed. The twice-yearly gathering gives business experts a forum to discuss their expertise and goals for automation in the banking sector. Case studies on automation and innovation projects across the whole financial industry will be presented to attendees.Click here to register
CUNA Governmental Affairs ConferenceFebruary 27 - March 3, 2023 /
Washington, DC
The Credit Union National Association is the top national trade organization for credit unions in America. CUNA offers a wide range of services to credit unions, including representation, information, public relations, continuing professional education, and business development, in collaboration with state credit union leagues. The CUNA GAC is the largest credit union advocacy gathering and our most public chance to ask Congress to support the credit union difference.In addition to networking with friends and coworkers, you will be able to gain the most recent information in the political, legislative, and regulatory sectors. CUNA GAC offers: Keynote presentations from the media, business, and politics Breakout sessions on crucial legal and political issues and the largest exhibit hall at a credit union event is toured connecting with other business leadersClick here to register
Virtual Strategic Growth ConferenceMarch 21 - 23, 2023 /
Nashville, TN and Virtual
You'll discover how to: Win the FinTech and payment battles by leveraging new credit union technology to draw in new members, Develop crucial tactics to advance your loan portfolio to increase your earnings, With tactics that elevate your credit union's culture of excellent member experiences, you can revitalize it and foster loyalty. Increase share-of-wallet by absorbing best practices from the most prosperous credit union in the sector. Learn the best practises for building and effectively communicating your credit union's brand.With the help of NAFCU's virtual strategic growth conference, boost your revenue. You'll get to see the newest, most creative credit union growth initiatives, from cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and millennial engagement strategies to creative loan growth plans, to help you get through the crisis. Attendance at this event is mandatory for credit union employees in charge of marketing, business development, finance, operations, branch, or executive operations.Click here to register
Credit Union Marketplace ExperienceApril 20, 2022 /
DCU Center Convention Center
The Cooperative Credit Union Association takes pride in connecting vendors with credit unions to enhance the credit union system, and CU Marketplace gathers hundreds of credit union executives focused on the primary objective of presenting committed and varied suppliers servicing the credit union system. Therefore, their vendor community is prepared with a variety of products and services to help credit unions achieve their goals, whether it's a new lending effort, an addition to an electronic services suite, or any other important strategic goal the credit union is handling.This one-day event features a variety of educational programming, further networking opportunities at their Executive Luncheon, and the chance for the vendor community to showcase their goods and services to credit union decision makers. The Grand Prize drawing will close the day in the exhibit hall, and don't forget about the vendor awards, which usually add an additional level of energy to the conclusion of such a fast-paced, rewarding event!Click here to register
The Great New England Credit Union ShowMay 19, 2022 /
Newport, RI
Since it first appeared a decade ago, The Great New England Credit Union Show has expanded quickly and has become into a must-attend occasion for anyone who works in the credit union sector. Therefore, when you join us for the Fantastic New England Credit Union Show, or, as we affectionately refer to it, GNECUS, you'll not only come away with information you can't find anywhere else, but you'll also have a great time doing it.You will learn more at the Great New England Credit Union Show in education seminars offered by professionals in the field about trends in cyber security, member engagement, the future of payments, and much more. For additional information about each session, go to the Agenda page. Explore the most recent goods and services in a fully booked show area. Meet hundreds of credit union colleagues by mingling and establishing connections. Start a dialogue to receive new insights on how to handle your biggest difficulties.Click here to register
CBA LiveMarch 27 - 29, 2023 /
Las Vegas
CBA LIVE, which will celebrate its 13th year in 2022, is the annual occasion that every retail banker should attend. Numerous senior bankers and business executives come from all across the nation to attend this prestigious event. Professionals who are eager to discover new trends and exchange ideas with the most powerful decision-makers in the industry will find excellent programming at CBA LIVE.You'll enjoy more than 70 hours of information-packed programming at CBA LIVE, as well as dynamic speakers from the retail banking industry and beyond, 14 concurrent and interesting forums, a rare opportunity to network with senior retail bankers and The best retail banking solution suppliers in one place.Click here to register
