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Top Programming & Software Development Conferences for Developers

In any technology area, particularly software development and programming, staying current with new developments is essential. One of the best methods for software developers to stay updated on industry advancements is to attend Software Development Conferences. The major tech corporations conduct conferences to introduce products, processes, and technology to the world.

You can learn from tech lectures with top authorities and hear keynotes from accomplished practitioners by attending these conferences. Additionally, you’ll also learn how to develop ideas that you can quickly apply and share with your team.

In this article, we have provided a list of the best programming and software development conferences that you can attend in 2022.

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Top Programming & Software Development Conferences for 2022

NameDate & VenueAboutWhy should you attend?Register
Oracle Developer LiveMarch 22 Americas; March 24 Europe: multiple dates and locationsTo give developers additional options and freedom as they create and implement cloud-based applications and services, Oracle commits significant resources to develop, testing, optimizing, and supporting Open Source technologies. Get your digital Oracle Developer Live badge! Attend the sessions, finish the quick test, and brag about your accomplishment.Oracle Developer Live is a collection of free online conferences that include keynote addresses, technical talks, hands-on labs, demos, and panels, as well as the opportunity to engage in real-time expert Q&A. Technical information, will be provided by subject matter experts from Oracle’s Java Platform Group to assist developers in building the next generation of robust, scalable, and secure corporate applications for a variety of contexts.Click here to register
Microsoft IgniteOctober 12 – 14, 2022 /
Discover the newest technologies, gain knowledge from partners and product experts, develop your talents, and connect with people worldwide. Join them from October 12–14 to influence the direction of technology. Microsoft hosts an annual Ignite conference focused on enterprise professionals, services, and products. Ignite provides its 25,000+ attendees with first access to technical training, cutting-edge tools, and chances to network with peers and industry leaders.To improve your job, you may Dive Deep with training, real-time demonstrations, and access to Microsoft and partner experts. Engage with business leaders and product developers to shape your Microsoft products daily. Connect with a global community of technologists to gain knowledge and obtain answers to your technological questions. With local content and translations available in French, German, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), and Spanish, you can participate from more locations.Click here to register
DEVintersectionDecember 6 – 8, 2022 /
Las Vegas, United States
Leading Microsoft professionals lead the annual DEV intersection conference, which focuses on the latest software innovations and how they interact with technology. The 2022 conference will have more than 100 in-depth sessions delivered by Microsoft experts and other industry professionals, covering subjects like Azure, SQL Server, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, and more.You’ll recognize the industry gurus who give practical productivity advice. During the event, Scott Hanselman hosts one of the most interesting panels of specialists. This is the occasion where issues are resolved, plans are established, and connections are made. Attend and establish a connection with the manufacturer of the things you rely on.Click here to register
ACCU 2022April 6 – 9, 2022 /
Bristol, UK & Online
The annual conference of the ACCU membership club is called the ACCU Conference, and it is free and open to anyone who wants to go. This year’s event has various sessions and subjects and is being held offline and online. Although C++ has always been at the heart of the ACCU Conference, it has always been about programming languages, tools and techniques, and processes. Programmers and developers gather to discuss programming and creating at the ACCU Conference.At the 2022 ACCU Annual Meeting, you can physically GET TOGETHER to be in community, participate in friendship, and discover new things. They will talk about the most important issues at their institutions that affect us all. Leading professionals will speak, and you will learn from them as they discuss important issues from a Catholic viewpoint. As they continue to respond to the calls to develop and support Catholic higher education in the future, you will be so glad you spent time with them.Click here to register
DrupalConApril 25 – 28, 2022 /
Portland, Oregon
The Drupal Association is a nonprofit educational organization that encourages and promotes the development of the Drupal software project and its surrounding community. The Association, which both individual members and organizations back, constantly engages in new projects and initiatives to help people learn about Drupal and encourage support for the growth of the Drupal project. It does this by utilizing its resources, network, and funding.The Drupal platform’s users, developers, designers, and support staff come together at the conference. It is the premier conference for developing your Drupal expertise, interacting with the community, and discovering how Drupal is influencing the development of web technology. Breakout sessions, informal discussion groups, industry summits and training, workshops, social events, and more will all be available at the conference. Keynote speeches from business leaders will also be presented.Click here to register
PowerShell & DevOps Global SummitApril 25 – 28, 2022 /
Bellevue, Washington
The PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit brings together experts and enthusiasts in the field. More than simply a conference, it’s a genuine in-person meeting of a thriving community where we learn from one another, create standards and practices, discuss problems and find answers, and advance our business. This is the 400+ level event you’ve been waiting for if you deal with PowerShell, Desired State Configuration, and related technologies, especially if you’re putting your company on a DevOps footing.This yearly gathering offers the entire PowerShell community a chance to network and exchange ideas and presentations from subject-matter experts. The conference, focusing on Microsoft’s PowerShell automation and configuration tool, allows delegates to interact with professionals, members of the product team, and like-minded peers. If you work with PowerShell, Desired State Configuration, and related technologies—especially if you’re transitioning to a DevOps environment—it is also a fantastic opportunity for networking.Click here to register
