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Top Mental Health Conferences 2023

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are all parts of our mental health. It influences our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Additionally, it influences how we respond to stress, interact with others, and make good decisions.

But most of the time, people don’t talk about mental health. It’s time for everyone to get educated, become aware of the symptoms, and show support for individuals who are dealing with mental health issues.

We can accomplish this in a variety of ways, one of which is through attending conferences to stay current on the different mental health concerns that are widespread today and cutting-edge therapies.

There are a lot of Conferences on mental health. To simplify your task, we have compiled the list of top mental health conferences you can attend in 2023.

Mental Health Conferences 2023

NameDate & VenueAboutWhy should you attend?Register
Mental Health America's (MHA) 2023 Annual ConferenceJune 8 - 10, 2023 /
Washington, DC
The concerns that have surfaced in the last two years and significantly impacted mental health and wellbeing are addressed by this conference. Increasing numbers of people were exhibiting anxiety, depression, psychosis, loneliness, and other mental health issues throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, according to MHA. During the conference, they will concentrate on: Recognizing and addressing equity in mental health, Managing pandemic trauma and healing, Sharing our experiences with mental health, Self-care and relaxation, harm reduction, addiction crises, peer support, etc. are all encouraged in this interactive car session. Alignment of future mental health initiativesTo examine the overlapping equity challenges in mental health, the event will bring together thousands of MHA affiliates, peers, clinicians, officials, journalists, and important stakeholders from across the nation. At MHA, employees strive daily to meet the needs of those who are dealing with mental illness and advance the general well-being of all people. Their core principle is that everyone should have equitable access to high-quality mental health services, regardless of their color, ethnicity, gender, religion, financial status, sexual orientation, degree of ability, location, or any other identification.Click here to register
Florida Behavioral Health Conference 2022August 17–19, 2022 /
Orlando, Florida
In order to create career pathways based on on-the-job training, classroom instruction, employer skills, and occupational demands for the mental healthcare profession, the FBHA/FADAA Apprenticeship Program is bringing together industry leaders in the behavioral healthcare sector. Their goals are to raise public awareness of careers in the behavioral health sector, aid employers in their efforts to hire and retain qualified personnel, establish uniform standards and credentials for behavioral health occupations, and assist those looking for such a career by providing them with the education, training, and credentials necessary to advance their careers.The General Keynote Sessions at BHCon2022, the seminars on cutting-edge techniques, and networking opportunities with exhibitors and sponsors are all expected to feature prominent industry professionals as speakers. Through the conference's Attendee Hub, all of their General Keynote Sessions and a few of their seminars will be live streamed and accessible on demand. You choose how you wish to participate at BHCon2022, with the chance to earn up to 38 CEs overall. The Florida Behavioral Health Association is dedicated to providing the greatest convention experience to its participants.Click here to register
2022 Annual Behavioral Health Training ConferenceSeptember 21 – September 24, 2022 /
Beaver Run Resort Breckenridge, CO
The annual behavioral health conference of CHBC is attended by hundreds of behavioral health professionals, representatives of the state and criminal justice systems, providers of physical healthcare, and college students. Best clinical and business practices in behavioural health are the main topics of the conference. Participants receive continuing education credits, receive excellent training, and enjoy the company of other conference goers. Anyone with an interest in the field of behavioral health is welcome to attend the annual conference of CBHC. Mental health, substance use problems, social determinants of health, and national and Colorado standards are some of the specific subjects covered.These all-day educational opportunities give participants the chance to develop and hone their abilities in entertaining and engaging environments. Through networking opportunities, you can gain knowledge from top subject-matter authorities and interact with your colleagues. The goal of the Summit is to uplift, challenge, and honor educators, coordinators, and organizations that are actively supporting the movement. This interactive master class offers practical strategies for working with children and families, as well as quick applications for critical occurrences, schools, and hospitals. Participants will learn step-by-step strategies for managing anxiety, trauma, and crisis with children and families through exercises and video examples.Click here to register
GXC 2022November 1 - 4, 2022 /
Orlando, Florida
The Global Exchange Conference 2022 is a four-day gathering with workshops, lectures, and experiences for continuing education. Professionals and organizations from Mental Health, Addiction Treatment, and Holistic Wellness are represented at the event. Professionals who seek to advance their understanding of therapeutic techniques, therapeutic models, and the most recent advancements in mental health, addiction, and wellness are the focus of the GXC Conference 2022. In order to better support and care for those they serve, their purpose is TO PROVIDE ACCESSIBLE AND COMPELLING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCES.Attend our international conference in 2022 to hear from eminent speakers, exchange ideas with peers and experts, and advance fresh viewpoints on mental health, addiction, and wellness. An extensive program will be presented by reputable speakers who are acknowledged authorities in their professions and who come from all over the world. At the GXC 2022 Trade Show, attendees will interact with exhibitors from all conference disciplines. Workshops on somatic education and holistic wellbeing will be interspersed among EPCOT's diverse regions. Yoga in the Park, breathwork, massage therapy, and other essential experiences for the body and spirit are offered here for all visitors.Click here to register