Small Business & Retail ConferenceSeptember 14 - 16, 2022 /
New York
The Combined Retail & Small Business + Trust & Investment Conference offers insightful discussions on recent developments and difficulties confronting New York's retail and trust professionals. The wealth continuum, which affects every part of the bank throughout the customer's lifetime financial journey, will continue to be explored by attendees. For New York's banking professionals, the NYBA's Combined Retail & Small Business + Trust & Investment Conference offers a distinctive opportunity for networking and knowledge advancement.This yearly conference attracts over 100 participants from financial institutions all throughout New York State, representing all levels, who come together to network, find solutions, and share ideas. Additionally, they hear CEOs speak on matters ranging from philanthropic activity to career progress.Click here to register
The Financial Brand ForumNovember 13 - 16, 2022 /
Las Vegas
The Financial Brand, one of the biggest journals in the retail banking industry with 2.0 million subscribers in more than 200 countries, is the host of The Forum 2022. The Financial Brand Forum is the premier conference on marketing, customer experience, data analytics, and digital banking in the world. The event is designed specifically for senior-level executives working in the financial sector, with a focus on individuals in marketing positions at North American-based retail banks and credit unions. The Forum 2022 is expected to draw more than 2,500 attendees from more than 900 of the most forward-thinking and reputable financial organizations on planet.You'll receive Three days jam-packed with compelling keynotes, real-time demonstrations, case studies, and in-depth workshops designed to fuel your progress. You and your team will be inspired by an incredible all-star speaker roster comprising the top personalities in business. Discover the most recent innovations that are changing how banking is done today by exploring rising trends, learning new tools, and finding game-changing inventions. Nothing but specific suggestions, doable plans, and industry-recognized best practices. Connect with over 2,500 of the best and brightest minds in banking from over 900 of the world's most progressive institutions.Click here to register
The Lending ConferenceNovember 8 - 10, 2022 /
Greenville, SC
At NAFCU's 2022 Lending Conference in Greenville, South Carolina, November 8–10, discover exactly what you need to do to create a thriving credit union lending portfolio. The most successful lenders in the sector will give you access to the most recent trends, best practices, strategies, and tactics in lending—along with a thorough grasp of how to incorporate them into your credit union—so you can weather the recession as successfully as possible. It's the ideal occasion to launch your portfolio.You'll learn about the most recent and optimistic developments in lending goods and services. Make connections with and pick the brains of credit union colleagues who have amassed successful loan portfolios. Learn how to better engage new audiences, such as Generation Z. Use effective tactics for business, auto, mortgage, and credit card loans. Improve your competitive edge over offline and online rival products. Participate in live polling to decide roundtable discussions' topics, as well as other improved networking options, to help you interact with and solve problems with peers from throughout the nation.Click here to register
Finovate FallSeptember 12 - 14, 2022 /
New York
Your opportunity to reestablish personal contact with the fintech community and chart a roadmap for the future is FinovateFall. There is no better location to find your way forward with live demonstrations of cutting-edge financial solutions, advice from important influencers, and unrivalled networking possibilities. 60 or more creative demos, 100+ distinguished speakers. 1500+ notable guests, with at least 50% from financial institutions. FinovateFall has the connections and inspiration you require. We are all responsible for determining how the fintech sector will develop in the future. Make sure to join them at FinovateFall and participate in the conversation.Nothing should be overlooked. At FinovateFall, industry professionals will go in-depth on every aspect of financial services. You can network with senior guests from all segments of the fintech sector, including more than 50% from financial institutions, at Finovate. Their events are built around Finovate's distinctive high-impact networking sessions, and their clever matchmaking technology makes it simpler than ever to look for, connect with, and engage with the individuals who can advance your business. You can attend FinovateFall for free if you work at a financial institution as a director, head, SVP, or C-level.Click here to register
Future of FinTechJune 21 - 23, 2022 /
San Francisco