DevOpsCon Hybrid EditionApril 26 – 29, 2022 /
London, UK
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Containers, Cloud & Lean Business is held at DevOpsCon London, and that is just what you get there. Discover the most recent methods, technologies, and tools for creating and sustaining scalable, robust, and secure software systems.Join global speakers and DevOps masterminds for 4 days of workshops, talks, and keynotes on 7 tracks, including Business & Company Culture, Cloud Platforms & Serverless, Continuous Delivery & Automation, Security, Microservices & Software Architecture, and Monitoring, Traceability & Diagnostics.Click here to register
DockerConMay 10, 2022 /
The whole Docker developer, contributor, and partner community come together at the free Docker Con event to share, educate, and work together to advance the knowledge and skills of contemporary application developers. Docker Con is a highly focused learning event that teaches developers what’s new and achievable with Docker and how to immediately benefit from these advancements to complete their work more effectively and quickly. Free, interactive sessions are created for flexible consumption on the event day and beyond.With a practical workshop, get the party started early. You’ll discover how to supply your apps and services with containers by using Docker to work in standardized, highly portable settings. Join them for a conference featuring 42 sessions, including live keynotes, fireside chats, interactive Q&A, and educational presentations. There will also be live host segments and community rooms to help you network.Click here to register
Apple WWDC22June 6 – 10, 2022 /
New opportunities, inspiring announcements, and intriguing revelations marked the opening of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. From June 6 to June 10, join developers worldwide for a week of technology and community inspiration. Discover the newest tools and techniques, get a first peek at Apple’s newest platforms, and meet with Apple specialists in labs and digital lounges. All free and available online.Join the developer community worldwide for an in-depth look at the upcoming Apple platforms, straight from Apple Park. Get individualized advice from Apple engineers, designers, and professionals. Improve your App Store product page, explore UI design concepts, apply new Apple technologies, and much more. Through daily coding and design challenges, discover some of the newest frameworks and technologies, then show off your creations to others.Click here to register
UXDX 2022 (Multiple dates)UXDX USA
May 24-26, New York City & Online ;
June 22-24, Online ;
October 12-14, Dublin, Ireland & Online
In addition to conferences in APAC in June and EMEA in October, UXDX, the fastest-growing product development conference in Europe, will hold its first UXDX USA conference in May 2022. UXDX USA’s goal is to bring about genuine team change while assisting you in adopting a holistic perspective on software development. Teams may become autonomous product teams that provide actual business and customer value with the support of UXDX. It crosses the gaps between product, UX, design, and development to assist businesses in forming effective product teams.Learn the most recent practices in product, user experience, design, and development. Develop your T-shaped skills. Find out how businesses are empowering teams to deliver. You may learn the most recent techniques from top firms through case studies that describe both the challenges and the triumphs. Find out how businesses enable their product teams to minimize handoffs while keeping company goals in mind. Expand on subjects and clarify if speakers appear at odds with one another.Click here to register
Product Camp2-3 June 2022 /
Gdynia, Poland
Product Managers, Designers, Researchers, Growth Hackers, and all other professionals who find, build, manage, and grow digital products are invited to Product Camp, an immersive two-day event.The keynote will begin and conclude each day. Everything in between is a bar camp, which consists of more than 50 presentations happening at once in 6 rooms. Participants in this transformative peer-to-peer learning and networking event share their own experiences, lessons learned, and project insights.Click here to register
Open Source Summit (Multiple dates)North America
June 21-24, Austin, Texas & Online ;
September 13- 16, Dublin, Ireland & Online
The Open Source Summit is the premier gathering for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to work together, exchange knowledge, find solutions to issues, and advance open source innovation. It serves as a hub for contributions from the community and open-source projects. The events under the conference umbrella known as Open Source Summit cover the most significant technologies, subjects, and problems affecting open source today.At the Open Source Summit North America, thousands of participants gather to share knowledge and to celebrate the future. You’ll MEET Face-to-Face problem-solving, conversations, and cooperation whether you’re a developer, architect, community manager, student, or something in between. Discover the most recent developments in open source and open technology. access to top professionals who can assist you in navigating a challenging OS environment. Learn about the newest cutting-edge open solutions to gain a competitive edge. Explore career possibilities with the world’s top technology companies and learn what projects and businesses in your field are working on.Click here to register
QConOctober 24-28, 2022 /
Hyatt Regency – San Francisco
Without the product pitches, learn about new software trends and approaches to address tough engineering challenges.
The most creative senior software engineers, architects, and team leads from all domains come together at QCon San Francisco to showcase how they have used new trends and techniques in the real world.