The Active Minds National ConferenceFebruary 10, 2022 /
The nation's premier conference devoted to young people and mental health is called the Active Minds National Conference. This eagerly anticipated annual event, which has been held every year since 2004, brings together hundreds of young adults and mental health leaders, campus and school professionals, and representatives of the government, foundations, and businesses from all over the nation to exchange ideas and advance knowledge about mental health education, advocacy, and awareness. The conference presents the most cutting-edge and successful strategies for promoting the wellbeing of young adults and altering the discussion about mental health on campuses, in workplaces, and in our communities each year.Highlights of the Active Minds National Conference include motivational keynote addresses and breakout sessions delivered by renowned professionals in the fields of higher education, mental health, and other related fields. Young adult leaders (ages 14 to 24+), including members and alumni of Active Minds chapters, presidents of fraternities and sororities, and all others who are dedicated to raising awareness of mental illness and preventing suicide, should attend this session event without a doubt. Win the Healthy Campus Award, which recognizes universities that place a high priority on the health and wellbeing of their students.Click here to register
2022 AOTA Mental Health Specialty ConferenceDecember 2 - 3, 2022 /
Columbus, Ohio
The AOTA acts as a beacon for occupational therapy professionals. Their vision will direct the profession into the future as they advance occupational therapy practitioners' work under the guidance of their mission statement. Through standard formulation and advocacy on behalf of its members, the profession, and the general public, their aim is to promote occupational therapy practice, education, and research. AOTA upholds these principles across the occupational therapy profession and embodies them in all facets of the Association.Join over 8,000 occupational therapy researchers, practitioners, educators, administrators, and students at AOTA, the largest gathering of its kind in the world. For the information, learning, professional development, and leadership growth of occupational therapy practitioners over the course of their careers, AOTA is a vital resource. Obtain entry to a huge database of healthcare decision-makers. Connect, influence, and communicate with the complete occupational therapy community in one location, including practitioners, students, educators, recruiters, and distributors.Click here to register
Behavioral Health Care and Human Services ConferenceSeptember 29 - 30, 2022 /
Rosemont, United States
They can help you stay current with the continually changing landscape of behavioral health care. Anyone delivering treatment in any environment for behavioral health care should take advantage of the Behavioral Health Care and Human Services Conference to learn about new resources, share useful tips, and network with peers and professionals. There will be two tracks available for attendees to select from: The Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Manual's designated Track A is for businesses with this accreditation. Organizations recognized in accordance with the Hospital Accreditation Manual are eligible for Track B.You will attend sessions on the hottest issues in behavioral health care at this annual event that you can't afford to miss, and you'll learn more about upcoming changes at The Joint Commission that will help your organization stay in compliance for the rest of 2022 and give you insight into compliance with updated and new standards for 2023. You will receive advice from Joint Commission specialists at this year's event on how to satisfy the strict and demanding mental health care standards.Click here to register
The 2022 Mental Health Services ConferenceOctober 13 - 14, 2022 /
Capital Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C
As the Hospital & Community Psychiatry Institute, the Mental Health Services Conference was founded in 1949 to offer a small-scale, interdisciplinary forum for all mental health service providers to network, collaborate, learn from one another, and take away useful solutions to in-the-moment problems. The 2022 Mental Health Services Conference, organized in partnership with SMI Adviser and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, will bring together psychiatrists and other mental health clinicians to network and work together to find practical advice to influence systems-level change on behalf of their patients. All those who provide mental health services will benefit from this multidisciplinary gathering.After attending this conference, the participant will be able to:
-Integrate new research and treatment strategies into clinical practice
-Recognize and reduce community disparities in mental health
-Provide culturally competent care for diverse populations
-Apply new innovations into a range of treatments to improve patient care.
-Consider ways to build a collaborative inter professional mental health care team.
-Assess and update community psychiatry treatment skills.
-Incorporate knowledge of current psychiatry into patient conversations. -Identify barriers to care, including problems with health service delivery.
Click here to register
2022 WBHCJune 15 - 17, 2022 /
Since 1979, certified community behavioral health agencies from all around the state of Washington have banded together to form the Washington Council for Behavioral Health, a professional association that serves as a single, representative voice speaking on behalf of community behavioral health. In order to share knowledge regarding therapeutic therapies, recovery supports, encouraging initiatives, and laws that encourage best practices, the conference gathers a varied collection of presenters. Their objective is to offer a learning opportunity that broadens professional knowledge, fosters community ties, and aids in the realization of rehabilitation.The yearly Washington Mental Healthcare Conference brings together local, regional, and national professionals with the behavioral health community from all around Washington for three days of education, networking, and collaboration. Form alliances with state organizations, healthcare networks, consumer and advocacy groups, and academic and research institutions to improve behavioral health services that promote wellbeing and recovery. They will assist you in creating effective alliances that support recovery, increase the application of best practices, and enhance health outcomes.Click here to register