Traditional financial institutions are increasingly looking to FinTech to assist them in shifting their service offerings online as consumers embrace the digital economy. According to Finextra, the value of the worldwide fintech sector will have twice from 2018 to the end of 2022, going from $127.66 billion to $309.98 billion. In "The Future of FinTech: 2022 and Beyond," thought leaders from the entire FinTech industry get together to talk about how financial services have evolved and to give their perspectives on how the most recent technical advancements can support the sector during this transition.Explore the most recent fraud risk detection techniques, and discover how to defend your company from attackers while providing a quick, frictionless client experience. Learn cutting-edge methods for using customer data to produce seamless, personalized digital experiences that increase engagement and create devoted followings. Profit from the identity-as-a-service era by learning how to use data to improve your service offering and open up new income channels.Click here to register
Digital Banking ConferenceJune 12 - 14, 2023 /
The Boca Raton, FL
DIGITAL BANKING has been carefully curated with interesting demos, lively panels, and thought-provoking keynotes for effective networking and deep conversations. Here, the banking community communicates and works together to tackle the most important problems facing the sector with a level of interaction unmatched anywhere else.The industry's most cutting-edge solutions and significant insights will be highlighted in DIGITAL BANKING. You'll participate in the important discussions and leave with the knowledge and strategies needed to advance your company's growth and competitiveness.Click here to register
Experience FinXTechMay 5 - 6, 2022 /
Austin, Texas
A growing number of financial organizations are turning to the use of financial technologies to achieve growth and efficiency as the fundamental idea of banking changes. Experience FinXTech, an event to bring together important business executives from the financial industry, was given by Bank Director in May. Over the course of one and a half days, they examined the effects of technology on the banking industry and looked at how and where banks may increase revenue and profits through the development of new client relationships, teamwork, and strategic investments.Three sessions of this pre-conference training were dedicated to small businesses. Each session includes a session guide for the participants to fill out along with educational material and data insights. Not only did attendees leave with more understanding about what is happening right now, but they also have a concrete plan for improving small business banking at their institution.Click here to register
Symitar Educational Conference and TechConnectAugust 29 - September 1, 2022 /
San Diego , CA
For U.S. credit unions, Symitar, a part of Jack Henry & Associates, is the acknowledged pioneer in core data processing and auxiliary technology solutions. Symitar, a privately held firm established in 1984, gained a solid reputation by fusing industry-leading customer service with reliable, adaptable technology products. Progressive credit unions of all sizes, including many of the biggest in the country, immediately adopted its Episys core platform as their preferred data processing solution.At Jack Henry, employees link customers with financial institutions and those institutions with community-serving solutions. Their dedication to fostering connections and building relationships is extended by their yearly educational conference and technology showcase. It's a chance for executives from banks and credit unions to network with technology providers, Jack Henry leadership, and one another in order to discuss, develop, and learn together.Click here to register
Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC) and TechConnectAugust 29 - September 1, 2022 /
San Diego , CA
Jack Henry, a comprehensive provider of financial technology, promotes and invents on behalf of the clients it serves. Together, they constitute a positive force that lowers obstacles to financial wellness and strengthens bonds between customers and their financial institutions. Through technology and services that lower the obstacles to financial health, they enhance the bonds between people and their financial institutions with the aim of empowering individuals and communities to achieve the financial freedom to advance.At the core of what we do are relationships, establishing connections, and resolving problems. Join them to network and learn at the Jack Henry Connect annual educational conference and technology showcase. In order to discuss and work together, bank and credit union leaders and representatives will have the chance to engage with technology providers, Jack Henry leadership, and peers.Click here to register
ABA Bank Marketing ConferenceSeptember 11 - 13, 2022 /
Denver, CO