The advantages of going to QCon are: Learn from those pushing software innovation and change. Determine the best practices used by those working on active projects, discover new tools and trends Prioritize patterns and habits rather than products or pitches. Get workable ideas for your tasks. Meet the software industry’s innovators and early adopters. Check the accuracy of your software development roadmap.Click here to register
Developer Week VirtualFebruary 15 – 23, 2023 /
San Francisco Bay, California & Online
With an average attendance of more than 8,000 professionals each year, Developer Week is one of the largest expo conferences for developers in the globe. Dev Week adopts a hybrid structure this year, offering both the standard live event and a substantially more affordable online version. Join 15,000+ developers for the largest virtual conference series in the world, featuring 4+ fully immersive events that will cover the most recent technological advancements, best practices, and learning in the areas of cloud, API, enterprise development, architecture, DevOps, Dev Tools, dev management, and more.The pre-event reception, conference speaker Q&A sessions, designated networking/break periods, and virtual exhibitor networking are just a few of the networking options available to attendees. Attendees can meet exhibitors who are also subject matter experts at the Developer Week Global virtual exhibition. Visit booths to enter giveaways, see live demonstrations, and get offers from vendors.Click here to register
StaffPlusApril 4 – 5, 2022 /
New York
Tanya Reilly (Principal Software Engineer, Squarespace), Ryan Harter (Senior Staff Data Scientist, Shopify), Silvia Botros (Software Architect, Twilio), and David Daly will be the speakers at the Staff Plus software developer conference, which will be the first significant technical leadership event of Q2 this year (Staff Engineer, Mongo). Senior individual contributors (ICs), their place in development ecosystems, and their capacity to affect scale will be highlighted in a series of lectures intended for CTOs and team leads.We don’t want you to lose out on the opportunity the event will provide senior individuals to discuss and learn from experiences concentrating on influential leadership, the senior IC ladder, delegation strategy, and empowering teams through mentorship. Our sponsors and presenters are happy to give their assistance, whether you’re expanding your staff, modernizing your on-call procedure, or trying to foster a more inclusive atmosphere. Come say hello to them! Top technological experts from multinational companies, including Shopify, Comcast, GitHub, Squarespace, and Stripe, will present many sessions during the event.Click here to register
LeadDevJune 7 – 8, 2022 /
London, UK
On June 6, at 6 o’clock at The Microsoft Reactor, celebrate the eve of Lead Dev London by attending the free Lead Dev London Meetup. After a three-year break, they are thrilled to welcome Lead Dev London 2022 and their engineering community back. It offers the ideal pre-event networking and inspiration opportunity with a few brief speakers and refreshments.Engineering managers can attend Lead Dev London. Prepare yourself for behind-the-scenes case studies from leading engineering organizations, useful guidelines and frameworks, and community networking with world professionals. Before the conference, take advantage of the educational opportunity by attending a leadership workshop led by instructors with top-tier expertise.Click here to register
DGS2022April 20 – 21, 2022 /
Check out the Developer Growth Summit if you reside on the West Coast or are currently busy with the Staff Plus event in New York. Build the technical and career skills essential to your success by interacting with the top developers and tech mentors in the world over the course of two days.You have the option to learn from and connect with industry leaders or interact with professionals. Connect with colleagues and expand your professional network by attending developers. Take concrete action and acquire the strategies, equipment, and abilities necessary to advance your profession.Click here to register
React MiamiApril 18 – 19, 2022 /
Miami, Florida
The Miami community hosted the first React Conference. During React Miami, the community will get together to learn from leaders in React and JavaScript as they take the stage and share the most recent developments in React with you.
The Miami Beach Convention Center will host React Miami on April 18 and 19, 2022, bringing together 500+ React Developers for a weekend of learning, entertainment, networking, and socializing.
