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Key Thoughts on Destiny 2 for Beginners

Destiny 2, as a project, is quite complex and multi-leveled so that it can be mastered quickly and intuitively – you need to rely on knowledge bases, guides and the experience of other players in order to move through the levels and mechanics confidently and quickly and not slip on optional moments that are already had long been explored far and wide.

Destiny 2, like many online MMO RPGs, relies on several important things, and the fact that the project is made in the shooter genre does not change the overall concept much

  1. Money
  2. Equipment
  3. Level
  4. Raid and Strikes
  5. PVP Event
  6. Exploring the world


Glimmer is the main currency and in parallel the source of energy in the world of Destiny 2. They are used for creating items, buy items of equipment and simply for the interaction of players with each other and NPCs, payment for services and other things.

You can earn Glimmer in different ways – knock out monsters, receive it as a reward for quests, or as profit for sold goods. The main advantage of Glimmer is that you can buy literally everything that can be transferred for them if you have enough of them.


Equipment is the main component of any character, regardless of his role and direction.

If you are constantly on the farm and play an attacking role, then you should invest in weapons, and when you need to absorb damage and protect your allies, or yourself, then equipment improvement comes into play.

Equipment can be knocked out of monsters, bought from other players for glimmers, and obtained during strikes and raids.


Level is the basis of strength in any online game, and Destiny 2 is no exception. Of course, it is not a decisive value, but it is he who is taken as the basis for determining the strength of a character relative to monsters and other players, his capabilities and the right to enter many events and dungeons, locations and battles in PVP.

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The level rises by pumping at game locations and when completing quests and contracts.

If quests are purely instructions from NPCs for the destruction, search and transfer of information, then contracts are a list of game actions that need to be completed within a specified period of time in order to receive a reward in the form of experience. Each contract has a weekly limit, but can be re-taken for glimmers, the local currency of the Destiny 2 world.

Raid and Strikes

Activities in the world of Destiny 2, connected with the unification of fireteams and battles with bosses for the sake of getting equipment and weapons, glimers and various secondary equipment.

Bosses are an enhanced version of monsters that have a large supply of HP and armor, have enhanced attack and various unique skills that allow them to sweep away entire crowds of enemies in seconds who did not have time to understand how his abilities work.

Raids are completed in groups, and strikes in small groups, or alone.

If you are unable to complete raids as part of a group, or come across incapable players, then you can follow the link – https://skycoach.gg/destiny-boost/raids and order the passage of the dungeon you need with a guaranteed passage from the Skycoach service. You will be provided with a combat group with the optimal composition for defeating the boss, where all the rewards and experience will go to your character, not counting the unique achievement that is issued for the first victory over difficult boos.

The service guarantees 100% completion of the raid and compliance with all precautions in the process of executing the transaction.

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You can choose one of two options for implementing the service:

  1. Join the battle group, and then you must clearly follow all the instructions of the raid leader so as not to cause the raid to fail.
  1. You transfer the account to professional players and the raid takes place without your participation, and you watch the transaction process through the Skycoach website in real time. The service guarantees the safety of your personal data, does not transfer information to third parties and uses VPN at all stages of the service, so that it does not look suspicious to the game administration. Upon completion of the transaction, you will only have to change your password, go to the game character, check the reward that you got and go on to explore the universe of Destiny 2.

PVP event

Destiny 2 has a special event that will be of interest to many players due to its openness and speed.

He calls the Trial of Osiris and is needed as a seasonal event where players will find out the strongest through quick rounds. The more victories in a row you manage to score with your team, the better the reward you will receive.

To earn the legendary weapons offered this season of the competition, you need to win 7 victories in a row.

There are a few tricks and special tickets that will help you freeze the result in order to save the bonus streak, but in general, the fights go too fast to bother with a loss. Just keep trying, and the legendary weapons will be yours, and if you are a complete beginner and lack good equipment, then a great weapon will be a great start for your future farming and the next seasons of PVP mode.

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Exploring the world

Despite the fact that Destiny 2 is an MMO RPG with its own strict rules that must be followed in order to succeed, at the same time it is a very beautiful game world that is simply interesting to observe and explore.

In the latest Lightfall update, you can even go to Neptune and explore the game locations from the new planet, made in a water and darkness network – a complete match to the real prototype.

Since the entire network of Destiny 2 takes place in the space theme of the distant future, it will be interesting for you to explore each location, each block and raid that are directly related to the network and at the same time complement the overall story in which humanity united for the sake of battles and alien invaders.

Find a guild

Destiny 2 is not about solo gaming, of course you can play alone, but then your game content will be limited to primary quests and after – complicated one-player strikes.

All raids and interesting events take place in groups, and even if you came to the project alone, you can always find like-minded people, start chatting and gradually make new friends with whom it will be interesting for you to play and get progress.

The guild will allow you to receive various passive bonuses and be able to ask for advice from your comrades-in-arms.

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