2022 AMHCA Annual ConferenceJune 22 - 24, 2022 /
Las Vegas, Nevada
The American Mental Health Counselors Association, or AMHCA, has been dedicated to establishing and promoting strict standards for education and training, professional practice, and professional ethics for clinical mental health counsellors ever since it was founded as a professional organization in 1976. Being an AMHCA member promotes camaraderie and a sense of community among clinical mental health counsellors. You will be granted the right to consult with clinical mental health counsellors and other trained mental health professionals from a range of specialties.You will be able to learn the most recent details regarding Medicare recognition, standards, portability, and the evolving healthcare sector. Profit from AMHCA's expanding partnerships with business associations, governmental organizations, and consumer advocacy groups. With their career counselling, credentials that are appropriate for every stage of your career, and job transitions, you may improve your professional development and strategic position. Take advantage of special member-only discounts on webinars, conferences, and home studies, as well as discounts on name-brand products that provide services like health services, website platforms, and directory services.Click here to register
Annual CSBH School Behavioral Health ConferenceSeptember 24, 2022 /
Region 4 Education Service Center
The Region 4 Education Service Center will host the Annual Center for School Behavioral Health Conference on September 24, 2022, on a Saturday. Beyond a Theory: Healing and Transformation in the Education System is the subject for 2022. Educational equity, family involvement, effective community partnerships, and trauma-informed approaches are some of the subjects covered. Through highly specialized professional development opportunities, technical support, and community education for school districts across Texas, MHA of Greater Houston's Center for School Behavioral Health is transforming systems and people's lives. The Center uses group effort, policy analysis, research, and advocacy to better the mental health of staff and students.For the purpose of advancing knowledge and abilities related to school mental health practice, research, training, and policy, the Center's School Behavioral Health Conference focuses on behavioral health interventions and outcomes for children in school settings. Participants will spend 90 minutes gaining a basic understanding of the distinction between mental health and mental illness, exploring the stigma of mental health, learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a student who may be developing a mental health challenge, and developing a plan to help through activities, role-plays, video, and demonstrations.Click here to register
National Conference on Addiction DisordersAugust 19 - 21, 2022 /
Baltimore, MD
The East Coast Symposium, formerly known as NCAD East, is one of four prestigious educational events with a focus on timely education for addiction treatment and behavioral health practitioners. As a component of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network, the Symposium is produced by HMP Global. We are more powerful as a team when addressing addiction. The conference is dedicated to providing you with the greatest knowledge possible because the field of addiction treatment is always evolving. The East Coast Symposium is intended for specialists in the behavioral health and addiction disciplines and has received accreditation.The East Coast Symposium, formerly NCAD East, is a gathering of like-minded individuals where you may learn the newest, most efficient methods for mental health and addiction treatment as well as discuss the enormous obstacles we still have to face. Come celebrate recovery with us as we overcome the obstacles and turn the numbers around. Join forces to talk about innovative treatment approaches, interact with prominent national figures, and gain vital knowledge for dealing with the profound changes in addiction treatment.Click here to register
2022 National Association for Rural Mental Health (NARMH)November 2 - 4, 2022 /
Boulder, Colorado
They are pleased to announce that the 2022 National Association for Rural Mental Health (NARMH) Annual Conference will take place in person at the Embassy Suites in Boulder, CO, from November 2–4, 2022, following two extremely difficult years. Beyond the Pandemic: Building on Rural Resiliency is the theme of this year's conference, which will feature speakers and seminars on rural policy, clinical practice, and successful leadership. Additionally, attendees will learn about the adaptable approaches and creative solutions speakers have used in their communities over the past few years.Join them for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to catch up with old friends and partners, make new ones, and exchange insights as they gather together to talk about the future of rural mental health care. Join them in beautiful Colorado as they come together to celebrate all that they have accomplished and discuss all that remains to be done for rural mental health. There will be a day-and-a-half of exciting workshops, evening receptions, and a pre-conference session on the Adult Resilience Curriculum (ARC), developed especially for behavioral and healthcare providers in rural communities.Click here to register
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Each year, one in four adults and one in ten kids will experience a mental health problem. The stigma around mental health contributes to a harmful attitude that makes it more challenging for affected individuals to seek help.

Attending these conferences will give you the facts and a deeper understanding of the mental health issues you need to combat this stigma. People will learn to recognize bad mental health and get motivated to change things if they hear about them at a conference.

A day of inspiration, encouragement, education, networking, sharing, and optimism surrounding mental health will be featured at these events. Therefore, conduct your study and choose the conference that best suits you. We hope you find our article about top mental health Conferences informative. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment box below.

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