Join the international React developer community for two days in paradise to hear and learn from business experts while enjoying stunning Miami Beach. Attendees of React Miami will have the chance to participate in activities and events sponsored by conference partner eMerge Americas, including keynotes by Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, and Kevin O’Leary, an investor and Shark Tank celebrity.Click here to register
International JavaScript ConferenceApril 25 – 28, 2022 /
London & Virtual
The world of JavaScript is continually changing, so there is always something new to learn. You may participate in that shift and keep up with the most recent trends by attending the International JavaScript Conference. This hybrid event lasts for four days.International professionals provide their perspectives on the present and future of JavaScript on topics including Angular and React, Web Assembly, Progressive Web Apps, and JAM stack. Join us to increase your knowledge and build relationships with other JS fans. Even if you aren’t present, you can still get in touch with all of the speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to network for your company and get inspiration for your successful ideas.Click here to register
Developer Week EuropeApril 27 – 28, 2022 /
Developer Week Europe has conference tracks for subjects like AI & Machine Learning, JavaScript, DevOps & Security, API & Microservices, and Containers & Kubernetes, to name a few. This year, over 3000 participants are anticipated. Additionally, you’ll get the opportunity to participate in a virtual hackathon.The receiving area is where new guests may access the conference stages, our online expo, and our networking and attendee discussion rooms. Live keynote presentations, technical seminars, panel discussions with multiple speakers, and audience Q&A sessions are all featured on the Developer Week conference stages. The pre-event reception, conference speaker Q&A sessions, designated networking/break periods, and virtual exhibitor networking are just a few of the networking options available to attendees.Click here to register
PyCon USApril 27 – May 3, 2022 /
Salt Lake City
Python experts from the US, the Salt Palace Convention Center will host a sizable gathering this spring. The schedule is rather extensive. Exclusive seminars and tutorials will be presented during the first couple of days. The major conference will come next, following which everyone can attend a job fair and participate in real-time sprints, an actual end-to-end experience.PyCon presented various lessons on a wide range of topics two days before the start of the conference speeches. These lessons were an excellent method for participants to learn about a subject and put it into practice with practical Python examples. They were overjoyed to be chosen to present a three-hour introductory course on Python natural language processing (NLP). They covered everything, including topic modeling and text preprocessing methods. By examining 500 Amazon Home and Kitchen product reviews in a Google Collab notebook, participants gained practical experience.Click here to register
NDC London23-27 January 2023 /
Queen Elizabeth II Centre
The Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC), which debuted in Oslo in 2008, swiftly grew to become one of Europe’s major conferences for.NET & Agile development. NDC conferences today last 5 days, including 2 days of seminars before the conference and 3 days of conference sessions.NDC London is being held this year in the Queen Elizabeth II Center. Participants will access 12 workshops (including ones on Python, Microservices, DevOps, and other topics) and almost 100 conference sessions exclusively (JavaScript, Agile, Embedded, Big Data, Serverless, .NET, Design, Artificial Intelligence, Docker, IoT, and Architecture).Click here to register
YOW!June 1 – 2, 2022 /
Leading industry experts and researchers working on data-driven technology and applications are brought together by YOW! Data gives in-depth coverage of established and new technologies in the fields of Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning.At the same time, you can network, meet industry leaders, and develop your abilities. YOW! A 2-day online conference called Data 2022 will have invited speakers from Australia and other countries who will share their knowledge on data science, data engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.Click here to register
VUEJS AmsterdamJune 2 – 3, 2022 /
The most unique and significant Vue conference ever held was Vuejs Amsterdam. Join us for this 2-day conference where more than 2,000 guests from more than 50 nations fly in. The most important Vue Community Event of the year is Vuejs Amsterdam. Vuejs Amsterdam has always sold out since it first began in 2018. We are an international tech conference brand with 50,000+ subscribers and a social media audience of more than 1 billion people.This is an exceptional chance to market your business, product, or service through their channels, which include Employer Branding, Hiring, and Exposure. Join the previous top-tier sponsors on their lists, such as Amazon, ING, ING Bank, and Progress Software. Amazing speakers, fascinating themes, a wonderful setting, and all the nicest things were picked to make the ideal conference in Amsterdam’s Vuejs.Click here to register
JSConf BudapestJune 2 – 3, 2022 /
They strive to be the JSConf of the Eastern and Middle European region, which is incredibly diverse in terms of culture, people, and viewpoints. A conference for the JavaScript community that is entirely nonprofit, open-sourced, and community-driven, aiming to foster and educate about new technologies, ideas, and cultures. To encourage underrepresented groups in IT to attend the conference, they will offer several free, Scholarship tickets.With Mozilla, Microsoft, and Twilio among the sponsors, JSConf Budapest appears to be one of the biggest software development conferences of the year. The topic of Communicating Intention using Functional TypeScript will also be covered.Click here to register
ArchConf CentralDecember 12 – 15, 2022 /
Clearwater, United States
System development is evolving as a result of the cloud. You can find the right participants and create powerful, scalable solutions with the aid of Arch Conf. Successful teams use agile approaches and tried-and-true tools. Arch Conf will show automated techniques that boost productivity and trustworthy software processes. Many of the best project managers, developers, writers, and trainers in the field will be present at Arch Conf.ArchConf 2022 is a unique educational opportunity for technical leads, developers, and software architects. The No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium Series is pleased to present this to you. Software Architecture, Domain Driven Design, Containers, Microservices, Cloud Native Architecture, AWS, Machine Learning, Big Data, Enterprise Security, Soft Skills, Measuring and Profiling, Distributed Teams are just a few of the topics covered.Click here to register