The ABA Bank Marketing Conference is the premier event for professionals in bank marketing and retail. More than 300 chief marketing officers, marketing directors, sales managers, retail banking and personal financial services executives, as well as CEOs from organizations of all sizes from around the country and beyond, attend the conference.In addition to attending Big Ideas seminars to learn about advanced ideas linked to ideation and income creation, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from outstanding keynote speakers on aspiring topics. At the related Breakout Sessions, students further explore ideation and income creation approaches.Click here to register
NCUCCR SPEAK Easy Connecting ConversationsOctober 24 - 26, 2022 /
Las Vegas, NV
Attendees will engage in interactive sessions led by subject-matter experts from top call center technology providers at the National Credit Union Call Center Conference (NCUCCC). For 20+ years, NCUCCC conference attendees have recommended the credit union-centered meeting to their peers. Each year, directors, managers, and executives from credit unions with various asset sizes send representatives.During daily breakout sessions, conference attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate with their credit union counterparts to develop systems that will enhance the member experience while maintaining employee workloads and morale. Previous participants have said that the tricks and patterns they discovered during our breakout sessions helped them create road maps for long-term planning while resolving immediate problems.Click here to register
MBA Annual Conference & ExpoOctober 23 - 26, 2022 /
Nashville, Tennessee
The largest yearly gathering of real estate finance professionals is the MBA Annual Convention & Expo. Exhibitors will have access to the leading lights and innovators in the sector by participating in the Expo. The only organization that speaks for all facets of the real estate finance sector is the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). They bring together many stakeholders' interests in commercial, multifamily, and residential real estate finance, spanning Main Street and Wall Street.Meeting industry innovators and experts as well as fascinating speakers will be available to attendees at the event. In THE HUB, they have the opportunity to network with more than 100 exhibitors and gain first-hand knowledge of the newest goods and services. Participants get the opportunity to go deeply into Breakout Sessions to gain the knowledge they require on all aspects of the business and can network with peers in the field through unrivalled possibilities.Click here to register
National Credit Union Directors ConferenceAugust 17 - 21, 2022 /
Kihei, United States
The National Credit Union Directors Conference is jam-packed with pertinent presentations that offer new perspectives and creative solutions to the problems that credit unions are now grappling with. Meet the lineup of their conference speakers, all of them are renowned business leaders. Plan to attend their relevant seminars, which will be filled with new concepts and creative answers to the problems that credit unions are currently facing.Outstanding instructional programs with a strong emphasis on the crucial concerns required for your credit union's future success are presented by seasoned speakers. Discussions at the roundtable are always dynamic forums for ideas. Come back to your credit union energized, inspired, and knowledgeable! While enjoying the wonderful, tropical paradise of Marriott Wailea Beach Resort, network with directors, board chairmen, supervisory committee members, CEOs, senior management, committee members, and others from credit unions across the nation.Click here to register
National Directors Roundtable ConferenceSeptember 10 - 14, 2022 /
Las Vegas, United States
The National Directors Roundtable Conference is jam-packed with pertinent presentations that offer new perspectives and creative solutions to the problems that credit unions are now grappling with. Connect with other board members, board chairs, CEOs, supervisory committee members, and other national credit union officials. With the help of their highly regarded team of presenters, examine solutions to challenging problems facing credit unions. During a roundtable discussion by asset size, learn from your fellow credit union members and exchange ideas with them.You need to have a high level of net income if you want to ensure your credit union's growth and profitability in this fiercely competitive financial services sector. In this workshop, Brett will instruct you on the strategic actions your credit union must take to produce a remarkable return on assets (ROA). Even more advantageous is networking with people from credit unions with comparable asset sizes. Come talk about the critical challenges affecting credit unions at a roundtable discussion with other guests.Click here to register
Canada/New England Credit Union Educational Cruise ConferenceSeptember 24 - October 1, 2022 /
Aboard Princess Cruises' Enchanted Princess
