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Get Started With Mobile Games: An Essential Guide for All Beginners

The stigma surrounding gaming has crashed, and the industry is now booming. As per statistics, mobile gaming is increasingly gaining popularity, and its 2023 revenue is expected to hit US$315.90bn. The number of gamers is also expected to rise yearly due to this soaring demand.

Mobile gaming is easy and convenient for beginners as it allows you to pick a game of your choice and play it on the go. However, you may wonder how I onboard the gaming train and develop my skills as a beginner.

Or better yet, what mobile games are ideal for beginners without gaming experience? This article explores mobile gaming and all the tips and tricks to help you make gaming worthwhile.

Get Started With Mobile Games: An Essential Guide for All Beginners

Choosing a Mobile Device

Mobile phones are now more accessible than before, each promising the best gaming experience. However, not all mobile devices are optimized to offer what’s considered a good gaming experience.

The best mobile gaming devices provide the user a better and faster experience. These devices vary in various aspects, including display, memory, screen resolution, etc.

Here are some crucial factors to consider when choosing your preferred mobile gaming device.

1.   Processor

The processor is critical for any gaming device as it determines performance. As a beginner, you need a device with a faster processor to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Also, check the size of the transistors and go for the smaller ones that enhance performance and reduce battery consumption.

2.   Display

Playing on a mobile device requires a better and bigger display. The best mobile gaming devices for beginners should have OLED or AMOLED displays. These are considered the best and provide true blacks, higher brightness, a wide color range, and high contrast ratios.

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3.   Memory and Storage

Most modern mobile games require constant updates, requiring more storage space. For instance, installation alone and setup may occupy 1GB and up to 100MB for each update. So, you need enough memory and storage space to continue updating and enjoying the latest and best versions of any game on your device.

In most cases, 128GB of internal storage on your device of choice should suffice for a game’s onboard storage. Devices with lesser storage and memory space are not ideal for beginners unless you don’t plan on trying multiple games as you advance and hone your gaming skills.

4.   Resolution and Refresh Rate of the Display

You need a higher screen resolution device if you want your games to look good. Fortunately, most modern phones are optimized with game screens and may enable up to 90Hz or 120Hz resolution displays.

Also, certain games may need you to make snap decisions. Even though every frame counts, greater refresh rates can be helpful. A faster refresh rate display gives you more frames per second than traditional 60Hz displays.

Tips and Tricks for Mobile Gaming Beginners

So, you’re a mobile gaming beginner, fully armed with everything you need but one thing lacks—how to master the art of gaming and play like a pro. Despite the steep learning curve, mobile gaming is easier to get into today than ever.

However, beginners encounter challenges because they do not fully understand the gaming world. For example, they don’t know the best games to start with and how to hone their skills along the way.

Learning the game beforehand is the best way to get started with gaming. Just as you write a literature review essay, have enough knowledge of your game, analyze it and look for better ways to play it just as you present your thesis.

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Below are the crucial tips for beginners keen on starting their gaming journey on the right path:

1.   Understand the Game

Knowledge of the game rules and their mechanics is vital to becoming a good gamer. These rules help you familiarize yourself with the game by covering everything from how to play the game to gaming objectives and the various tips to achieve them.

Luckily, you can get all this information on online gaming review platforms and in different game manuals. Also, watching related videos or participating in online platforms equips you with good knowledge, which will help you win the game. It helps you:

  • Predict the opponent’s moves
  • Develop better tactics to counter their strategies.

2.   Learn From Your Mistakes

Making mistakes is a common experience when playing a mobile game for the first time. For example, you may not know about all the moves you need to make to close a certain game. Similarly, this is the time you’re keen on trying a few things, and getting it right is not always guaranteed.

The good thing about making mistakes as a gaming beginner is that they let you learn and grow in the game. But first, you need to know how to analyze each mistake and turn it into a learning opportunity.

This will not only help you sharpen your gaming skills but equip you with the ability to solve problems and make better in-game decisions.

3.   Learn from Experienced Gamers

Watching skilled players play equips you with new and better knowledge you did not have before. Interacting with experienced gamers in person or online, and seeking advice from them, gives you insightful knowledge on the available game mechanics and strategies.

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You can also learn from experienced players by participating in the gaming community platforms where you interact with other passionate players. This platform will add more knowledge and skills because participants can share their experiences and skills.

Online tutorials are also a good way to add more knowledge on different game levels, which helps sharpen your skills and improve them quickly.

4.   Use High-Quality Equipment

Having quality equipment will have a significant effect on your gaming performance as an absolute beginner. You need to invest in high-quality and essential gaming equipment such as gaming pads or headphones.

High-quality gaming pads will respond fast and be comfortable for a long time, while a quality mouse will help you move various game characters accurately and quickly. This enables smooth and responsive gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Want to excel as a mobile gaming beginner? The trick is in learning as you play and employing a few gaming tips. The above tips are essential to ensure your mobile gaming experience is smooth and enjoyable. They’ll also help you create beautiful memories while playing. Remember to continue exploring different types of games to improve your skills as you look for the one that suits you best.

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