We Are DevelopersJune 14 – 15, 2022 /
Berlin, Germany
We Are Developers, one of Europe’s largest software developer conferences each year, is scheduled to take place over two intense days with over 200 presenters and close to 5000 attendees. Software developers are the main target audience for this massive event. DevOps engineers, QA experts, product owners, UI/UX experts, security experts, and various decision-makers are all involved. For everyone, there are tracks and discussions.Many people view We Are Developers World Congress as the premier event in the world for developers. It is not just another developer conference but a remarkable event that puts people, developers, and you first. The event brings together wonderful community members and bright speakers to network, share knowledge, generate thought-provoking conversations, and, last but not least, have fun.Click here to register
React SummitJune 17 – 21, 2022 /
Amsterdam and online
React Summit is an annual event that brings together tens of thousands of Front-end and Full-stack programmers worldwide to discuss everything React. React Summit currently offers a hybrid structure with in-person and remote participation after starting as an entirely in-person event. The first day, which will feature hybrid networking opportunities and interactive entertainment, will be streamed from the venue in Amsterdam; the second day, as well as the many free seminars, will be televised to a global audience online.Make the most of your conference experience by receiving training from our top instructors and speakers. They will devote ample time to practice as they go over TypeScript, Testing React Apps, Advanced React, Concurrent Rendering in React 18, Blitz.js, GraphQL Security Testing, Ionic & React.Click here to register
KubeConOctober 24 – 28, 2022
Software development may be done at a higher pace and at a cheaper cost than with traditional infrastructure thanks to Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies. A departure from conventional application design is cloud native, which involves orchestrating containers as part of a microservices architecture. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is assisting in creating a map across this undiscovered but rapidly gaining region, and KubeCon + Cloud Native Con is where the community assembles to exchange knowledge.The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s KubeCon has unquestionably grown to become one of the country’s most important software development conferences. The event is sponsored by Intel, AWS this year, so there will be a tone of thought-provoking speakers and plenty of possibilities for networking. Leading engineers from top open source and cloud native communities get together at the annual Cloud Native Computing Foundation conference to increase knowledge of and interest in cloud native computing.Click here to register
DevLearnOctober 26 – 28, 2022 /
Las Vegas, NV
The previous year’s Dev Learn was a resounding success, with thousands of software professionals learning from experts in the field about the most recent trends and advancements. The 2022 event, which will take place at The Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip, is predicted to be exactly the same. Visit the website over the next months to register for the conference and view the full lineup of speakers.They are designed to be lifelong learners, and we frequently devote our professional lives to focusing on how to create learning and development initiatives for others. You get the chance to focus on your personal growth at the Dev Learn Conference & Expo. Discover best practices and ways to improve your daily work, examine the future of learning technologies and the direction our industry is taking, and leave with fresh inspiration to finish your educational initiatives!Click here to register
Web Summit 2022November 1 – 4, 2022 /
A Dublin, Ireland-based organization, they host conferences worldwide, including Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Collision in Toronto, and RISE in Hong Kong. They bring together the founders and CEOs of technology companies, rapidly expanding startups, policymakers, and heads of state to ask a straightforward question: Where to next? during a period of great uncertainty for many industries and the entire world.You should attend this conference for three reasons: outstanding speakers, unmatched networking possibilities, and exclusive software to enhance your experience. Web Summit will bring together experts from every sector. Discuss ideas with professionals in your sector, find a business partner, or ask experienced individuals for assistance. Thanks to Web Summit’s instructional programming, instructive masterclasses, and cutting-edge roundtables, you may take useful skills back to your workplace. Web Summit “attracts a diverse list of world-class speakers and facilitates content that inspires and empowers attendees,” according to Inc. Magazine.Click here to register
TechBashNovember 8 – 11, 2022 / PennsylvaniaIn 2022, Tech Bash will return to Poconos, and hundreds of software engineers will attend. Among the subjects covered at this three-day conference are DevOps, Cloud, architecture, soft skills, and more. Moreover, a fourth day of seminars is optional and has been planned by the organizers. Keep reading to discover more about the speakers. Tech Bash is a community-run, non-profit event organized by developers for developers. Attendees are motivated to create exceptional things after Tech Bash.Attendees will advance their abilities at Tech Bash by learning from professionals who impart their wisdom in a friendly, inclusive, and collaborative setting. Web, Cloud, DevOps, architecture, best practices, soft skills, and many other topics are covered by Tech Bash. We provide deep-dive workshops on an optional fourth day in addition to three full days of keynotes and breakout sessions. We also have social events, a family day, and yes, we are housed at the biggest indoor waterpark on the East Coast to prevent you from becoming overworked.Click here to register
MonitoramaJune 27 – 29, 2022 /
Portland, OR