The Canada/New England Credit Union Educational Cruise Conference will feature a seven-night cruise on the Enchanted Princess from Princess Cruises, Every educational session, workshop, and resource comprehensive shipboard amenities, meals on board, superior entertainment, welcoming reception with cocktails and networking. Enjoy multiple networking opportunities with "The Ones in Red" and other credit union professionals from all across the country.The outstanding design and luxury of the Princess Cruises fleet are shared by the Enchanted PrincessSM, who also debuts new attractions of her own. Prepare yourself for opulent, unique dining experiences. the most number of swimming pools and hot tubs in their fleet. You will get world-class performance spaces that host spectacular shows as well as the magnificent new Sky Suite, which features our largest balcony and stunning views.Click here to register
Credit Union Products & Services ConferenceOctober 17 - 20, 2022 /
San Diego, California
Come explore cutting-edge credit union services and products over the course of three days with other board members, board chairs, CEOs, senior management, supervisory committee members, and other executives from across the nation. Credit unions must continue to look for methods to improve the member experience through seamless digital experiences in an environment that is constantly changing after COVID-19. Examine your options for surviving in the digital age.Learn how to build and implement a comprehensive lending program cost-effectively so that it consistently produces the loans you need, month after month and year after year. Regardless of your asset size or membership field, learn how to maintain and improve a strong loan portfolio and loan-to-share ratios to your unique specifications. You will comprehend how implementing a multi-channel lending program will help you consistently achieve both your strategic and annual tactical lending goals.Click here to register
Annual CUSO ConferenceDecember 1 - 4 , 2022 /
St. Petersburg, FL
Credit unions have the opportunity to address almost all problems and issues both now and in the future thanks to CUSOs and the CUSO framework. We should make more use of the special gift that Congress gave us in the future. In this webinar, they will go over some fundamental CUSO 101 overview information and delve deeply into a number of particular CUSO prospects. This session's goal is to help everyone understand the benefits of and best practices for engaging the CUSO topic in strategic planning at their respective credit unions.You will have the chance to hear about these market shifts and the company's objective to democratize cutting-edge technology so that financial institutions can better serve their communities all around the world from the executives of Open Banking Solutions. The success of your credit union depends more than ever on teamwork, communication, and cooperation! Join other board members, board chairs, CEOs, and supervisory committee members from credit unions and the CUSO for this educational seminar.Click here to register
New Year's Credit Union Educational Cruise ConferenceDecember 28, 2022 - January 4, 2023 /
Aboard Holland America's, Eurodam
Included in the New Year's Credit Union Educational Cruise Conference will be a 7-Night Cruise Aboard the Eurodam All workshops, instructional activities, and materials, full onboard amenities, Meals served while travelling, top-notch entertainment, and a private cocktail and networking event. Additionally, take advantage of multiple networking opportunities with "The Ones in Red" and other credit union professionals from across the nation.Recent significant updates have been made to Eurodam, Holland America Line's first ship of the Signature-class. Onboard this elegant ship, passengers may take advantage of the full Music WalkTM experience, which includes the Lincoln Center Stage, B.B. King's Blues Club, and Billboard Onboard. Visit BBC Earth Experiences to explore onboard. With EXC Port to Table activities, take pleasure in local cooking demonstrations, cuisine, and wine tastings.Click here to register
National Credit Union Supervisory Committee ConferenceJanuary 19 - 22, 2023 /
Las Vegas, Nevada
In this presentation, they will examine the underlying and systemic issues that may be causing troubles at your credit union and offer helpful guidance to permanently fix these problems. Even while every audit is different, there are recurring themes and patterns that need the attention and advanced problem-solving abilities of the best credit union administrators. You may help stop problematic audit issues at the source by learning about typical audit findings and our time-tested methods to handle them.Join them as they discuss the risks and liabilities credit unions face on a daily basis and the safeguards required to protect your credit union and its members. Participants will include CEOs, board of directors, senior management, internal auditors, and other credit union leaders from across the country. You will have the opportunity to get to know the conference speakers, who are all renowned business leaders. Consider attending their topical workshops, which will be packed with new concepts and creative answers to the problems currently plaguing credit unions.Click here to register