IT departments are looking for ways to regain control of their data while reducing expenses as the growth of observability data continues at a practically unheard-of rate. If you happen to be at Monitorama, they would love to talk to you about how they can use your data to enable radical choice and control while lowering expenses, boosting productivity, and getting greater insights from your observability data. Come visit us at Booth D!Rejoin them to hear presentations from business leaders and civic leaders who will explore the most recent developments in monitoring and observability. Learn about the methods and technologies of some of the biggest web architectures worldwide. Portland experiences beautiful weather in June, making it the ideal time to visit one of the world’s most wonderful cities. Portland, Oregon is not just a terrific tech hub but also offers some of the best cuisine, coffee, and culture in the world.Click here to register
RubyConf IndiaAugust 27, 2022 /
Pune, Maharashtra
The annual Ruby conference in India will be held for the eleventh time in 2022 at RubyConfIndia. After a two-year absence, we are returning and have invited experts from around the world to share their knowledge and experience regarding Ruby. On August 27, in Pune, India, there will be a one-day conference with a single track.In addition to other RubyConf conferences held worldwide, RubyConf India is a global event. This year’s event is a one-day, one-track affair emphasizing the Ruby Language, Framework, and Tools. The largest Ruby conference in the world and the leading Ruby & Rails conference in India is called RubyConf India. Here, you may connect with people and meet new people.Click here to register
RubyKaigiSeptember 8 – 10, 2022 /
Mie, Japan
The “Japanese Ruby Conference” was the event’s original name before RubyKaigi was chosen to avoid any confusion with Ruby Central. The staff announced that 2011 would be the final year of RubyKaigi after the conclusion of RubyKaigi2010. On the other hand, Ruby no Kai resurrected RubyKaigi in 2013 rather than the original Japanese “Ruby”. Additionally, they chose to replace Japanese with English as the primary language.Presentations, conversations, and events about the Ruby programming language are held at RubyKaigi. As planners, they are committed to giving conference participants equally friendly, inviting, and accessible experiences and settings. The conference’s physical layout and program both include certain measures to guarantee this.Click here to register
DjangoCon EUSeptember 21 – 25, 2022 /
Porto, Portugal
Porto, Portugal will host DjangoCon Europe in 2022, hopefully! An independent volunteer team organizes and hosts DjangoCon Europe every year. This volunteer group offers a proposal to DSF, which decides which one is the best among them all. They anticipated that, given the current state of affairs, it would be difficult for a new team to apply for 2022. As a result, they agreed to hold another DjangoCon, but only provided no other teams submitted proposals.The Conference, now in its fourteenth year, is run by a group of Django experts of all skill levels. People from all around the world are welcome here. Their conference aims to impart knowledge and foster the development of fresh ideas, best practices, and skills for the benefit of speakers, attendees, developers, and the worldwide Django community, not to mention those who are just watching the sessions online.Click here to register
Strange LoopSeptember 22 – 24, 2022 /
St. Louis, MO
The developers and thinkers creating tomorrow’s technology in areas including emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web come together at Strange Loop, a multidisciplinary conference. Software developer Alex Miller founded Strange Loop in 2009. It is currently maintained by a group of friends and developers in St. Louis under the for-profit company Strange Loop LLC. No advertising. Sponsors are never sold keynotes. Never are the conference mailing lists sold or provided to sponsors.Interesting things happen when you put people from diverse places in the same room. Strange Loop covers many subjects, including business, academics, and even a little weirdness. reasonably priced. Strange Loop does away with some customary conference elements and operates more efficiently to give you more value for your money. Talks are just one aspect of the situation. Strange Loop goes beyond conventional classroom instruction. Additionally, it’s about developing relationships, exchanging concepts, and giving back to the neighborhood.Click here to register
Euroko13–14 October 2022 /
Helsinki, Finland
Annually, the participants choose a different European city to host the Euruko Ruby conference. In Helsinki, Finland, and online, Euruko 2022 will take place. We’re using a hybrid strategy this year to ensure that both attendees in person and those participating virtually enjoy the conference.Access to the Euruko Discord server will be provided, allowing you to communicate with other attendees, speakers, and sponsors. You get to travel to Helsinki, the capital of the world’s happiest nation. access to a conference platform with interactive features like speaker Q&As. access to a personal Minecraft server where you can play with other attendees.Click here to register
DjangoCon USOctober 16 – 21, 2022 /
San Diego, CA
Every year in North America, a six-day international conference called DjangoCon US is hosted for community by the community to discuss the Django web framework. Everyone can find something to enjoy at DjangoCon US, whether they work as a professional Django developer or just enjoy tinkering in their free time. You’ll learn more about a variety of unique applications being built with Django by individuals all over the world, gain a deeper comprehension of ideas you already know, find new applications for them, and have a lot of funThe DjangoCon US schedule includes beginner sessions for those just starting their career in development and advanced talks for seasoned programmers. They will have notice boards you may use to inform folks whether you are hiring new team members or searching for a new job. They offer opportunity scholarships to cover the cost of tickets, travel, and lodging for guests as part of their dedication to diversity.Click here to register
AWS re:InventNovember 28 – December 2, 2022 /
Las Vegas, NV
The global cloud computing community gathers for AWS re:Invent, a learning conference. Keynote announcements, opportunities for training and certification, access to technical seminars, deep dives with AWS experts, interaction with sponsors, and much more are all part of the event. The worldwide cloud community has gathered at re:Invent for ten years to network, be inspired, and rethink what is possible. Join us in Las Vegas this year for our largest, most complete, and liveliest cloud computing convention yet.Attend an exam preparation boot camp (full-day course with labs) or exam preparedness boot camp (half-day session without labs) to boost your confidence. These sessions, which are only available to AWS Partners, educate you on how AWS solutions answer certain customer business needs. By obtaining an industry-recognized certificate before re:Invent, you can highlight your AWS Cloud expertise and benefit from special recognition there. Whether you’re new to the cloud or your team’s go-to cloud expert, obtaining an AWS Certification will help you establish credibility and advance your career.Click here to register
ICSSE 2022December 2 – 3, 2022 /
Tokyo, JAPAN
The goal of the International Research Conference, a federated organization, is to bring together a sizable number of various scholarly activities for presentation during the conference. During the conference, activities will take place over a period of time depending on the quantity and length of the presentations. It offers an amazing value for students, scholars, and business researchers, thanks to its high caliber.Leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars will be gathered at the International Conference on Systems Science and Engineering to discuss and share their experiences and findings on all facets of Systems Science and Engineering. Additionally, it gives researchers, practitioners, and educators a world-class interdisciplinary forum on which to present and debate the most recent advancements, concerns, and trends in the fields of systems science and engineering, as well as the real-world difficulties they have faced and the solutions they have chosen.Click here to register
Data Council USMarch 23 – 24, 2022 /
The most significant creators, doers, and thinkers in data will congregate at Data Council Austin 2022 in Austin, Texas, to help influence the direction of data innovation at every layer of the stack. You should be here if you’re a technical professional who wants to discover new approaches, designs, and methods for comprehending and evaluating data systems.Data Engineering & Beyond, Data Science & Analytics, ML Infrastructure, AI Products, Lightning Talks, and several peer-led Workshops were among the six distinctive and intriguing topics they presented this year. This free two-day track was entirely devoted to peer-led Workshops. Participants met some of the most skilled builders in our industry, tested out the newest products with their designers, and got hands-on practice with cutting-edge tools. Our well-liked “Speaker Office Hours” style enables audience members to speak with each speaker one-on-one following their presentation. You get the opportunity to network with data influencers who will advance your career through office hours, workshops, and our Data Community Party.Click here to register
FOSDEMFebruary 5 – 6, 2022 /
Designed to encourage the broad use of free and open source software, FOSDEM is a two-day event run entirely by volunteers. The FOSDEM conference is regarded as the best of its kind in Europe, and it often takes place in the lovely city of Brussels (Belgium). This jam-packed weekend’s over 50 dev rooms and close to 700 lectures are sure to satisfy even the most inquisitive minds.You’ll have the chance to look closely at Mobian, an open-source project that aims to bring Debian GNU/Linux to mobile devices inside this demanding lineup. Arnaud Ferraris, who works for Collabora, will give you a presentation on the importance of the project’s developments and contributions to the FLOSS ecosystem. Additionally, you should note the following session, led by Red Hat’s Nikolai Kondrashov, on your calendar if you’re wanting to acquire fresh insight while learning about kernel automated testing subjects.Click here to register
 ConFoo.CAFebruary 23 – 25, 2022 /
ConFoo is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! The team is pleased to present what we anticipate will be a standout edition. This is unquestionably a milestone. Once more, ConFoo will be entirely online, allowing you to follow multiple sessions at once. Get access to: 155+ presentations from 95+ speakers; a fully recorded version of the 3-day event, available for one year; and more from February 23–25.Even if there are still limitations, we could not resist throwing a small party, even if it is only online. Gain access to a virtual job fair prior to the event; you can discover the next position of your life there. Attend our speakers’ free keynotes and round tables to get even more inspired. And lastly, come have a nice time with us while drinking some beer!Click here to register
SREcon22 AmericasMarch 14 – 16, 2022 /
San Francisco, CA
A group of engineers who are passionate about site reliability, systems engineering, and working with large distributed systems at scale will come together for SREcon22 Americas. SREcon aims to challenge both individuals just entering the field and those who have been doing it for years. The conference fosters a culture of critical thinking, profound technical understanding, ongoing innovation, and continual progress.A diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment at USENIX is one in which everyone who participates in the community and attends events, regardless of their age, education level, ethnicity, gender, race, or other distinctive characteristics—whether or not they are legally protected—feels valued and respected. They are devoted to a nondiscriminatory philosophy in all of their work, with fair opportunities for everyone. They make an effort to guarantee that all opinions are respected and heard while respecting and valuing varied life experiences and heritages.Click here to register
DevnexusApr 12 – 14, 2022 /
Atlanta, GA
The largest Java platform conference in the USA is called Devnexus, and it is also one of the top annual technology events that take place worldwide. Devnexus is the best conference for professional software developers who want to hear from and interact with highly regarded presenters and engineers from across the world and network with other like-minded developers who are becoming experts in a variety of pertinent technologies.AI is becoming more and more prevalent, even on gadgets and websites. You don’t need a Ph.D. in machine learning to benefit from AI. They will demonstrate typical AI requirements in this session before getting right to the server-based models’ limitations. They will then demonstrate a variety of browser models that address these issues before demonstrating how to distinguish between them. Both seasoned viewers and newcomers will be impressed by the accomplishment of putting the hottest term in the world into use.Click here to register