Panama Canal Credit Union Educational Cruise ConferenceFebruary 13 - 24, 2023 / Aboard Celebrity's EdgeAll instructional sessions, workshops, and materials are included in the Panama Canal Credit Union Educational Cruise Conference's 11-Night Cruise on the Celebrity Edge. Complete cruise amenities, a Classic Beverage Package for everyone, gratuities not included, free surfing Wi-Fi, world-class entertainment, onboard dining, and a private cocktail/networking welcoming reception. Enjoy multiple networking opportunities with "The Ones in Red" and other credit union professionals from all across the country.Celebrity Edge deviates from conventional ship design in all ways, from its singular outward-facing shape to the industry's first Magic Carpet that soars 13 floors above sea level. Get the chance to interact with their conference's esteemed industry experts as speakers. Consider attending their topical workshops, which will be packed with new concepts and creative answers to the problems currently plaguing credit unions.Click here to register
Spring Training ConferenceMarch 9 - 12, 2023 /
St. Petersburg, FL
The Spring Training schedule is jam-packed with seminars that are timely and full of new concepts and creative answers to the problems that credit unions are now confronting. During a lively conversation, participants will exchange thoughts. During this roundtable, there will be time for discussion on important issues, and then representatives from each table will share their thoughts and ideas from the discussion there.At the annual Credit Union Spring Training Conference, held by CU Conferences, revitalize your spirit, update your abilities, and renew your commitment. held over the course of two distinct March weeks in two energizing and picturesque settings. Additionally, you will benefit from valuable networking time with other board members, board chairmen, members of the supervisory committee, senior managers, marketing and business development managers, and other credit union professionals from across the nation.Click here to register
Director's Strategy and Credit Union Performance ConferenceDecember 4 - 7, 2022 /
Las Vegas, Nevada
Together, you'll learn more, participate in debates, and return home with a shared understanding. With 10 hours of focused instruction, you'll delve deeply into important business and governance subjects. They carefully choose out material that is specifically pertinent to your position as a credit union board member. You'll leave with a thorough awareness of essential regulatory and fiduciary problems, best practices in governance, and other matters that will help keep your board, and your credit union, strong. Directors Conference combines networking, education, and inspiration; you'll return home energized and full of fresh ideas.You can join your peers at this essential event for an in-depth discussion on important governance and strategic problems affecting your board, your credit union, and the movement as a whole. You'll leave with improved skills and fresh perspectives on governance, all of which are necessary qualities for today's effective leaders. You'll also gain a deeper and broader understanding of industry trends. Together, you'll learn more, participate in debates, and return home with a shared understanding. Credit union directors, board chairs, board officers, supervisory committee members, and CEOs are invited to the CUES Directors Conference.Click here to register
National Credit Union Conference for Directors & Senior Management
May 18 - 21, 2023 /
New Orleans, Louisiana
During a lively conversation, participants will exchange thoughts. Discussion on important subjects will be possible during the roundtable's opening segment. Representatives from the tables will share ideas and perspectives in the second segment. You will have the chance to interact with their impressive array of conference speakers, all of whom are renowned business leaders. Consider attending their topical workshops, which will be packed with new concepts and creative answers to the problems currently plaguing credit unions.Come learn about the major difficulties confronting credit unions today with board members, board chairs, supervisory committee members, CEOs, senior management, committee members, branch managers, and other credit union officials from across the nation. Bring new inspiration and creative solutions back to your credit union so it can reach its full potential.Click here to register
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These conferences are one of the greatest ways for credit union executives to stay updated on changing laws, network with other credit unions, and explore the newest technological developments.

Leaders in this sector need training conferences, and we hope we have made it easy for you to get the information you need to choose the conferences you shouldn’t miss.

We hope our list of top credit union conferences will help guide your decision on which conferences to attend. If you have any questions please ask in the comment box below.

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