DevoxxOctober 10 – 14, 2022 /
The developer community gathers for the five-day Devoxx Belgium conference to discuss the most recent technological developments with some of our industry’s most motivational speakers. Various presentations covering Java, Cloud, Big Data, Security, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Programming Languages, Methodologies, and Developer Culture are presented by diverse, local, and international talent.Devoxx Belgium broadens your knowledge base, hones your abilities, and gives you first-hand exposure to cutting-edge technologies. Give committed developers a top-notch tech conference where they can network, hack, get inspired, and learn throughout. A convention for developers, by developers, is called Devoxx. Every developer can benefit from the experience because it is reasonably priced. Devoxx Belgium is a neighborhood project. Senior developers, Java Champions, and enthusiastic technical professionals make up the team.Click here to register
RailsConf 2022May 17 – 19, 2022 /
Portland, OR
The largest and most established conference for Ruby on Rails enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses is called RailsConf. They are thrilled to be returning to Portland, where RailsConf 2013 took place, for three days of Ruby on Rails deliciousness amidst the breathtaking natural beauty, fantastic food and drink scene, and quirky yet self-aware culture of this gem of the Pacific Northwest! The city’s Lloyd District, where our conference will take place, has recently reemerged as a vibrant neighborhood full with shops and restaurants that is both centrally placed and well-connected to the rest of the city.For Rails developers, RailsConf is an opportunity to catch up with their peers and hear from influential community members on the state of Rails development now and in the future. Their main takeaway from RailsConf 2022 is how enthusiastic and energized the Rails community remains despite the framework’s development. Rails is still a terrific method for people of various backgrounds to start producing software in an effort to create tools that alter their world, with developer happiness at its core.Click here to register
GlueConMay 18 – 19, 2022 /
Broomfield, Colorado
A developer-focused conference, Glue Con is dedicated to delivering the most recent, in-depth technical information in a manner that promotes community. The subjects covered at Glue Con vary from year to year. Still, they typically cover APIs, DevOps, Serverless, Edge Computing, Containers, Microservices, Blockchain-driven applications, and the most recent tools and platforms powering technology. Glue Con, which was made by husband and wife pair Kim and Eric Norlin, is entering its 12th year. At Glue Con, countless protocols, projects, technologies, and startups were introduced at that time.Glue Con is for you if you’re sick of sales pitches presented as speeches, sessions that never get beyond the surface, crowds of people who appear more interested in the after-parties than the education, and networking that has no lasting value. Simply put, Glue Con is a friendly community of specialists who meet yearly to discuss future subjects years before they do so at other conferences.Click here to register
Microsoft BuildMay 24 – 26, 2022 /
Microsoft has released new tools and feature improvements for the developer community during its three-day Build 2022 conference (May 24-26). Most of the new capabilities are designed to make it simpler for developers to build native apps for various platforms, migrate to the Azure cloud, build collaborative Teams experiences, and increase the discoverability of apps on the Microsoft store.You’ll discover the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) and development with AI assistance. Developers have a wide range of opportunities with Windows, including new hybrid AI app designs for new edge endpoints without walled gardens. The objective is to maintain developer productivity while introducing tech innovation that will assist in bringing automation to more areas of the organization to help foster the same sense of flow. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also emphasized the company’s plan to enable developers to achieve better agility, security, and innovation for the future during his keynote presentation at Build.Click here to register
GopherConOctober 6 – 8, 2022 /
After several years, we could all use sunshine on our faces and a dash of Disney enchantment. Our GC22 residence will be the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. They are thrilled to go back to a location where we can all be together while still having the space to approach this year’s conference with continued prudence because lodging and programming are both under one roof.We can’t think of a better way to finally catch up in person with outstanding pre-conference seminars led by some of the smartest people we know, some of the best programming inspired by conference attendees’ feedback, endless hours of networking, and a stunning location!Click here to register
DevTernityDecember 8 – 9, 2022 /
DevTernity is the largest international software development conference held in Latvia, focusing on technical leadership, best practices, and software architecture. The conference, which was founded in 2015 by the founders of a nonprofit Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community, has seen steady development and, at its most popular, attracted 750 participants.The conference will feature 20 carefully selected international speakers in three parallel tracks. Practical, instructor-led workshops are the focus of the second conference day. Your understanding of SOLID and other fundamental software design principles and patterns will be deepened due to this comprehensive, hands-on session. You’ll put those ideas into practice while dealing with various restrictions and requirements, coming up with a graceful, lightweight design, writing code, and debating the tradeoffs.Click here to register


There are more software development conferences that you could possibly attend this year than there have been in the past. Consider your options carefully and select the conference you want to attend. Whatever programming conference you decide to attend, you can be sure that you’ll learn about some of the most cutting-edge techniques and technologies while also getting advice from the world’s foremost authorities.

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